Old Lady Zhao sat on Xingtian’s shoulders with her legs crossed like a Gundam’s rider. With much frustration, she complained, “Quick! Eliminate them all! Don’t delay my dance the next morning!”

All the hero spirits in the surroundings were figuring how to get past Xingtian to kill the Old Lady. However, they realized that it was impossible. This was because Achilles was killed by Xingtian alive. Rumors saying that swollen legs were Xingtian’s weakness were totally unreliable. There was a barrier created by Xingtian’s shield around his neck. That barrier would not be broken if the shield was not broken! In short, they had to either break Xingtian’s shield or kill Xingtian before killing the envoy. Only a high-ranked item such as the Xuan-Yuan sword had the chance to break the shield. However, there were no hard and fast rules that state what item could break the shield. All the envoys were having a headache. Damn it! Is there any difference fighting an awakened Unicorn Gundam?!

On the other hand, Ye Cang was guarding the auction by killing a few hero spirits and summoning the lottery machine. Yet, he had no hope at the lottery machine because he knew getting nothing for 10 consecutive times would summon the Bad Luck Lottery Machine again. All I want is the Bad Luck Lottery Machine! Grimm’s machine gun and the cannon which Brandon once used! Airo’s Multi-purpose Grenade Vest! “Due to the fact that the conditions to activate the Bad Luck Lottery Machine have been met, activating Real - Bad Luck Lottery Machine for the third time! Be careful~ It may cause you death if your luck is good!”

Ye Cang did not bother Liu Bei and Zhou Yu who were engrossed in their battle. Staring at the Real - Bad Luck Lottery Machine which was surrounded by the skeleton of a dragon, he frowned and pinched his chin with his arms crossed. “Shit! Since my luck is that good, doesn’t it mean death is guaranteed?! What do I do now?”

“Young man! Stop daydreaming! Help us out!” Liu Bei who was dealing with Qin Qiong and Shi Qian got frustrated by Shi Qian’s attacks. Meanwhile, Zhou Yu was dealing with Ji Kang. At first, it was a battle of the guqin between them but it escalated quickly and Zhou Yu’s sword had already stabbed Ji Kang’s chest. With a cold smile, Zhou Yu said, “What a pity. You’re sure good at playing the guqin, even I am nowhere near you. However, you’re no match for me.”

“Being able to have a battle of skills with someone who knows how to play the guqin, it was indeed a pleasure…” 

Zhou Yu pulled out his sword and Ji Kang was burnt into ashes. He said in a sad tone. “If he was younger, he would be a good soulmate.”

“Soul your ass! You know that it was a what-if! He was literally born in the year I died! Quickly help me out, soulmate!”

“F*ck off!” Zhou Yu felt weird when he heard Liu Bei calling him a soulmate.

At the same time, Ye Cang was hesitating on whether to pull the trigger of the lottery machine. He reached out his hand for a second and held back after. He was indeed struggling. He then sighed as he looked up at the sky. “A guaranteed death. Does God want me to die?”

In the end, his urge to get a reward which was stronger than his self-discipline prompted him to pull the trigger.. 

“Congratulations! You’ve received a Special Leap Skill - Gungrave.”

Special Skill - Gungrave: Users can set up an area of gungrave.The user can control all weapons buried in that area. Setting up such a barrier would cost a large amount of spiritual energy. 

Once again, Ye Cang sighed. I knew my luck would exceed the strength of bad luck. Why wouldn’t they believe that my hand is the divine hand? He continued to pull the trigger. 

“Congratulations! You’ve received a Leap Treasure - The Monocular of the Death Reaper.” 

The Monocular of the Death Reaper - The Ocular Lens of Death: Users will be able to see through illusions, weaknesses, characteristics and stay calm. 

Ye Cang stared at the eyepiece which had a bone claw. It immediately clung on to Ye Cang’s left eye and through the dim lens, it shined in blue. 

One more. Ye Cang’s left eye did not feel any pain but was comfortable instead and it was the total opposite of what he was expecting. He then pulled the trigger for one last time. 

“Congratulations! You’ve received a special treasure - ???.”

??? - Unknown item.

It fell into Ye Cang’s hand as a rainbow-colored crystal in the shape of a water droplet and it immersed into his body. There were no special feelings and all he could feel was just its presence.

Staring at his ‘lover’, the lottery machine slowly disappeared. Ye Cang was sad and ignored Liu Bei’s request for help. 

“Young man! Stop daydreaming! Gongjin, stop polishing your guqin! Come over and help me!”

With a sigh, Ye Cang pulled out Grimm’s machine gun and shot at Shi Qian. Bullets went flying everywhere and exploded upon making contact with any physical object. Shi Qian who was dodging with his shadows instantly changed his target and attacked Ye Cang with his dagger while Zhou Yu quickly plucked the string on his instrument, blocking Shi Qian’s attack with his exploding music notes. Only then, Liu Bei heaved a sigh of relief and focused on the other opponent. “Oh, you were quite arrogant just now, weren’t you?! Do you know that even Lu Bu has to give me some respect?! Do you think I would be afraid of you?!”

His Dragon Phoenix Twin Swords were slashing endlessly. Roars of dragon and phoenix filled the atmosphere each and every time he slashed. However, Qin Qiong’s blunt swords were so hard as if it was an impenetrable armor and this made Liu Bei pissed. 

Meanwhile, Zhou Yu felt something was wrong as he plucked the string. “Brother Lil’White!”

Ye Cang also felt a chill from behind. Without moving, his body formed a ‘C’ to dodge a slash that came out of nowhere. Ye Cang saw a samurai sword slashing through as he turned to look with his exaggerated expression. A hero spirit from island nation?

Even though Saitō Hajime was shocked, he took a step back, turned around and dashed. However, his dash was weird as his sword was facing downward while his hand was on the tip of the sword. 

Returning to his original body, Ye Cang threw away Grimm’s machine gun and pulled out his cooking knife instead. 


If Ye Cang was a second later, he knew he would not have managed to dodge the second attack. Despite so, his shoulder was pierced by Saitō’s sword. Saitō blocked Ye Cang’s dash, got to his back and bent his legs, preparing to launch another attack. OMG! Stop it already! From the corner of his eyes, Ye Cang noticed Saitō’s attack. The fact that Ye Cang’s back was facing Saitō did not deter him from blocking the sword with his cooking knife single-handedly while pulling his revolver out with another hand. 


The sword pierced right into Ye Cang’s mouth and slashed through his left cheek. Blood was dripping and the scene was horrifying. 


Saitō stared at Ye Cang unbelievably because Ye Cang seemed to fake his attack and gave him an uppercut, sending him flying. Chef Ting Dismantling The Cow! First slash! Second slash! Third slash! Out of a sudden, Ye Cang’s cooking knife was slashing everywhere. After finished dismantling, Saitō’s flesh and bones were torn and broken into pieces and fell onto the ground. 

Seeing such a scene, Shi Qian gasped. His original plan of attacking was abandoned and he decided to run away instead.

“You’re going to run?!” Ye Cang chased after him with his running shoe and continued slashing along the way. He would even use the revolver to prevent Shi Qian from dodging. Zhou Yu who was at the side was stunned to see such a scene but still continued to help Ye Cang block Shi Qian’s route with his exploding music notes. At the end of the day, Shi Qian was defeated to the extent that he almost turned into a patty.