“Young man, do you know that actually, dreams are like thatch. You have to have a good foundation and you cannot mess the knots up. Even if it’s messed up, you should untie and tie them again. Only then could you make a nice and durable pair of sandals. But of course, remember to stay alive…” Liu Bei said as he repaired the sandals.

Even though Zhou Yu did not really like Liu Bei in person, he respected him in some aspects. No matter how his life will be spared, he won’t be afraid of losing and he is always able to persuade those great but idiotic warriors to join him for a comeback. Not only that, he is thick-faced and wicked. Upon recalling the incident of Liu Bei borrowing Jingzhou, Zhou Yu stared at him with much despise. “Just like a saying, Liu Bei borrows Jingzhou…”

“Oh, I know this. It won’t be hard to borrow again. Am I right?” Ye Cang’s answer made Zhou Yu’s heart sink for a second. OMG! That’s not it! 

“Hey, young man, looks like you’re quite good with history. Let me test you one more. Liu Bei battles with Lu Bu.” Liu Bei smiled.

“There’s no…” Not allowing Zhou Yu to finish his sentence, Liu Be shouted immediately, “That’s right! Both on equal strength!”

“......” Zhou Yu snared at him with a despised look. How can one be so shameless to this extent?

“Liu Bei borrows Jingzhou, it won’t be hard to borrow again. But what about Zhou Yu stealing Jingzhou? I remember there’s another saying for this.” Ye Cang’s unexpected words made Zhou Yu stun and start raging. This is unbelievable. Liu Bei immediately answered. “Oh, military general, this man is still young. He doesn’t know the answer is ‘losing his wife and army’. Don’t blame him. *sigh* Calm yourself down. We’re all teammates now.”

If it was not that they were on the same team, Zhou Yu would have already drawn out his sword to chop Liu Bei’s head off and kill the white-haired man. 

“I’ve fixed the sandals.” Staring at the old but functional sandal, Liu Bei became emotional. The image of his mother teaching him how to make sandals flashed through his mind. “Hey, young man, actually, I’m sorry for a lot of people in my life. Even though most of them are exchanging benefits, I still have one person whom I owe the most. That person would be my mother. She had been sacrificing selflessly for me as she gave up her dignity to give me the chance of pursuing an education. She also took good care of me even though I was useless back then. I wouldn’t forget this technique she taught me. Unfortunately, I left her when she needed me the most. Similarly, she left me when I reached the peak of my work. In the end...I got the throne with her encouragement and teachings. Yet, she couldn’t see it happen...Mom...I’m sorry.”

Staring at the pair of sandals in his hands, he burst with tears. That’s right. I don’t mind being an ordinary vendor selling only sandals...Because my mom taught me that to make a living. It’s also my motto in life.  

Zhou Yu was shocked at Liu Bei's words. *Sigh* One should never ask where a hero comes from. Especially this bastardized liar who doesn’t meet people often. What a pity. How can such a good mother have such a disobedient and disgraceful child…

Ye Cang also recalled his grandmother. She is like a mother to me. Many laughed at me for my appearance, my skin color, my eyes, my eyebrow, and everything. But grandma always says that I’m special, the others are just jealous of me and that I don’t have to worry about what they say. I’m always her cute baby. If it wasn’t for grandma’s teachings and love, I might have really turned into a real monster after experiencing what happened to Xinxue. I might have been filled with resentment, hating everything including fate and wondering why humans don’t love me after creating me… Just like Little Ye Tian in the beginning. 

Liu Bei then stopped to take off his luxurious boots and put down the sandals.

“It’s better to wear it later. We can save it as a hidden ultimate. If your activation of God mode is revealed to others some time earlier, some of the hero spirits might be after you. Let’s make them concentrate on Xingtian for now,” Zhou Yu had no choice but to interrupt him from activating God Mode. 

“I agree with Old Zhou. Let’s go with the flow,” Ye Cang agreed and Liu Bei awkwardly wore his luxurious boots again and held his sandals in the arms. 

“Someone’s over there.” Zhou Yu stopped and plucked the string of his guqin behind him, using the soundwave to detect the opponent. “This hero spirit is not weak.”

“Let’s go!” Ye Cang dashed and Zhou Yu frowned. Surprisingly, Liu Bei followed and Zhou Yu was shocked. “Wow. This fella has always been the last to dash at enemies but now… Looks like things got serious.”

At the end of a complex route, there was a lady, donning a light armor on her body and golden phoenix accessories on her head. She was also holding a spear with a logo resembling a pear flower. Her hair was long and it swayed with the wind. She was good-looking as her appearance was more solid than any ordinary Chinese girl. She gradually frowned. “We’re detected by enemies! Lil’Boy, don’t stay away from me!”

“Alright, I got it, Sister Pear Flower!” The primary school kid who was carrying a school bag immediately followed her tight. As for the lady who was addressed as Sister Pear Flower, she was one of the four female warriors in China - Fan of the Pear Flower. 

The first thing Liu Bei saw was Fan of the Pear Flower and a primary school kid, Mingming. He smirked. “A widow and a child. I like it. *cough* *cough* I mean I can’t bring myself to kill… *sigh* For the sake of justice, I’ll go!”

On the other side, Ye Cang felt wronged. Just now, when this bastard was talking about his mother, I was touched as I thought of my grandma. But now, he is acting as if it’s for justice. Hey, do you know that your mom would be very sad if she knows… However, if ThornyRose knew how Ye Cang thought of Liu Bei, she would indeed have gone mad. ‘You have no right to talk about others! You always trick goddesses too!’

Ye Cang then stopped running, pulled out his gun and shot directly at Mingming’s head without any hesitation. Fan of the Pear Flower smiled in cold, “Shameless bastard! How dare you lay your hands on an armless child?!"

She immediately blocked the shot with her leg and streams of blood flowed out of it. Fan of the Pear Flower roared and splashed a large number of beans to the ground and in just an instant, they turned into hundreds of clones of hers.

Meanwhile, Liu Bei dashed head-on right into the enemies but was surrounded and could not escape. Hey, what’s happening? Turning beans into armies?! Is she the descendant of Zhang Jue, that idiot?!

Fan of the Pear Flower immediately grabbed Mingming and ran away. Deep inside her, she knew that she could only win in a fight with one of them but will definitely lose if she were to fight them together. It’s sad that this kid couldn’t summon me out entirely. If I have the power to control the weather, the mountains, and the sea, I wouldn’t have been afraid of them! 

“Old Zhou, chase after her!” Seeing his target running away, Ye Cang activated his running show and chased after them. At the side, Zhou Yu could not understand why Ye Cang was so impetuous. Well, white-haired doesn’t seem to be a person that is so careless. Even though he’s a little retarded, he doesn’t show all his expressions on his face. Why would he be so reckless all of a sudden?