Wen Zhong smelt the taste of blood from Lin Sen and Ran Min. With his godly eye, he could overlook an endless sea of blood resulted from a huge disastrous massacre. The curse laid upon Ran Min was as deadly, as if thousands of his karmic debtors were hunting him down all at once. The black qilin was also alerted by the cries of thousands of citizens.

Wen Zhong? Ran Min knew who he was. Grandmaster Wen from the Shang Dynasty. He is a famous loyalist who died at Dragon Hill. His magic power is extremely strong and his martial arts skills are extraordinary. Except for his creature and equipment, his guts and ability of a commander surpass Jiang Ziya. 

“Brother, here’s a cigarette.” The cigarette ambassador, Liu Bei gave him a stick. 

“Here’s a bottle of beer.” The beer ambassador, Cao Cao tossed him a bottle of Chinese white liquor.

Ran Min examined Liu Bei who carefully approached him. He is very well-mannered. Just like the rumors said. Due to the fact that he was younger than him and a fan of him, Ran Min decided to accept the cigarette and also the alcohol Cao Cao gave him as a gesture. He took a deep breath and drank the liquor. All of these are good stuff! If I had a bottle of this and a cigarette, I would definitely be high in spirits and killing Murong Ke isn’t something difficult. 

Seeing Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan smoking, drinking, eating the grilled food made by his brother, and playing dou dizhu, Zhang Zhengxiong was surprised. Damn! They look like a bunch of colleagues having a small gathering after work! Aren’t you guys enemies!

“Wow, Gongjin Zhou, is it necessary for you to love your job so well? It’s a little too much that you’re giving advice for a game of dou dizhu,” Liu Bei stared at Zhou Yu who was sitting beside Sun Quan and whispering.

Ran Min quietly chewed the mutated ‘crab’ freshly grilled by Ye Cang to replenish his spiritual energy. “That creature is slowly forming and replenishing itself. Aren’t we going to do something?”

“Why should we be impatient when Xingtian doesn’t bother?” Liu Bei smiled. 

“It looks like we can’t sit forever…” Wen Zhong’s third eye saw black clouds from afar. Just then, a gigantic serpent burst out from the sea and flew into the sky like a dragon. Its head blasted through the clouds and his mouth which was almost as big as a football field was wide open. Immediately, Zhou Yu pulled out his sword and made an escape along with everyone else. Moments later, a few enormous tentacles wrapped it and smashed it to the southeast of the stadium, razing that part of it to the ground.

“What’s that?” Ran Min was flabbergasted by the size of the serpent and the others had no clue about its background as well. 

“Midgard Serpent - Jörmungandr.” Lin Sen pierced a mutated heart using a triangular spike bayonet and grilled it. “With it being here, it means that there is a possibility that Fenrir and Hela are here too. Well, at least we’re certain about Hela.”

Lin Sen felt the aura of hell slowly approaching and Ye Cang saw skeletons attacking the mutants. 

“Hello, everyone.” A lady’s voice triggered their curiosity and they  turned around to see a black-haired lady. Half of her face was as beautiful as an angel but the other half was fierce and was rotting like a zombie. Through her long black vein, everyone could tell that her body had the same situation - her lower body was rotting although the upper half looked perfectly fine. 

“The Goddess of Hell - Hela. Sister of Jörmungandr. Daughter of Loki.” Except for being a killer demon, Lin Sen was also a famous scholar as he was well-taught on the study of DNA, the application of void and many other subjects which were totally uncommon during that period of time.

“Can’t believe that someone still remembers me.” Hela smiled gladly and also fiercely at the same time. She then stared at Ye Cang. “Give me the mask, is it alright?”

Loki was his father. So, it means that my mask is her father’s mask. Wow. An ordinary and random mask like this causes so much confusion. Ye Cang liked the mask very much and so he polished his cooking knife calmly. “What if I say no, ugly half-faced?”

“......” Everyone was surprised. 

The atmosphere was getting tense and Lin Le worsened it. “My big brother is talking to you! Rotted face ugly bastard! How can a lady not care about beauty? You’re lousier than Lil’Dino! Brother Lil’White, give her some spare change to Korea for plastic surgery. You, this evil fella affected my appetite. It’s so rare to eat something edible cooked by Brother Lil’White…”

“Actually, I think you’re not that bad. Why don’t we be friends?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked unexpectedly. 

Lin Sen stared at Zhang Zhengxiong. Hey, you’re exposing your secret fetish!

“Hahaha, you three are surely the most interesting envoys I’ve ever encountered! Hahaha!” Hela did not get angry, instead, she smiled more happily. It just made her look more evil. Meanwhile, Wen Zhong was smiling coldly, hiding his godly characteristics. My mission is to protect Beibei. This lady’s strength may be impressive but if she dares make me angry, I would assure her endless torture!

“Grandmaster…” Liu Bei whispered as he went close to Wen Zhong. 

The emotions in Wen Zhong’s eyes made Liu Bei shocked. He quickly got his ‘speech’ prepared. “*Cough* *Cough* This is…”

“Shut up! You bitchy type! Worst still, you’re a disgusting Hu bitch! You! Must die!” Ran Min’s black pupils started to scream at a high pitch and his entire body was filled with cries and shouts. He was overcome with the guilt of filling his hunger. The feeling of torture surged through his body as if lingchi was being carried out on him. He lost his rationality and instantly activated Sea of Blood and dashed at her. Knowing how strong this Hu woman was, he unleashed all his strength as if it was his last chance. 

Once again, Zhang Zhengxiong’s mind was overwhelmed by a different scene which flashed through his mind. Corpses were everywhere to be found. The wind was blowing strong, the rain was pouring from the sky and thunder was striking. Under the night sky, he saw a sad warrior standing above the hill of bodies of Hu and Han fighters. The blood on his body was not washed away by the rain and was blown up against gravity by the wind, mixing the rain. Ran Min closed his eyes as the rain of blood poured on him and the thunder flashed. He was filled with the revenge of eliminating an entire race. The addictive feeling was like a drug. What comes after was emptiness, disappointment and sadness. In the rain of blood, Ran Min, with tears in his eyes, stared at his stepfather’s skull and laughed sadly yet crazily, “That’s enough! That’s enough! Hahaha! Hahaha! Even if I can’t return to the past, I would never regret!”

“Kill!” Ran Min dashed with tears of sadness in eyes. The rain of blood never stopped, not before the sadness, guilt and hunger in his blood, his body, his eyes, and his mind stopped. Thunder struck and the blood engulfed everything, including his last weakness of being a human…

Staring at Zhang Zhengxiong’s expression, Lin Sen thought, The real memory of the past of a hero spirit is actually a kind of challenge too. Humans are complicated, good or bad, right or wrong, kind or evil. Because of these, only then would there be such a wonderful history. No matter what, evil intentions and guilt are what made mankind move forward while kindness, humanity, and responsibility are what ensured that mankind progress at a steady and reasonable speed. A world without evil is not the reality. Oh, humans are surely interesting. They are always expecting an overturn of the balance between the good and the evil caused by a force which might have never even existed.”