“Just go away! Are you really that desperate?!” Liu Bei knocked away Cao Cao’s hand which was touching the corset.

Ye Cang and the others went in from the 47th entrance and were welcomed by the smell of blood. Corpses and limbs of local auctioneers were everywhere to be seen. Not all hero spirits obeyed the rules and regulations. Among them, there were those who were extremely evil.

The mechanical system slowly displayed the item from the hidden place. One of the auctioneers was turned into a pile of flesh in the pool of corpses, showing how disgustingly he was killed. 

“So cruel,” Cao Cao frowned. 

“You’re feeding the army with humans and you dare say the others are cruel?” Liu Bei was pissed off. 

“You’re saying as if you had never eaten before,” Cao Cao rolled his eyes. 

Zhou Yu had not stopped plucking the strings and found out enemies were everywhere. We cannot afford to act recklessly. The attack at the compluvium was too great that it caught everyone’s attention. This is not good! “Old Cao! Immediately activate God Mode and dash for the item! Once you get it, run! Now! You guys stay close to me!”

Cao Cao’s Mengde’s New Book immediately shone in red. With a roar, his Heaven Sword flew out from the scabbard. It turned into a red meteor, leaving a red slash behind it. “The Course of Moon and Sun!”  

Instantly, a rainbow of Moon and Sun slashed.

Blood burst out from all four corners of the room. 

“Reflected through the sea!”

A red crack appeared in the air. 

“The Beauty of Galaxy!”

The rainbow of Moon and Sun scattered into a sky full of stars and blood painted the white marble wall with red stains. 

“Swallow by the sea!”

The red cracks locked on all the living beings in the room.

As Cao Cao dropped low, his Heaven Sword started ringing.

“The Conquest of Heaven!”

Tons of clones of Cao Cao filled the room and millions of red slashes engulfed the auction as the rainbow once again turned into stars. When the crack and stars disappeared, all that was left at the venue was flesh and blood. Ye Cang was shocked. Damn! The hero spirit in God Mode is too strong! With the items I have now, I couldn’t even reach such a level! My Gungrave might or might not be this strong. But, I could only use it when it leaves me no option because it consumes too much spiritual energy.

“Quick!” Zhou Yu shouted.

Cao Cao immediately snatched the item. 


An unidentified object crushed the ceiling right beside Cao Cao, revealing the auction to the outside. 

Xingtian’s axe was shining with lightning and his hand was trying to grab Cao Cao and the others. 

Knowing Xingtian had no intention of using his axe, Cao Cao sent a slash of sword energy to it but was blocked by Xingtian’s arm guard. Even though the sword energy managed to penetrate into the arm guard, it did not cause much damage as he crashed the energy with a swing of his arm. Cao Cao was knocked away. His purlicue was bleeding and his chest felt heavy. Blood splashed everywhere.

“Liu Xuande!”

Xiang Yu’s voice made Liu Bei sigh. “I’ll go and distract him. Run!”

“Four-eyed Xiang! I’ll let you touch the Chinese corset if you call me Uncle Liu. Or maybe I’ll let you smell it if you call me daddy!”


“Get away! You brainless jerk!” Xiang Yu’s halberd directly knocked away Xingtian’s axe, stunning him for a second. He then dashed towards Liu Bei. 

Using this opportunity, Ye Cang used the mask to pull Cao Cao back with his extended arms, At the same time, Zhou Yu activated the yin yang teleportation and the three of them instantly vanished in thin air. 

“Brother Lil’White! Eh? Where’s he?” Lin Le saw Ye Cang from afar. 

“Damn it! We’ve finally managed to find brother and now he’s gone,” Zhang Zhengxiong stopped. “I think brother took the item.”

“Let’s go! We should try avoiding Xingtian when his shield is not broken yet. I’ve got a feeling that he isn’t the scariest being yet. Let’s not expose our presence since the Holy Cup hasn’t appeared,” Lin Le reminded them.

“Same as what I thought. Let’s continue to search for Brother Lil’White~” Lin Le’s rested his elbow on Little Beauty’s head while pinching his chin.

“I remember seeing a barbeque stall over there. Why don’t we grab a bite first?” Zhang Zhengxiong’s words made Lin Le swallowed. They glanced at each other and immediately dashed towards the stall. 

Lin Le sighed. I should get myself two kidneys and a goat’s hoof. I haven’t eaten it for a long time.

In a random classroom.  A question on functions was left unerased on the blackboard.


Exhaustedly, Zhou Yu let go of the sword and sat on the chair. Two consecutive yin yang teleportation had depleted much of his spiritual energy. 

Cao Cao was lying on the table. Seeing Cao Cao coughing blood, Ye Beibei cried, “Papa!”

“Beibei, I’m alright. I’m not dead yet, I just need a rest. Damn it. Xingtian is too scary,” Cao Cao gasped and threw Wen Zhong’s item out. 

“Duh! Even YellowEmperor would feel his legs numb when he sees him! And you?!” Zhou Yu leaned against the table and rested. 

Suddenly, Cao Cao felt pain inside his body and took out a female’s corset and smelt it. “I need it to distract me for a second. To relieve my pain. *Sniff*”

“......” Ye Cang was speechless as he stared at the corset. I bet that’s Diao Chan’s chinese corset which was what Liu Bei wanted. He then untied the baby carrier, placed Ye Beibei on the table and started making milk. 

“I’m back.”

The three of them turned around simultaneously. Liu Bei was sitting on the window, looking at the moon. If Liu Bei’s outfit was in a mess the last time, he only had a piece of cloth covering his private part this time and Consort Yu’s chinese corset on his upper body. And of course, his pair of sandals and his swords. From where he sat, blood was flowing out from his bottom. He took a deep breath of cigarette and said calmly, “Xiang Yu...is nothing special…”


Ye Cang was extremely speechless. This person is really thick-faced. While feeding Ye Beibei milk, he summoned the lottery machine and started pulling madly. With the coins Zhou Yu and Cao Cao got from killing the hero spirits, he was having a fun time playing the machine. He then saw Ye Beibei stared at him with puppy eyes. “Alright, alright, I’ll pull ten times. When I get the Bad Luck one, I’ll let you pull once.”

Many hero spirit items were piling. Getting so many good items prompted Cao Cao to start to arm himself. He got a few rings and some pills that could regenerate some spiritual energy. Zhou Yu ate some too. Liu Bei was waiting for clothes since his Real Dragon Clothes was destroyed by Xiang Yu’s halberd. It could not be repaired unless it is returned to the realm of hero spirits. Even Ye Beibei had three rings and a mini version of Rambo’s rifle with the grenade launcher, a Bravery Hat of a marine general, Blowndown’s grenade vest, and a pacifier that had Hades’ seal on it. He even got himself some classes and careers which he did not understand. Staring at Ye Beibei’s vest, Liu Bei asked, “Why don’t you give it to me…You...”

“There are a bunch of uniforms over there. Just find one and wear it yourself” Ye Cang’s words made Cao Cao and Zhou Yu who were arming Ye Beibei stare at Liu Bei with a despised look. Quietly, Liu Bei donned a set of high school uniform and a blue-and-white sports jacket.