Ye Cang bought a few cans of milk powder while Cao Cao, Zhou Yu, and Liu Bei got themselves a few packets of cigarettes and a few bottles of beer. Cao Cao was especially interested in the beer. He claimed, “If I had a box of Chinese white liquor (Erguotou) back then, I bet all the talented people would come to my side and there won’t be any problems building my empire…”

Zhou Yu stared at Cao Cao and Liu Bei. These two fellas… One with his cigarettes and the other with his liquor…

Liu Bei then took out Mengde’s New Book. “Old Cao, your stuff…”

Seeing the book that he thought he had burnt some time ago, Cao Cao quickly snatched it over and kept it safely.

Zhou Yu squinted his eyes. It must be an item for him to activate God Mode. It might have other purposes as well.

As for Ye Cang, he finished feeding milk to Ye Beibei, washed the baby bottle and placed it in the hidden basket under the baby stroller. He then stared at the barbeque stall located a few steps away.

Meanwhile, Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong were killing any hero spirits that they encounter. With Lin Sen and Ran Min working together, wherever they went seemed to be like hell. Ran Min loved to kill while Lin Sen loved to dismantle. They were so in sync that they smiled at each other when they realized that. They even exclaimed that if they were living in the same era, they might be best friends and also best rivals but one of them must die. 

“What kind of dream would you realize after drinking the water from the Holy Cup? Get your revenge on Murong Ke?” Lin Sen asked as he was playing with a female European hero spirit’s eyeball.

“Water from the Holy Cup? Hmph, I don’t need that! I wouldn’t even drink something for pussies! Only the weak would regret what had happened in the past. Even though I kinda regret losing and dying in a battle, I’ve never regretted what I’ve done. If I die, I die! If I lose, then I lose! If you’re a hero, you’ll never regret anything! No turning back!” Ran Min’s words stunned Lin Sen and Zhang Zhengxiong. 

Lin Sen shrugged his shoulders. “Well, you’re indeed the Heavenly King of Wudao…”

“Stop chit-chatting! Brother Lil’White is still waiting for us!” Lin Le urged them and Lin Sen sighed. “Alright, alright, get going, get going. Go and find your Brother Lil’White. Lil’bastard Zhang, have you memorized the Frozen Blade Technique I taught you?”

Zhang Zhengxiong nodded. As he pulled his right hand towards himself, a dark red blade was in his hand. 

“Very well. Familiarize it. I’ll teach you Heavenly Blade - Nine Style. Take it as I am repaying a favor to Zhang Wuji.” 

“What about the Nine Yang Divine Skill? You didn’t tell me anything about the Nine Yang Divine Skill!” Lin Le shouted.

“......” Lin Sen was speechless. He is indeed my descendant after generations. We even share the same punchline when taunting others. It’s just so happened that his name is Zhang Wuji.

“Thank you, Elder Lin Sen,” Zhang Zhengxiong was grateful to have Lin Sen teaching him martial arts. 

Lin Sen gave a nod as a sign of acknowledgment without saying anything after being thanked by a junior. This child looks like Devil Shen. I wonder if I should teach him Planting Devil into the Heart of Taoism. Lin Le who has the Eyes of Judgement and an innocent heart would be a great choice for a seed. Well, we’ll go with the flow.

Ran Min was staring at Zhang Zhengxiong too. Maybe I’ll give him a present in the end. 

However, Zhang Zhengxiong was thinking about something else. Where is my brother? Why hasn’t he arrived at the auction? He shouldn’t be taking that long.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang, Zhou Yu, Liu Bei, and Cao Cao were having a barbeque feast and drinking beer at the stall while playing with Ye Beibei who was awake. Due to the fact that he would cry at the top of his lungs as though he sensed danger whenever Liu Bei got near him, the helpless Liu Bei was forced to sit at another table.

Liu Bei lit up a cigarette, put some grilled kidney in his mouth and sipped a gulp of beer. That’s what I called life. He once again looked at the direction of the major auction and the three of them who were having so much fun with the baby. He sighed and ordered two more servings of the grilled kidney. As for the stall keeper, he stared at the ancient costume of Liu Bei, Zhou Yu, and Cao Cao and the thunder far away. He said, “It’s busy there tonight? I should have grabbed the chance to open my business over there instead. ”

After finishing the two barbeque sticks, Liu Bei got up. “Let’s go, it’s time for the real deal.”

“Yup, real business is more important.” Zhou Yu let go of the baby’s hand and got up.

“Let’s go then.” Ye Cang stood up. 

With Cao Cao pushing the baby stroller, Zhou Yu and Ye Cang guarded him. Liu Bei was assigned to check the route. 

Even though Liu Bei did not resign, he was glad that they were at least back to business. Moments later, he felt it was extremely quiet behind and turned around to see the babysitters entering a 24-hour baby shop without informing him. 

Liu Bei quietly took out a cigarette and took a deep breath. With a facepalm and a cigarette in his mouth, he arrived at the shop to see a signboard. ‘For the sake of babies, smokers and pets are not allowed.’ He then squatted on the bench and drank his Chinese white liquor while waiting. 

Only twenty minutes later, the three of them walked out with bags full of things. 

“Never knew that the water for making the milk has to be 40-degree Celcius. We used mineral water just now, right?” Ye Cang pinched his chin.

“No wonder babies in our era die so easily. Those who were able to survive are either as talented as me and Mengde or…” Zhou Yu then stared at Liu Bei who was smoking. “Thick-faced like him.”

“No, no, no. He is a scum.” Cao Cao shook his head. 

“But he said that only you and him are heroes.” Ye Cang pulled the canopy on the baby stroller to cover the baby. 

“How could you believe what he said when he was drunk?” Cao Cao complained. 

“......” Liu Bei stared at those three who were insulting him walking towards where the auction was held and ignoring him. He then looked up at the sky. Second brother, third brother, where are you guys?

“Hey, Old Cao, are you and his son…” Ye Cang could not resist but to ask. 

“How would I, a talented and successful person have such a retarded son?! Young man, you can insult my personality but not my genes. The Yellow Goatee might not be that good in terms of knowledge but he had the potential to be a general at least. It’s just a pity that Pi’er actually killed him. He...actually has no intention of being the emperor since young. All he wanted was freedom.” 

“Then, why didn’t you choose Cao Zhi?” Ye Cang said and Liu Bei and Zhou Yu laughed. 

“Although my youngest son was knowledgeable, he was too kind. As an emperor, one has to be cruel enough. Pi’er is still the best candidate to be my successor among all the sons I have. That’s undeniable.”

“Actually, you wanted to choose between Cao Ang and Cao Chong, right?” Liu Bei’s words then made Cao Cao speechless. 

The four of them then infiltrate to the auction through an underground parking lot. The underground parking lot was heavily damaged as the battle left damages everywhere. It looked like a lot of people had used this parking lot to get around Xingtian. Suddenly, many cars were sent flying towards them. Cao Cao immediately pulled out a bright red sword. “Run!”

Zhou Yu and Ye Cang ran towards the stairs to B3 while protecting the baby stroller. Meanwhile, Liu Bei and Cao Cao were covering them. Upon their arrival, a thunderous roar was heard. “Heavenly Dragon Break!”

“Retreat!” Instantly, all the cars on the ground were knocked away and explosions were everywhere to be heard. There was a red-armored warrior walking out of the explosions with a halberd. Cao Cao who dodged the explosions frowned. “This person is not easy to deal with… It looks like…”

“Yup, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu - Xiang Yu. Big Ear, immediately activate God Mode to block him! And cover us!” After finishing, the three of them immediately ran away, leaving Liu Bei alone. Seeing Xiang Yu walking out from the flames, Liu Bei shivered. It’s the Hegemon-King of Western Chu again. Over the hundred years, Lin Liang had been using me to fight against Xiang Yu. I was being tortured like hell. But if I wanted to run, he couldn’t stop me! Damn it! Is this fella really that famous? Well, it would be different this time. 

Liu Bei kicked away his boots and wore his scandals. He glared at Xiang Yu as he pulled out his twin blade. “Come on! Four-eyed Xiang!”

“The descendant of Liu Bang, that bastard! You’re looking for death, aren’t you!” Xiang Yu was enraged.

Ye Cang and the others who managed to reach the first floor could not stabilize themselves as the ground was shaking furiously. Roars of the raging dragon were also heard. 

“Ever since the battle with the Chrysanthemum Emperor, Xiang Yu could activate God Mode whenever he wanted to. Coward Liu couldn’t last long. The auction is on the seventeenth floor. It will start soon.” Zhou Yu took a look at his watch. 

“Regarding that, if Xingtian destroys the entire building, doesn’t it mean that…” Ye Cang felt that even though the building was spacious, it covers a big area of land. 

“So, that’s why we have to be fast while those people are resisting him,” Cao Cao signaled Ye Cang to carry Ye Beibei.

Ye Cang immediately swang Ye Beibei on his back and shoved a bottle of milk and a can of milk powder into his bag. With Zhou Yu’s music note detection, the three of them avoided places where battles were ongoing and got upstairs from Section 3 - Fashion Area.