“Mad dog!” Seeing Ran Min barging forward with a furious look, Hela sent numerous ghouls, vengeful spirits and ghost servants to him. However, in the sea of bones and corpses, Ran Min swayed his spear and halberd, chewed the vengeful spirits and swallowed the ghouls’ heads. He had used all of his weapons and his body was recovering upon sustaining the injuries. The Aura of Hell had no impact on him, instead, Ran Min’s Poisonous Blood of Hatred made Hela frown. Who is he?!

A black ghoul fell beside Ye Cang’s foot. He took a look and picked it up.

“Even Hercules’ Poison of Lernaean Hydra couldn’t injure him, Hela’s Poison of Diseases and Rottening is nothing. This is because the poison in his body is not weaker than any other poisons. The Poison of Hatred is in his blood and his emptiness.” Lin Sen heard Zhang Zhengxiong mentioning that Ran Min was shot with nine arrows filled with the poison of hydra. “Let’s not talk about him. He’ll have his own battle and we’ll eat out food. Quick! Penis of ghoul! Who wants it?!” Ye Cang picked up a black object with a pair of chopsticks, causing the others to stare unbelievably. Cao Cao immediately hit Liu Bei’s throat who wanted to speak. “Brother Lil’White! Our Brother Xuan De said that he wanted to eat that! Since it’s a good supplement for men!”

“I can ensure that this is real! I can guarantee it with my father’s and brother’s personalities!” Sun Quan nodded seriously. 

Seeing Ran Min killing and biting madly, for some reason, Hela was scared, especially at the sight of that pair of eyes filled with hunger. 

“Brother, what does it mean by washing away sins with other sins?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked as he saw Ran Min’s furious look. 

“A psycho’s justice.” Ye Cang gave the black penis to Cao Cao and Sun Quan and they started feeding Liu Bei. 

“You’re right. Sins can only be distinguished by sins that are more violent. Ran Min, from being the betrayer of Hu to the nightmare of Hu and Han. His actions had been arguable over the decades. But one thing, he is stubborn when it comes to his belief. He battled with everything he encountered and died without any regrets. As a man, is there anything that could be more romantic than this? Right or wrong, good or evil, to me, it’s not that important anymore…”

“There is! Wait for the Revenge of Sisters 2 which is about to be released. It’s going to be released during the CNY holidays.” Lin Le’s words left Lin Sen gasping. I couldn’t communicate with him at all.

“Indeed, Lele. If we could play some small roles in the drama, that would be good.” Ye Cang, the expert of homo-drama nodded. 

“Actually, if they’re willing to pay us, I could act as A’Xiang.” Zhang Zhengxiong pinched his chin. 

“I’ll act as A’Dao. Brother Lil’Xiong, I can teach you dicky infinite reborn art.”

“......” Seeing the three of them started talking about the drama, Lin Sen knew why they would stay together. 

“You’re merely an ordinary person! How dare you challenge the gods! Crazy dog!” Hela almost went mad.

“Éljúðnir!” A grand palace appeared behind Hela. She was holding a red knife and accompanied by a pair of male and female servants beside her. 

“Her palace is named Éljúðnir, her favorite dish is called hunger and her knife is called Famine. Ganglati is the servant and Ganglöt is the maid. Both are known as lazy-walkers.” Lin Sen described Hela from Norse mythology.

Although Ran Min was furious, Hela turned around and walked in the opposite direction with a smirk. Just one step and Hela appeared behind Ran Min all of a sudden. She pierced right into his heart with her knife and the servants pulled his arms from the sides. He had no strength to move and lost his motivation to fight. All that was left were numbness and helplessness. So this is how a god-ranked hero spirit is like? A sense of dissatisfaction was significant in his mind. Weak! Weak! Why am I so weak?! Why?! Is it impossible for humans to win the gods?!

“Brother Ran Min, do you think the God of Flames would protect us?” a girl asked. 

“Even the gods in Zhongyuan couldn’t protect us, what can he do?” Ran Min who was wearing a set of broken clothes leaned against the gigantic rock and crossed his arms. 

“Brother Ran Min, when do you think the war will stop?”

“When all the Hu or the Han are dead.”

“What’s your answer?”

“I’d said when the Han are dead.”

On the second day, the little girl could not be found anymore. However, Ran Min found her accessories lying beside the pot of meat. Staring at the meat in tears, he quietly scooped himself a bowl and finished it. With a furious look, he smiled as he mumbled, “The Hu will be the one who’ll die!”

“Even if I, Ran Min dies, I would not die in the hands of the gods of Hu!”

Wen Zhong who originally wanted to help him out felt a strong aura struggling. “He is about to evolve.”

Hela sensed something as well. 

Ran Min who was struggling saw the little girl walking towards him.

“Is you…”

“Brother Ran Min, it’s me. This is the little rock you gave me.”

“I ate your meat.” 

“I know but I’ve already been cooked. Being able to be eaten by you might just be the best ending for me. Can I get a hug from you?”

Ran Min nodded and the little girl walked closer. Instead of what granting her wishes, Ran Min bit her skull and crushed it. “Since it’s the best ending, let me devour you one more time. Haha! Haha!”

Hela’s chest felt heavy for a second as black blood dripped out from her mouth. She then stared at Ran Min who struggled to escape. Does this person even have a weakness?!

The pulling of her knife immediately sucked away Ran Min’s fresh blood and spiritual energy.

Chewing the little girl’s brain, Ran Min glared at Hela. ‘I’ll kill you!”

Once again, the Order to Kill Hu appeared before the sky.

“The Hu has been messing around in Zhongyuan for decades. Today, I’m here to kill them all. I sincerely hope that everyone will join me. The Hu has been bullying the Han for decades. They killed our citizens and snatched our shrines and temples. Today, I am here to get revenge. The dignity of our race will be returned! Those who bully and kill the Han shall die! We will kill the entire Hu race and rebuild the Han nation! Eliminating the Hu is the responsibility of the Hans! I, Ran Min…”

“The gods of Hu! Are also Hu! So they shall be killed!” Ran Min’s fresh blood and spiritual energy wrote the last sentence of the Order. Instantly, the servant’s arms were broken and  crushed into pieces. Hela was frightened not because Ran Min was about to escape but her godly powers were being overthrown. She stared at the person in front of her who was hungry for living beings. That pair of scary eyes. And that wicked-looking face. 

Wen Zhong covered Ye Beibei’s eyes. “Beibei, let’s not look at this…”

Zhang Zhengxiong received the notice of the evolution of Ran Min. ‘The Order to Kill the Hu can oppress the gods of the Hu.’ He looked up to witness the strong spirit of Ran Min’s and to see him killing and biting Hela in the gardens of Éljúðnir. I must not repeat his mistake no matter how heroic it could be because it is just too saddening. Zhang Zhengxiong saw Ran Min holding the little rock tightly in his hands with tears in his eyes before losing it to be buried in the black sea of corpses and rotten flesh surrounded by worms and maggots.