“The Holy Cup is only worth it if worshipped by blood.” A man in a hood stared at the stadium filled with a hundred thousand people. The famous artist’s concert had turned into somewhat hell as flesh and blood were everywhere to be seen. “Human. An insignificant yet arrogant being. Am I right, the great Cthulhu…”

The man reached out his hand. However, it was no longer a hand as his fingers had turned into tentacles. “When the Holy Cup descends, it’s the time for you to return!”

On top of the stadium, a golden Holy Cup was slowly forming. Yet, it was temporarily in a virtual status and not physically in shape. 

When the hero spirits had known that Wen Zhong’s item had been snatched away, everyone ran away from the old lady who was riding Xingtian. This b*tch is crazy! She urged people out when she saw the others were playing basketball. She even used the axe to build herself an elder square just for her to dance. Is she here to get the Holy Cup or to conquer the place?

At the barbecue stall, Lin Sen helped Zhang Zhengxiong summon a new hero spirit, Sun Quan (courtesy name: Zhongmou). However, Ran Min was not satisfied with how Sun Quan looks like. 

“Purple hair. Blue eyes. Everything’s long for the upper half but short for the lower half.” Ran Min smirked at Sun Quan. Just then, a Corgi, owned by the owner of the stall woke up. Ran Min looked at Sun Quan and the dog. “You look the same as him. You must have the bloodline of the Hu.”

“......” Sun Quan placed his hands on his sword but did not pull it out because they shared the same envoy and he knew how scary the person named Ran Min was. “Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu my ass! Who the heck are you?! How dare you not heard of my name?! Are you from a later dynasty?”

“The Three Kingdoms, opposing each other. In the end, the Sima family took over and after that, there came the War of the Eight Princes and the Sixteen Kingdoms of the Five Barbarians. Almost all the Hans were eliminated,” Lin Sen summarized some historical details but he did not take a liking in Sun Quan because Japan’s Kimono was Gofuku which was also the clothing worn by the Wu nationals during the Three Kingdoms. 

“Haha. Indeed… what a pity.” Sun Quan thought of Cao Cao and Liu Bei. Even though we were enemies back then, my life was surely interesting as I learned a lot from them. But after they died, my sword had turned blunt. I almost forgot who I relied on for the Battle of Red Cliff and the Battle of Fancheng, who taught me the way to govern a nation. I bet father and brother must be laughing at me… I, Sun Quan, spent my entire life on ‘power’. Yet, in the end, I couldn’t stop the fight between Zixiao and Ziwei. I put Zixiao under house arrest and sentenced Ziwei to death. I absolutely did not learn the lesson of Mengde’s mistake. ‘Power’ is something very scary. If I could go back in time, I definitely wouldn’t sacrifice everything just to get ‘power’ as at last, I got nothing in return but regret and emptiness… Oh, humans are merely humans. He gradually looked up at Ran Min. “My friend, it’s all Sima Yi’s fault! Come on! Let’s toast! That bastard is not human!”

Little did he know, Ran Min knew the dynasty before him very well. He knew of the incidents and the relationship between Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan but he just disliked how Sun Quan looked. However,  Sun Quan did not care how he was being compared to a dog and even toasted with me casually. Well, he is indeed the one famous for using ‘power’ to balance everything. I’m quite interested in the Han Dynasty since we’re a family. Though not showing much interest, Ran Min lifted his glass for the toast. 

Staring at his own envoy, Zhang Zhengxiong reminded Sun Quan of Youping (Zhou Tai). He is so muscular and tall. He felt warm inside. I bet this is karma. 

“Old Brother Sun, Cao Cao and Liu Bei are here too. We are on the same team.” Zhang Zhengxiong saw Ye Cang’s hero spirits. 

All of a sudden, Sun Quan choked as if he swallowed a fly. “That bastard and the thick-faced. So disgusting. Especially that Liu Xuande. Don’t think that I don’t know that he and my mom… *Cough* *Cough* forget about it… thinking about it makes me wanna puke… *sigh*”

“Oh, I knew it!” Lin Sen had been suspecting that the empress dowager has always flirted with Liu Bei. Not to mention, Lady Sun too. It was all their acts of betraying the family. 

“Shut up! He is the uncle of the Emperor of Han! Don’t you dare discriminate him!” Ran Min was not happy. 

“......” Sun Quan and Lin Sen were speechless. Can’t believe that this fella is actually a fan of Liu Xuande. What made Sun Quan feel numb was that Liu Bei’s charisma managed to affect future generations. That bastard who cheated others for food, beverages, weapons, and armies?! Damn! With a sympathizing look, he stared at Ran Min. “As long as you’re happy.” However, he then thought. If it wasn’t that you have an automatic God Mode…

“I sense a heavy stench of blood.” Ran Min stood up and stared at the direction of the Holy Cup. 

“Yeap, indeed. It’s getting heavier…” Lin Sen continued chewing the chicken wings. “There’s also a disgusting and wicked godly strength.”

“Eh?!” Sun Quan saw a chubby shadow jumping across the rooftops of buildings. “I think I spotted Liu Bei’s retarded son…”

“Shall we chase after him?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked.

“Nope, we can’t kill him no matter how. Unless we have the item or a power to break his Strong Luck. It’s annoying.” Sun Quan shook his head. 

“Then, what about his envoy?” Ran Min was curious.

“Same. His envoy wouldn’t die. You can’t even touch his envoy. With him in the Holy Battle, he could always take what others left behind. We don’t have to worry about him.” Sun Quan understood Liu Shan quite well since it was not the first time battling him. 

“To be honest, he isn’t that retarded like how we think. Why the Shu could stand for such a long time is all because of him. When he was the emperor, he wasn’t a useless one. If he could do even better, I bet he would be the all-time best emperor among all.” Sun Quan shook his head and said. “But, we don’t know whether he is Lord Mengde’s son or Xuande’s.”

“Run! Quick!” Lin Sen saw the enormous shadow, bat wing, octopus tentacles and a small trait  of a human on top of the Holy Cup. “We must stop that thing before it is completely formed!”

“That thing?” Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le saw the shadow. 

“Cthulhu.” Lin Sen frowned. “An extremely evil and disgusting Outer God. He is also one of the sources of the void plan. Lin Lin sealed him once when he left Earth. However, his godly strength during his resurrection was capable of destroying the Earth as if he was playing with toys. But if he’s being summoned in this world, it’s the end! All the citizens here will die!”

“I thought you don’t care about the lives and deaths of humans?” Ran Min drank another glass of cold beer. 

“That was me in the past. After I’ve met my grandchild, I found out that torturing humans are more interesting.” Lin Sen recalled the memories with his son and Lin Lin. Lin Lin sure suffered a lot. His brain and DNA were destroyed by his great grandfather’s primary stage of artificial human cells, becoming a lower class of person. Coincidentally, he became the best vessel for the Big Disaster’s virus and sealed the negative emotions of the humans in the virtual world, becoming the one to be blamed for. He suffered a lot of torture from humans and yet he doesn’t hate them. He dug his eyes and sacrificed himself to save the world. In the end, he went on to conquer the galaxy.

Lin Sen knew how scary it would be if his grandchild’s power were to explode. Even though he couldn’t completely destroy Cthulhu, he could torture him to an extreme extent. It might be even more suffering than death since this kid is way crueler than me when it comes to torturing people. His cruelty is innocent and pure. For example, he could repeatedly use a magic weapon to pierce a person’s asshole for a few thousand years... How gruesome...