As they got up the seventh floor, they realized it was a circular enormous compluvium. The venue of the auction could be clearly seen from below. However, explosions were everywhere and shadows were flying all across the place. The hero spirits were killing each other like a bunch of birds flying in a cage. 

“Let’s just observe for a while,” Cao Cao signaled Ye Cang to hide into a valley

They were observing the battles from the hidden valley and Zhou Yu was focusing on counting the number of hero spirits. There are a lot of them.


From the shadow, a figure was seen to be knocked away by someone to the bench beside Ye Cang. Ye Cang was standing there waiting for an opportunity to kill the hero spirits with a few shots and trigger the lottery machine. Ye Beibei who woke up was crying to pull the trigger. He had no choice but to let the baby pull the trigger once after he pulled twice. 

“Congratulations! Ye Beibei has received Xiao Qiao’s Selfmade Inner.”

Ye Cang was speechless. Now I have to pull ten more times to get the Bad Luck Lottery Machine to appear! Staring at the item in Ye Beibei’s hand, he wondered. It’s made of silk. Wait, what kind of shape is this… it looks like an underwear. Wow! Xiao Qiao has really good fashion taste!

Ye Beibei then played with the item by swinging it in circles. Ye Cang had not gotten the chance to look at it carefully and Zhou Yu only had a quick glance at the item. He blushed, snatched it and glared at Ye Cang. “*Cough* *Cough* Young man, sometimes it’s best not to look at the item when you have the chance.”

“Lord Cao, cover them.” Zhou Yu’s glare made Cao Cao get close to Ye Cang.

Casually, Zhou Yu made his way to the middle of the group of hero spirits through the lift. He looked up at them flying all over the place. His eyes and eyebrows started burning in flames. He pulled out the long sword and stabbed it into the ground. Instantly, patterns and lines covered the entire compluvium and gracefully, he took off the burnt-end guqin and sat on the hilt of the sword with his legs crossed. He placed the instrument on his leg and the end of it started burning. The same went for his red clothes. Zhou Yu was like the God of Flames as his hair was swaying and his eyes were burning. 


His flaming hands plucked the strings of the burning guqin,  resembling a phoenix.

Instantly, flames spread all over the magic circle below his legs along with the patterns and lines as if he was igniting something else.

“Let’s go, Zongbao!”

A scream was heard. 

The hero spirits rushed towards the open air.

“Listen! You damned bastards and bitches! This is the last song I perform for y’all - The Controlling Soul Song! Ahahahaha! Burn baby!” The flames on Zhou Yu’s body burst and he stared at the hero spirits. His hands were plucking the strings, sending sparks and flames to the enemies and smiling wickedly. 

Seeing the lines below his foot burst in flames, Cao Cao let go of the Heaven Sword. He stared at Zhou Yu as the hero spirits flew out of the compluvium.

“It looks just like moths flying towards the light.”

When everyone was not expecting the flames to burst out from the ground, the sky suddenly turned red and clouds of flames rushed down, forming a waterfall but in red instead of blue.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yu opened his hands wide, enjoying the rain of flames. The ‘birds’ in the sky fell down one by one as a result of the merciless flames.

Zhou Yu then got up, carried the instrument on his back and pulled out the sword. Instantly, the flames returned to the sword and Zhou Yu kept it into the scabbard and sneered at the hero spirits who were burned. “I hate boys and girls flying above me.”

Staring at the burnt corpses, Ye Cang felt that Zhou Yu assumed that any male and female spotted together are a pair of couple. 

“Young man, you saw it, right? So, it’s normal for us to lose the Battle of Red Cliff. He is crazy,” Cao Cao sighed. “But luckily, this crazy bastard died earlier.”

“Be careful. There were a few of them who dodged my attack,” Zhou Yu asked them to go up.

Ye Cang nodded. The three of them stepped on the fences and jumped.

“Command!” With a feminine shout, they were attacked with a long blade attacked all of a sudden.

Stepping on the fence, Cao Cao pulled out his long sword and blocked the attack. It was a battle of the moonlight and phoenix. 

Cao Cao’s purlicue was bleeding. This lady is in God Mode?

“Zongbao and I managed to meet after so long! I’ll kill you!” Mu Guiying’s Blade of Phoenix slashed at him once again. 

“Oops, I’m sorry. I killed your filthy partner but didn’t manage to kill you, bitch. I’ll send you to see him now…” Zhou Yu’s eyes shone with sparks and his eyebrows turned into flames. Cao Cao shook his head. “Let’s not waste any time. Let’s go.”

“The Stage of Bronze Peacock!”

Cao Cao pointed his sword at the compluvium and a luxurious stage appeared from the ground. Mu Guiying realized that she could not get off the stage. She could do nothing but stare at them as they walked towards the auction. 

“Hmph!” Zhou Yu’s flames extinguished and walked away. 

“What’s the use of that stage?” Ye Cang turned around to see Mu Guiying trying to break out. 

“The Stage of the Bronze Peacock is something that can place detention on female hero spirits. It’s a kind of God Mode. She wouldn’t be able to come out for awhile.”

“Having two Qiao(s) to enjoy…” Liu Bei walked out from the passageway with a cigarette in his mouth. His clothes were messed up and one side of his shoulders was exposed. His hair was messy and he was even wearing a Chinese corset. He looked extremely haggard but was trying to look calm as he leaned against the wall. 

“You sure run fast…” Cao Cao was speechless as he stared at Liu Bei. I knew he is hard to kill.

“Big Ear, where’s Xiang Yu?” Zhou Yu was pissed when he heard what Zhou Yu said.

“I killed…” Liu Bei replied reluctantly. Just then, before he was able to finish, a ferocious roar was heard from the outside of the building. “Liu Xuande! I will strip you into pieces!”

“*Cough* *Cough* He thought that I ran towards the direction of Xingtian…” Liu Bei changed his tone.

“What have you done? Why would Xiang Yu give up on his envoy and the auction?” Ye Cang saw Xiang Yu carrying his envoy and ran towards where Xingtian was at with The Ocular Lens of Death.

“Hey, why don’t you guys guess who this corset belongs to?” Liu Bei brushed his hair. 

“You’re surely a bastard and scum…” Even though he said so, Cao Cao admired him. He touched the corset on Liu Bei’s body. “But, is it possible for him to be that mad with just one piece of corset?”

“I told him that I saw Consort Yu along the way and this corset was from her corpse. Her smell is still…”

“......” Zhou Yu facepalmed.

“Are you serious?” Cao Cao was curious since he joined them not long ago. 

“Of course it’s fake! I’m just pissing him off! I, Liu Xuande would never do such immoral stuff! But this thing is definitely Consort Yu’s item and I didn’t get to meet her. I got this from the rewards. Just like your Mengde’s New Book,” Liu Bei was frustrated. 

However, Ye Cang, Zhou Yu, and Cao Cao stared at him with a poker face. Cute Ye Beibei was trying to do the same too.

Liu Bei was speechless and he shrugged his shoulders. “But he believes it. No wonder he was being tricked by my ancestor.”

“Honorable guests! The three-hundred-and-seventy-seventh XXX Auction is about to commence! Please have a seat!”

“Let’s go!”