“Someone is following us,” Liu Bei reminded Ye Cang. 

“I know…” Ye Cang had already laid his hands on his silver revolver that was hidden under his hood. 

The two of them who were running gave each other a glance. Liu Bei suddenly stopped and pulled out his twin blades single-handedly, staring at the dark shadow descending from the sky. 

In the meantime, being well prepared, Ye Cang had already pulled out his gun and was about to shoot at it but was stopped by Liu Bei as he could see who the dark shadow belonged to. “Hold on, that person is no enemy.”

“How do you know?”

“Because my legs’ reaction told me so. Usually, if it’s enemy of ours, my legs will tell me to run.”


“But we can’t let our guard down too,” wondering who it could be.

As the shadow trudged into the light, they saw a handsome man with long hair and red clothing. Behind him was a maroon guqin and a long red sword hanging on his waist. “Big Ear Liu.”

“Oh, look who we have here. It’s you, Bad Luck Zhou.” Liu Bei kept away his blade. “Knew that you would be abandoned by your envoy again.”

Seeing Zhou Yu getting pissed, Liu Bei went over with a smile. “Oops, I’m sorry. Sorry for reminding you about your sad story. Come. Have a cigarette to reduce stress.”

Zhou Yu took the cigarette, lit it and took a deep breath. With clouds of smoke surrounding him, he said. “I met Kongming that lil’fella along the way.”

“Oh, him again. So unlucky of you. Did he say anything to you?”

“Nothing much.” Zhou Yu tried to stay silent after glancing at Ye Cang and Liu Bei did not ask any further. 

“Oh, Gongjin, if we could return to the past with this good stuff (cigarette), I bet most of the strategists would worship me. Guo Jia, Tian Feng, and the others would have definitely liked this. 

“Guo Jia has been consuming poison pills and you still wanna give him this? Oh, come on. As for Tian Feng that old fella, I could tell he’s a smoker. Help me buy one packet, would ya?”

“......” Ye Cang was speechless as he stared at the two of them who were casually smoking sticks after sticks and gossiping just like employees taking long cigarette breaks. With a sigh, he kept away his gun and walked over. 

“Come on, young man. Let me introduce you to someone. He is Zhou Yu, also known as Gongjin Zhou. The one who is always jealous of others’ intelligence.”

“It’s my pleasure to meet you.” Ye Cang knew who he was as he was able to recall a few dramas about ancient times.

You Big Ear Thief! Zhou Yu grinded his teeth and examined Ye Cang. His fashion sense is a little weird. And furthermore, I’m afraid of these people now as they can always come up with  any reason under the sun to give up the contract with me. He then glanced at Liu Bei. Well, well, this fella is sure good at choosing who to be his envoy. But I must never be careless in picking. Let me test him out. He took a deep breath and stared at the moon. “Young man, what do you think of Kongming?”

“A bastard?” Ye Cang sort of knew that Zhou Yu was tricked by Zhuge Liang in the past. Even though they were allies once, their relationship wasn’t that good. 

“Indeed, this young man is no ordinary! You have good observation! I shall then assist you in getting the Holy Cup!” Zhou Yu was amazed and immediately summoned a magic circle to establish the contract. Ye Cang agreed and asked speechlessly, “It feels like Zhuge Liang was not favored by y’all in your time…”

“Well, all of us here share the same thought,” Liu Bei nodded.

“Then, could you explain your reasons for going to his house thrice to invite him to be your strategist?”

“I was being fooled by that Xu Shu…”

“......” Ye Cang pondered. Hey, I’m pretty sure Xu Shu would be so sad if he heard this.

Zhou Yu rolled his eyes. “Speak of fooling people, Kongming is not as good as you, Lord Pussy.”

“Oh, don’t overcompliment me, Lord Short-life.” Liu Bei’s words made Zhou Yu surprised.

“Your son is a retard!”

“Hey Gongjin, don’t you insult him like that! Old Cao would be so angry!”

“......” Zhou Yu was speechless as Liu Bei was not angry at all. This fella...he literally just made a mockery of himself by admitting that his wife had an affair. 

Zhou Yu then recalled the time when Kongming came to Dong Wu. That fella was just an ordinary person but he dares to go against Cao Cao. He became braver as he battled. He is indeed the one who separated the three Kingdoms. I, myself definitely do not have such ability.

“Alright, alright. Back to the point. Now, we really need to think of a solution to help our young man get Wen Zhong’s item. With Gongjin here, summoning Wen Zhong is not a problem.” Liu Bei flickered the ashes from his cigarette. 

“According to my intel, there might be a god-ranked hero spirit joining the auction, making it extraordinarily dangerous.” Ye Cang was curious about what Zhou Yu said, “Who is the hero spirit? How strong is a god-ranked hero spirit?”

“Well, I don’t know who it would be but the strength of a god-ranked hero spirit is undeniable. This thick-faced man and I are considered as rare-ranked, slightly below god-ranked but we don’t have a vital weakness. For example, god-ranked hero spirits are like Jiang Ziya, Wen Zhong, Poseidon, Athena, Sun Wukong, Vegeta IV, and Yang Jian. Most of them are fantasy hero spirits. Even though their strength is greater than us, they are not unbeatable. In contrast to their respective powers, each of them has its own vital weaknesses or geis too. Chinese call it a taboo. You know, like Lee Xuanba is afraid of thunder and Lord Guan Yu cannot meet this Big Ear Man beside you. Let’s talk about Wen Zhong, he cannot sew the word ‘extreme’. Every god-ranked hero spirit has their taboo and the taboos are always weird,” Zhou Yu explained. “Despite so, the god-ranked hero spirits are still super scary. It isn’t easy for you to take advantage of their taboo. Well, or else they won’t be given the god rank. Besides, you might not even know what the particular hero spirit’s taboo is.” 

At a side, Liu Bei said with a bitter smile, “Well, actually, can you stop calling me Big Ear or Thick-faced. Do know that we are relatives.” 

“F*ck off!” Zhou Yu was pissed off and sighed. “By the way, I saw Lady Sun.”

“Young man, we are about to have a new member of our team.”Liu Bei suddenly started brushing his hard and took a deep breath. “Let’s go find her. Where is she?”

“......” Ye Cang and Zhou Yu were speechless. 

Just then, they felt a heavy pressure and a sense of extreme danger. Zhou Yu immediately pulled out his red sword and stabbed it into the ground. A yin yang divine trigram appeared. “Run!”

An enormous shadow suddenly appeared in front of Ye Cang. It had no head and his pair of frightening eyes had nowhere to stay on except for his chest. Its eyes showed hatred and resentment. It was the diety -- Xingtian holding his axe high in the air. Ye Cang was curious when he realized that he had lost sight of Liu Bei. Where’s this guy?! He then turned around and found out that Liu Bei had already escaped to the end of the street. WTF!

As Xingtian slashed his axe, the yin yang divine trigram moved and Ye Cang and Zhou Yu vanished into thin air. The terrain shifted all of a sudden and there was nothing but a flat ground left.

“They sure escaped fast!” On Xingtian’s shoulder, there was an aged lady hitting him. “You bastard! Bastard! Quickly end this for me! I still have to go to Xiao Ming Square to lead a warm-up dance!”

“Roar!” His eyes shone madly.