Staring at her wound, Fan of the Pear Flower thought. Shit! It’s an unhealable wound! She turned around to see Ye Cang coming at them and Zhou Yu who casually pulled out his burnt-end guqin. She gradually stopped and let Mingming down, “Lil’boy, are you scared?”

“A little. But with you here, not anymore.” Staring at her wound which was bleeding endlessly, Mingming tried to tie it with his sleeves. Fan of the Pear Flower was stunned as she recalled her loved one. It was something that had been bothering her entire life. “If it’s possible, please let this…”

Not waiting for her to finish, Ye Cang pulled out his gun and shot at Mingming’s head. Fan of the Pear Flower immediately blocked the bullet off with her left hand’s magic seal. Suddenly, the sound of thunder roared and it struck. Ye Cang used his hood as a cover and continued to shoot steadily as he moved around. Fan of the Pear Flower was in trouble as she had to protect Mingming and also be aware of Zhou Yu’s explosive music note. I don’t know which one will explode! Slowly, she became helpless and got herself more injuries as more and more shots landed on her body. 

“Pear Flower…” a familiar voice came from the boy in her embrace. 

Fan of the Pear Flower stared at Mingming unbelievably and made him confused too. What happened to me just now?

She then heaved a sigh of relief. I see. We still get to meet each other in the end but in a battle where we will die. Her tears dropped directly into Mingming’s eyes. 

On the other hand, Zhou Yu felt something was wrong. The child in her embrace is doing a bow-pulling posture! It’s Brother White’s blindspot! Shit! “Lil’White! Be careful!”

A virtual arrow was shot towards Ye Cang’s chest. Through the mask, he could be seen showing a shocking expression. His eyeballs burst out and so did his tongue. His body formed an open hole for the arrow to pass through and joined back together as if nothing ever happened. 

Ye Cang sweated in cold. Luckily, I have Loki's Mask (The Mask’s Mask). The arrow’s power was so strong that it would have turned me into pieces… but I’m still suffering from quite a serious inner injury. He lowered his head to look at the fresh blood leaking out from his chest. The void body’s DNA made the recovery fast.

“Let’s end this.” Zhou Yu’s explosive note had surrounded them. 

“Deng!” The notes played on the guqin were like flowers blooming in spring.

All the music notes exploded and instantly engulfed those in the vicinity.

Staring at the two of them who were hugging each other in the sea of flames, Ye Cang felt as if those were not flames but a sea of flowers signifying unity instead.

“Dingsan, I’ve finally got to see you…”

“Sister Pear Flower...I’m not…”

“You are and are not Dingsan at the same time. I’m sorry, sister didn’t get to protect you well. Is it painful?”

“Yeah, but getting a hug from you, I feel…”

With another sound of the guqin, the flames exploded again, turning them into ashes. 

“I hate people acting cheesy in front of me… A pair of wicked boy and girl, I’ll burn the two of you to death!” Zhou Yu placed his guqin on his back and spat at them. 

“......” Ye Cang roughly saw three F’s engraved on the burnt-end of the guqin. This fella’s personality sure changed as he left Xiao Qiao… He is indeed the chief commander of the fire in Jiangdong.

Moments later, Liu Bei caught up with them. “Those clones are surely powerful. Who is this lady?”

“The Fan of the Pear Flower, a famous warrior from the Tang Dynasty. She seems to be one of the four female warriors in China. I’m not sure about the details,” Ye Cang said as he flipped through his history book before coming to his realm.

“Four female warriors. So, there are three more hotties? Who are they? Where’s her corpse? Let me search for items,” Liu Bei smirked. 

“It was burned together with the envoy by Old Zhou.” Ye Cang was speechless as he stared at Liu Bei. “As for the other three, I think their names are Hua Mulan, Mu Guiying, and Liang something. I don’t remember.”

Staring at the flames, Liu Bei sighed. “Hua Mulan, this name sounds nice. What does she do?”

“Oh, I’m quite familiar with this person. A female warrior from the Northern and Southern Dynasties. She pretended to be a man to join the army for her family because the nation forced every family to send at least a male to join the army but her father was too old and her brother was too young. She fought for tens of years, protecting the nation and finally won the battle. Even though it was later discovered that she was actually a girl, the emperor forgave her for hiding the truth and offered her to be a minister in the kingdom. However, she refused and chose to return to her hometown to take care of her parents,” Ye Cang described in detail because he remembered watching a movie about her when he was young. 

“Hmm...pretending to be a guy huh… Sounds interesting…” Liu Bei’s arousing words made Zhou Yu sneered at him. Back in the past, he came to Eastern Wu to have so much fun. Maybe I was too suspicious of this shameless bastard, he might have an affair with the emperor’s mother. That time at Ganlu Temple, I saw the emperor’s mother was attracted by him. What’s the most disgusting thing is that his fella even wanted to marry Lady Sun. Well, I bet these two have some secret which involves a dirty deal behind. “You wouldn’t have an affair with the emperor’s mom, would ya…”

“*Cough* *Cough* Shut up! Gongjin! How dare you look at me in such a way?! Could I, Liu Xuande, the Han Emperor be such a person?! She is my wife’s mother! Don’t you dare continue talking! Or else, don’t blame me for being cruel!” Liu Bei shouted righteously whereas Zhou Yu made a ‘hmph’ sound and kept quiet. However, Ye Cang saw Liu Bei smirk when he turned to have his back facing Zhou Yu. Wow, it looks like I’ve discovered something serious!

A few streets away, sounds of explosions were heard. The three of them looked at each other and ran towards the auction as fast as they could.

On the other side, Zhang Zhengxiong was already nearby. Staring at the enormous headless creature and the explosion caused by the swing of his axe, Zhang Zhengxiong was flabbergasted. You must be kidding me?! Eh?! Isn’t that Lele? “Lele!”

Lin Le’s ahoge received the signal and pointed to Zhang Zhengxiong’s direction. He turned around to see Zhang Zhengxiong from afar. The zombie, Little Beauty jumped casually and reached his side with a sonic boom. Staring at the tall and blonde lady with big breasts, and also Lin Le who was riding on her shoulder, Zhang Zhengxiong was overwhelmed with amazement. He also saw Lin Sen who looked a lot like Lin Le but with white hair and bloody eyes. He then looked at the lady again. “Wow, not bad, Lele. This is your hero spirit?”

“I don’t know, she just followed me out of a sudden.” Lin Le shook his head. 

Zhang Zhengxiong was stunned. Why didn’t such a weird and random incident happen to me?! I always get males for nothing! *Sigh* “Let’s go and find our brother.”

“Alright! Let’s go find Brother Lil’White!” Lin Le nodded and asked, “Brother Lil’Xiong, who is your hero spirit?”

Zhang Zhengxiong responded by summoning him out. Upon opening his eyes, Ran Min saw Little Beauty and felt a sense of killing aura filling the atmosphere. “The entire Hu race...must die!”

Little Beauty’s sharp fingernails instantly grew to two meters long, shining with blue light. She stared at Ran Min as he roared. 

“Allies! Allies! Old Brother Ran, we are allies!” Knowing Ran Min’s intention of killing was getting stronger, Zhang Zhengxiong quickly stopped him.

Ran Min glared at Little Beauty for one last time and vanished into thin air.

“Oh, it’s Heavenly King wonder the killing aura is so strong…” Lin Sen seemed to be interested in Ran Min because he felt they were both people that wanted to eliminate an entire race. The only difference was just that Ran Min wanted to kill the Hu while he wanted to kill mankind.