Having Zhou Yu, the God of Flames opening the path, flames were lighting up their journey as they continued on. Together with Ye Beibei’s lucky charm, the power of the flames was enhanced and Zhou Yu could maintain the God Mode and burn whatever he wants. Man?! Burn! He must be finding his woman! Woman?! Burn! She must be finding her man! Male worm?! Burn! It must be going to ‘ride’ its partner! Female worm?! Burn! It must be waiting for a male worm to penetrate it! A mixture of both male and female worm?! Is it trying to reproduce asexually?! Isn’t it the same as cumming in itself?! Disgusting! Burn! Burn! Burn! “Hahaha!”

The sound of guqin was large and the explosive music notes filled the entire tunnel. It was a burning hell! No one dared to enter!

Suddenly, a flying leech attacked Ye Cang. Ye Cang made a spin and pulled out Grimm’s machine gun as Ye Beibei placed Rambo’s rifle on Ye Cang’s shoulder and opened fire. Phew! Phew! Phew! The leech burst into pieces and Ye Beibei casually adjusted his captain’s hat that was messed up by the recoil. 

Ye Cang turned to look at him and gave a high-five. 

“Nice.” Ye Cang smiled. 

As they entered the stadium, a large number of weird creatures caught their sight and the numbers were getting bigger. Zhou Yu canceled his God Mode and Cao Cao cleared a corner for them to rest. “Let’s try to reserve our energy for now. Wait for Xingtian and the others to come in and kill the rest. We can’t rush things now, especially at this time.”

Ye Cang cut a few tentacles and covered them with a layer of fat of weird-looking worms. He asked Zhou Yu to make a fire, pierced the tentacles with Liu Bei’s swords, and spread salt on it. Even though the moving tentacles were so gruesome that it almost made them vomit, the smell of it on the grilling pan made everyone crave for food. He then casually cut them into pieces and put them on the plate. “Let’s eat.”

Ye Cang continued to cook as if it was nothing special. He started grilling the flying leech and the claws of some weird creatures. The others were dumbfounded. It’s really hard to understand this guy sometimes…

“Hmm… not bad.” Wen Zhong was the first one to taste the claws. “It’s chewy. It looks disgusting but the taste is not bad. Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Zhou Yu, Liu Bei, and Cao Cao stared at Wen Zhong in bewilderment. He is surely from the Shang Dynasty.

Seeing Liu Bei and Cao Cao having the same expression as him, Zhou Yu asked, “Actually, how does human meat taste like?”

“Almost the same as pork but it has the chewy characteristic of chicken.” Liu Bei broke the ‘crab legs’ into halves. 

“Don’t you think it’s wrong?” Ye Cang brushed it with worm fat, took out a frying pan and dumped them in it.

“Who the heck would bother during a chaos? Do you have a lot of other things to eat? If you manage to survive, you’ll definitely succeed in the future. In order to stay alive, I’ve seen things you wouldn’t imagine. There’s no right or wrong. Humans are hunting humans. The people are living a tough life. Brother Lil’White, let me tell you this. When one is in hunger, the person would do things way primitively than an animal. It’s very hard to obey the rules and maintain the social order when there’s no food, for example, the incident of replacing meat with humans’ flesh. Cheng Yu was responsible for it and he was unable to be one of the Three Ducal Ministers.” Liu Bei shrugged his shoulders.

“It was his own idea anyway,” Cao Cao said calmly and Liu Bei swung his leg just to kick him. “He is indeed too cruel. He is braver than a tiger and more decisive than any minister. But that incident totally ruined his life. What a pity.”

“Actually, it makes no difference when even Jia Xu, that bastard could be one of the Three Ducal Ministers.” Liu Bei also complimented Ye Cang’s cooking as he tasted it. It’s grilled nicely even though salt was the only seasoning. But well, using only salt for such fresh and chewy food is more than enough. However, little did he know that it was only at this time Ye Cang could serve such tasty food without much seasoning. Otherwise, it would be a whole new different story. 

 “Hey, the others didn’t even laugh at you, a running bastard for  entitled yourself as an emperor and you dare to doubt the others?” Cao Cao could not help but give a sinister laugh.

“Hmph, I’m from the royal family of Han. The true ruler of Han, the descendant of Prince of Zhongshan. Rebuilding the Han Dynasty is my life…”

“Alright, alright, alright. Ever since I met you, you have been talking about all these. My ears are bored of it already.” Cao Cao rolled his eyes and Zhou Yu sighed as well. “You’re the only one who can bullshit to the extent that your bloodline had turned into the royal bloodline.”

“Even Emperor Xian of Han admitted it, how dare you guys not?” Liu Bei’s words made the other two ignore him.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang was figuring out his dishes. He saw the Holy Cup as he looked up. The size of it made him amazed. If we were to start a fire under the trophy, it would be a great pot. Besides, the holy water in the cup must be top-class water. All we lack is just top-class ingredients. He then looked at Cthulhu’s shadow, back at the Holy Cup and then back to Cthulhu again. A reckless idea of cooking him up flashed through his mind but it seemed too impossible and he sighed. 

“Brother! Brother Lil’White!”

Ye Cang immediately turned around to see people coming in from the forty-fifth entrance. The hero spirits, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Zhou Yu put down their ‘snacks’ as they caught sight of Sun Quan among those people. 

“Let’s play dou dizhu! Dou dizhu! I’ll be the dizhu (landlord).” Cao Cao smiled. 

“Sun Zhongmou who is long at the top and short at the bottom,” Liu Bei despised. 

“Big-ear and monkey-arm Liu Xuande,” Zhou Yu insulted him back and his vision laid on Ran Min. His pupils contracted. “The one carrying the spear and halberd is super strong!”

Ye Cang saw Lin Sen, the creator of Big Disaster. He is a hero spirit too?

“You guys know each other?” Seeing Ran Min and Lin Sen walking towards them, Wen Zhong opened his third eye.

“Yeap. We’re allies.”

Lin Se saw Ye Cang grilling the mutated creatures and Zhang Zhengxiong gasped, especially when he saw the tentacles which were still moving. Can’t you spare the dead?

“Let me introduce them to y’all. They are my two brothers, A’Xiong and Lele.” Ye Cang pulled them over and gave each of them a stick of tentacles fresh from the grill. 

“These are Zhou Yu, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Wen Zhong.” 

“Wow, brother, you’ve four. This is Ran Min and Sun Quan.”

“Brother Lil’White, this is Little Beauty. She insisted that I be her rider. As for this idiot who looks like me, he is Lin Sen. No, no, I mean he’s an idiot. Not me... ” Lin Le pulled Ye Cang over to whisper something and pointed at his own head. “He has a problem here.”

However, his voice was not soft enough and Lin Sen overheard. He was pissed off. If you’re not the descendant of Lin Lin, direct descendant of my bloodline, I would have torn you into halves already! You’re sure up on par when it comes to the level of annoyingness. Also, you guys don’t like to kill people. Lin Lin, that fella would only force enemies to death when protecting someone. He doesn’t kill if it isn’t necessary. For example, in order to protect his crush, he killed her uncle and dug one of his eyes out. He was only five years old at that time. When he was fifteen, he was undefeatable, becoming China’s no.1 martial arts and medicine master. I witnessed how he succeeded, step by step. Seeing Ye Cang touching Lin Le’s head as Lin Le smiled cheerfully, a smile was hanging on Lin Sen’s face. My son loves it when I touch him that way too. *sigh* He then looked up at the night sky. 

He looked up the moment he felt someone caressing his head and realize it was Lin Le. This fella sure doesn’t know his place. Abandoning the situation, Lin Le then rushed off to meet Ye Cang for a chat. Though knowing there was a pinch of mucus on Lin Sen’s head, Ran Min had no intention of telling him and casually looked around as if he knew nothing. He saw Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan catching up and at last, his sight landed on Wen Zhong and the two of them glanced at each other.