Staring at the skull on Ran Min’s halberd, Zhang Zhengxiong was surprised. This fella is so strong! Yet, he saw the emptiness in Ran Min’s eyes as if nothing could fill the emptiness. 

The sea of blood was then sucked back into Ran Min’s body and he walked towards Zhang Zhengxiong. The two of them looked at each other. 

“You’re the first person that summon me! You’re not a Hu, so that’s good…” Ran Min smirked and vanished into thin air. 

However, Zhang Zhengxiong was shivering. That pair of black eyes was like an endless vortex of a massacre. Zhang Zhengxiong heaved a sigh of relief only when Ran Min disappeared. So, this is the Heavenly King of Wudao? This is so scary!



In the meantime, Ye Cang and Liu Bei had put their hands together to kill a lot of hero spirits and once again triggered the Bad Luck Lottery Machine. Ye Cang had gotten The Mask’s Mask, The Sniper’s Hood, Konan’s Running Shoe, and a few hero spirit’s items whereas Liu Bei was happy that he had gotten a few items too. 

As he passed by a shop, Ye Cang stood in front of it and took a look at himself through the reflection of the glass. A half mask, a cowboy’s hood, a revolver, a cooking knife, summer camp’s short pants, branded running shoe. Even though they looked a little weird on him, Ye Cang felt happy. 

A billboard on a building far away glared brightly out of a sudden.

“The midnight auction has started! This time, we have the item of Wen Zhong from the Shang Dynasty. This item is extremely valuable and has the potential to reach a higher value. What is most important is that it is the one and only item of Wen Zhong. Ladies and gentlemen, what are you waiting for?! Besides, we have another item to auction. Alright, there’s no point keeping it a secret. I present you, Diao Chan’s inner wear~ *Cough* *Cough* Well, everyone is welcomed!”

“......” Ye Cang was left speechless for a second. “Wen Zhong?”

“Oh, you don’t know him? There was this knowledgeable person who was wise enough to manage the nation and a martial arts master who was strong enough to protect the nation. The knowledgeable person is Wen Zhong from the Shang Dynasty. Have you heard of Jiang Ziya then?” Liu Bei crossed his arms with a cigarette in his mouth. 

“Yeah, I’ve heard of it.” Ye Cang was not really sure about history before the Qin Dynasty but he somehow had heard of Jiang Ziya. 

“Wen Zhong was his opponent back then. He fought for the Shang while Jiang Ziya fought for the Zhou. Even though Wen Zhong had failed, he was never any weaker than Jiang Ziya!. But in short, we must get Diao Chan’s inner wear!” Liu Bei flicked the ashes from his cigarette. “I’ve wanted to smell that from a long time ago.”

“......” Ye Cang was speechless. 

“I’m joking. But if one can summon Wen Zhong, it will be scary. He is a god ranked hero spirit. He can change the weather whenever he wishes to and turn beans into armies as if he is playing with toys.” Liu Bei caught sight Ye Cang’s despised look. “But of course, if we can summon Diao Chan instead, that’s the best. Brothers are like our arms and legs but women are like clothes. You can change them anytime. So, let’s take turns to wear it. Maybe we can decide who will wear it first by a game of rock-paper-scissors.”

“I’ll wear it first…”  Ye Cang said in a serious manner. 

“Alright, alright, you’re the envoy. Actually, if it wasn’t for Diao Chan, maybe Lu Bu and I would be best friends…” Liu Bei said with a low tone. Ye Cang who had little knowledge about history thought, I think it was only then you had the intention to run away! And now you blame Diao Chan for that?

Following the direction shown on the billboard, Ye Cang dragged Liu Bei to the venue of the auction. This billboard is big. I bet many envoys saw it. An item of Wen Zhong. A massacre is inevitable!

Somewhere around the park.


Lin Sen wiped the bloodstain on his face and looked up at the billboard’s message. “Wow, Grandmaster Wen’s item. The hero spirit that is on par with Jiang Ziya. I bet the two fellas will be on their way as well.”

He walked towards Lin Le as soon as he finished and saw that Lin Le was about to head towards the venue and below him was the zombie witch. With a sigh, he said. “Let’s go. White-haired and the big guy will be there too. We must get the item of Wen Zhong’s or at least be the first to kill the person who gets the item.”

“Why do you always talk about killing people. Do you know that killing is always the last resort? But breaking limbs are still reasonable so you can do that,” Lin Le said frustratedly. 

Lin Sen then thought of Ye Cang. What kind of weird stuff have you taught this fella?

On top of the clock tower.


Lin Liang stared at the crowd heading towards the venue. “The first round of qualification match has started. Xingtian?! Oh, this is getting interesting!”

“Bastard Liang!”

A loud clear voice came behind him and Lin Liang turned around to see who it was. “Gongjin.”

“What’s the matter? Abandoned by your envoy?” Lin Liang smiled.

The situation was extremely awkward. Zhou Yu kept quiet and nodded. “He felt that I’m trying to snatch his ugly girlfriend away. You see, such an ugly girl, with rainbow-colored hair. He actually gave up the Holy Battle because of this ugly girl! Why do I get retarded envoys every time?! Why?!”

“So, he gave up the contract. Does that mean you are free now?” Zhou Yu gave a nod to reply Lin Liang said.

“Go find this envoy. Say I’m the one who recommended you.”

Zhou Yu made divination. “A messy one. No past and no future. This fella is interesting.”

Lin Liang then handed a bottle of coke to Zhou Yu who smirked - Again?! and faced the mouth of the bottle at Lin Liang. However, it came to his surprise that the gassy liquid did not burst out, making the situation even more awkward. 

“*Cough* *Cough* The taste is not bad.” Zhou Yu took a sip.

“Why do all of you not believe that I’m a good person?” Lin Liang sighed. 

Zhou Yu rolled his eyes against him and disappeared into thin air. 

“Gongjin, if there are Yueying’s items, keep them for me, is that alright?”

“Same. Please help me to look for Xiao Qiao’s too.”

“The Holy Battle of the Hero Spirits. Everyone here only wants to finish what they couldn’t when they were still alive.” Lin Liang flapped his feathered fan. “Also, some are here to have a look at the faces which they can’t forget. Gongjin has finally understood that even if he manages to travel back in time and help Bofu build the nation, Xiao Qiao wouldn’t be the Xiao Qiao now, and I wouldn’t be who I am now. Our existence has already meant something. If we forcefully change it, only a strange and yet familiar timeline will be created. But what for? Even though we might still have some regrets, we know we’ve given our best…”

When Zhou Yu got the water of the Holy Cup, he chose to return to the past. Everything seemed familiar but strange. In the end, he laid on the ward, staring at the night sky. I’ve used what I’ve known to build the nation but why do I still feel empty? From me passing away before Xiao Qiao to Xiao Qiao passing away before me instead, what’s the purpose of me going through this? Recalling Xiao Qiao’s gentle face caused streams of tears to run down his cheek. She is not the girl I know. One shouldn’t have lived in the past… but... Xiao Qiao, how I wish to see you again…

Coming back to his senses, Zhou Yu stared at the wicked-looking Ye Cang and Liu Bei. He sighed. That bloody Kongming...I’ll just have to trust him one more time.