Ye Cang felt that hero spirits with God Mode like Liu Bei would normally allow him to continue his battle. The Gungrave had another benefit of allowing him to bury all kinds of weapons into the source of graves, which was his body. He could bury all new, disqualified or disappeared weapons. Besides, he also had the Lance of Longinus which acted as an ultimate. 

While Liu Bei was attempting to break open a girl’s closet to get a few rubber bands to tie his ponytail, Ye Cang looked out of the window and said, “The Holy Cup has appeared…”

Cao Cao immediately snatched Consort Yu’s innerwear from Ye Beibei, tossed it to back to Liu Bei and looked at Zhou Yu. “Summon Wen Zhong as fast as you can.”

“Lil’White, let Ye Beibei be Wen Zhong’s summoner. You only have a spot left, let’s save it for now.” Zhou Yu’s suggestion was exactly what Ye Cang thought of. Zhou Yu placed Ye Beibei on the ground before making a magic circle with his sword. He placed Wen Zhong’s item in the circle and made a minor cut on Ye Beibei’s thumb, making him cry. Cao Cao quickly reassured him, “Aww… don’t cry Beibei. Don’t cry. Uncle is helping you to summon a guardian! Don’t cry, don’t cry.” 

After hearing that, his sobs were replaced by laughter and he forgot what happened to his thumb.

A shiny glare reflected from the magic circle. 

Roars of qilins were heard and a serious-looking elder who had his eyes closed appeared before Ye Beibei. On his forehead, there was a thin line that gives the impression that there was another eye yet to be awakened. There were black whips hanging on his waist and a black qilin beneath him. Its eyes were like a shining pearl in the dark and its pupils were shining in black. It was shocking to see Ye Beibei and it examined the surroundings. The elder slowly opened his eyes. The indescribable strict manner made everyone respect him even more. Wen Zhong lowered his head to see Ye Beibei staring at him with a curious look. He also saw a few people around him. It’s obvious that I could only communicate with these people. I bet this child hasn’t even learned the word ‘Daddy’. “I really hope you guys could tell me the reason for allowing this baby to be my summoner. You better not mess with me…”

After saying, his third eye opened as he laid his hands on the two black whips and the black qilin gradually got up. 

Just when Ye Cang was about to speak, Zhou Yu gave him a pat on his shoulder to stop him. At the same time, Liu Bei got up and Ye Cang dripped cold sweat. This fella is going to make up another story.

Cao Cao did not bother to explain, especially when he saw Liu Bei standing out. Well, to be honest, he is the best at making up stories as if they were real. He even bullshitted that the Han royal family that shared the same surname as him are his family. Oh, Emperor Liu, even I am not as shameless as you…

“Grandmaster Wen, history has it that you’re the most loyal person ever. The one who sacrificed himself to protect the Shangs at Dragon Hill! Your third eye has the ability to differentiate the good and the evil. And yet, you showed such expressions when you see a baby being your summoner! In my opinion, I shouldn’t be on the same team as you, a person who faked his entitlement!”

Wen Zhong frowned and pulled the black qilin. Instantly, an enormous mouth appeared before Liu Bei. However, it neither made him back off nor show any fear. He even took a step forward and said, “This baby came to this place full of battles with no siblings but luck was on his side when the hero spirit, Brother Mengde took care of him. Or else, his future would have already been destroyed long ago. In order to get you to protect him, we have gone through tons of hardship to bring him there. We could have abandoned him to be less burdened. And yet, you, as the most loyal person was actually willing to ignore this baby who was still wrapped in a blanket?! We gave him the best hero spirit just for you, the guardian of Shang to protect this child! We, the ordinary emperors did not even mind sacrificing ourselves to protect him and you wanted to object this innocent baby to be your summoner?! The most loyal person?! The man who holds justice?! Bullshit! Rubbish! Don’t you feel guilty standing in front of this child?! Oh, don’t you dare look down on us! Because it’s us who are going to look down on you! Hah! Able to differentiate the good and the evil?! Some god-ranked hero spirit?! You are no different from a coward! He is the real hero spirit! He dares to point a sword at anyone at all just to get milk for that baby! And what have you done?! Haha!”

Liu Bei pointed at Cao Cao and smiled towards Zhou Yu. “Gongjin, break the relationship between him and the child! He doesn’t deserve to be the child’s guardian hero spirit! Grandmaster Wen, go as you wish! We’re not stopping you! Go and find a new envoy yourself!”

“......” Cao Cao was a little pissed off. God damn it! Did he just make a joke out of me as he was scolding that ungrateful fella.

“How dare you!” Wen Zhong shouted as he was enraged by Liu Bei’s scoldings. Suddenly, Ye Beibei cried and Wen Zhong felt bad. The teary-eyed boy then crawled to the legs of the black qilin. Wen Zhong asked it to lower down and he picked Ye Beibei up. Ye Beibei was then playing with Wen Zhong’s white mustache and laughing. The sight of such a scene made Wen Zhong recall Di Xin. When Di Yi handed Di Xin to me, I bet he was also at this age. Suddenly, he also remembered the decision he made when he was carrying Di Xin. I’ve always been on the battlefield and didn’t spend much time educating him, resulting in the unfortunate incident and the destruction of Shang. Wen Zhong was emotional. He touched Ye Beibei’s chubby face as he smiled and he then stared at Ye Cang and the others. Yeah, he is right, especially this white-haired young man. He actually sacrificed himself just to help an envoy who has no relation with him to summon me. He is truly a kind and loyal person. I’m guilty of myself. His third eye slowly closed. “You…Big Ear… you’re right. I accept your accusations. But you’re still some ordinary fella…”

“Grandmaster is indeed wise,” Zhou Yu said while giving a fist-palm salute.

“You’re indeed Grandmaster Wen. The special one who can differentiate the good and the evil. I salute.” Cao Cao said with much respect. 

“......” Liu Bei brushed off the uniform speechlessly. 

Ye Cang went over to pick Ye Beibei and put him into the baby carrier on his back. “Xingtian is our enemy.”

“He’s a little troublesome but it’s not impossible to beat him. We shall observe for now. There shouldn’t be only one ancient god. Who knows there might be someone scarier.” Wen Zhong kept his qilin away. 

“For example?” Cao Cao was curious. 

“In all the Holy Battle I’ve joined until this moment, the scariest being isn’t people like Xingtian who is a disgusting and enormous being. I’m not sure about his location. But his envoys usually address him as Cthulhu. From what I know, he isn’t the only one and isn’t the strongest too. He is one of the Great Old Ones. Mysterious and wicked.” Wen Zhong’s tone showed his despise against these creatures. Ye Cang found the name familiar but it was not a name that he could recall.

On the other hand, Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong were having supper at the barbeque stall which Ye Cang had earlier. Lin Sen was chewing his goat hoof and drinking a can of beer. “The Holy Cup has appeared.”

“Do we have to go there now?!” Lin Le was trying to gobble up all the grilled pork as if he had not eaten for a hundred years.

“We still have time. No need to rush. It has just appeared. Besides, there would be battles around it anyway. It’s going to take awhile too.” Lin Sen ordered a set of grilled garlic chives and asked them to calm down.

“Let’s continue and eat. Continue. Give our taste buds a holiday.” Zhang Zhengxiong’s words made Lin Le nod firmly and order another pile of chicken wings for the table.