Ye Cang brushed off the disgusting flesh and blood on his face, stepped over Shi Qian’s corpse and summoned the lottery machine. With tears in his eyes, he pulled the trigger six times consecutively and got nothing. Turning around to see Qin Qiong and a few weak hero spirits rushing at him, Ye Cang kept away his cooking knife and revolver and stared at them with The Ocular Lens of Death. A scary light was seen flashing in his eye and he posed like a cowboy with his left hand on his waist and right hand on the revolver. Your time has come!

Time was running out and Liu Bei saw the hero spirits attacking them. Even though they are not strong, they are still annoying! “Quickly help us out!”

The Ocular Lens of Death flashed. 

Ye Cang pulled out his gun and clicked the firing pin. 


All six shots were launched but they were so fast that it sounded like only one shot. 

Three envoys and three hero spirits were right on the head. They could not react to it at all. Among them, there was even a Korean hero spirit who used imaginary illusions. Ye Cang spun his revolver, put it back into the holster and continued to pull the trigger on the lottery machine.

At a side, Zhou Yu was leaning against the fence and polishing his instrument as he saw Liu Bei dealing with Qin Qiong. I’ve used quite an amount of spiritual energy just now. Our main task is to protect Ye Cang with what we’ve got. He then started playing the song, Guangling San, enjoying himself very much. Whoever who knew this song would know the story of Nie Zheng assassinating Han Kui. The melody was encouraging and exciting as it resembled selflessness. Zhou Yu exclaimed, “It’s indeed the best song in the world.”

“I sort of know something about this person. Nana told me that his deduction of music has no relation with emotions and has a big impact on how people think. It basically says that music itself and its beauty and ugliness has nothing to do with an individual’s emotion. He thinks that emotions are in and only within the heart whereas music is just a medium that aids in expressing those emotions. I remember Nana said that it opposes Confucianism which was the main religion at that time. It was the first party that opposes traditions. I think Zhong Hui was the one who was responsible for his death,” Ye Cang said as his eyes were fixed on the lottery machine.

“Who is Zhong Hui?”

“The son of Zhong Yao.”

“The son of Zhong Yao?! That fella has another son at that age?!” Ye Cang’s reply caught Zhou Yu’s attention and the two of them started gossiping. 

“He was 75 years old when Zhong Hui was born. Do know that Zhong Hui is very famous.”

“Wow…” Zhou Yu was surprised. 

“Hey! Come over and help me out, you two! Don’t make me cause trouble to your ancestors…” Lu Bei was shouting at the top of his lungs. Realizing that the two of them had no intention of helping him out, he stared at Qin Qiong. “Bro, let’s have a cigarette break.”

Interesting as it may sound, Qin Qiong did not bother and smashed him anyway.

Surprisingly, Ye Cang got himself two rings and a lot of bracelets from the lottery machine. Rings of different styles including European and Chinese ones were on all his ten fingers. 

As the lottery machine disappeared, Ye Cang picked up Grimm’s machine gun that he threw away earlier. “Get away!”

With the Ocular Lens of Death and Ye Cang’s foresight, Qin Qiong could not dodge his attacks but could only block it. It was as if the bullets reached where it reached before he knew it. The bracelet on Ye Cang’s hand flashed and he vanished into thin air. A second later, he appeared behind Qin Qiong. Cooking Knife Execution! Qin Qiong turned around to counterattack but Ye Cang had already sent him flying. Liu Bei then stabbed his blades into Qin Qiong’s back and slashed him into halves. 

Ye Cang kept his cooking knife back to the scabbard and summoned the lucky lottery machine. Consecutively, he pulled it thrice, not expecting to get anything. He just wanted to stack up the times until the Bad Luck Lottery Machine appeared again. 

The three of them then took a big turn to avoid the fight and to see if another entrance was accessible. Along the way, Liu Bei and Zhou Yu were stunned when they saw a man pushing a stroller in the valley. The man was pointing a bright red long sword at the throat of an old lady, “Do you have milk?!”

“Old Cao?”

“Cao Mengde?”

“Wow! So that’s how Cao Cao looks like,” Ye Cang imitated Lin Le’s tone. 

The lady shook her head in fear and Cao Cao chased her away. “Well, isn’t this Gongjin and… Who’s that? Oh! I remember now. The scum Liu Xuande."

“Hah, you still love to joke, don’t you. Oh, what happened to you? Femalehormones got all over you? Since when you had to take care of a child?” Liu Bei smirked as he saw the stroller. 

Cao Cao looked at Ye Cang and sighed. “You’re just lucky. Your envoy is an ordinary teenager but mine…”

With a frown, Cao Cao stared at the five-month-old baby who was sleeping soundly in. He then recalled the moment when he was summoned. Even though he was speechless, the baby reminded him of his sons. I’ve never spent time like this with my sons. He then recalled Cao Ang and his life. I don’t have many bloodlines though. In order to succeed, I’ve sacrificed too much. I could even tolerate the murder of Ang’er. I didn’t notice Cao Pi’s hatred on Cao Chong. Pi’er didn’t hold on to my principle and in the end, surrendered to the Shi Tribe. Wenruo’s death is then wasted! 

Even though Ye Cang had the evil and cruel side of an artificial human, he could not bring himself to lay his hands on a baby. I was around that age too when I was saved by that woman. She placed me in a basket on the river and that was how I met grandma. Staring at Cao Cao’s eyes which was filled with kindness and love towards children, he said. “Stay with us then. I don’t think you would want to part ways with him so early. We can look after each other too.”

“Young man, are you trying to use the child as a threat towards him? Not bad. The one who had been kidnapping other children is now being threatened by the same trick,” Liu Bei’s words made Ye Cang speechless. 

Zhou Yu did not understand the intention behind Ye Cang’s action. White-haired doesn’t seem to be a kind person. He killed people by dismantling them and would not feel anything close to sorry by doing so. Hey, but the man standing in front of you is Cao Cao! Cao Mengde! He isn’t any innocent and kind person! He is the person who asked his own son to defend enemies for him so that he could escape! “Lord Mengde, it’s not that I don’t trust you. I could help to transfer your envoy to our team, do you mind?”

Liu Bei pondered. Gongjin sure has his way. With this, we could prevent rebellion among ourselves if Cao Cao really has no bad intention. Besides, we could also test him out, no matter Gongjin could really do it or not. 

Cao Cao stared at Zhou Yu and slowly let go of his hands on the sword. “Sure. But the child has to be with us.”

“Of course.” Zhou Yu drew a yin yang divine trigram beside the baby trolley. “White-haired young man, come over here.” 

Ye Cang stepped into the trigram together with the baby. Zhou Yu then pulled out his sword and swung it casually as if he was swinging a brush. The trigram moved and circles of flame surrounded the two of them. In the end, the envoy logo disappeared on the baby’s body, leaving a dot as everything else was diffused into Ye Cang’s body. 

Zhou Yu pondered. Luckily it’s a baby of five months old, innocent and pure. Or else, it’s definitely a failure. Any different ideas in his mind would make this spell fail. He then came to the stroller and looked at the baby who was sleeping soundly. He felt warm inside as he recalled his own children. He reached out his hand to touch his chubby face. 

Ye Cang hugged him and saw the name behind his shirt. Ye Beibei. Ye Cang smiled. “Ye Beibei. Looks like we’re a family.”

“Let me hug him too.” Liu Bei came over with a smile. 

“Wa!” The baby cried all of a sudden. 

“Hey, the one who used to throw his child away, stay away from him. You scared him.” Zhou Yu’s words made Ye Cang and Cao Cao look at Liu Bei with much despise. Could you just stand further away?!

“......” Liu Bei touched his nose and lit up a cigarette at a side. 

“He must be hungry. He hasn’t been eating anything for a few hours. Quickly find someone who has milk,” Cao Cao was impatient.

Ye Cang rolled his eyes. “There’s a supermarket over there. I’m pretty sure they sell milk powder. Let’s go.”

“Milk powder?” Zhou Yu was confused. 

“It turns into milk when you mix it with water. He could drink it directly after that. The nutrient is almost on par with breast milk. Besides, it is easy to carry.”

“Let’s go then!”

Upon realizing that the three of them were leaving, Liu Bei turned to look at the side door of the auction which was only a few steps away. Are we not snatching Wen Zhong’s item anymore?! What about the Holy Cup?! And Diao Chan’s innerwear?! If I were you, I would just throw the baby on the ground. Children are meant to be thrown on the ground so that it will become a successful person in the future! Look at me! I once threw my son and that bastard became an emperor for tens of years. Even I didn’t hold the throne for so long. He threw his cigarette away and followed them with a sigh. Zilong, I’m sorry.