“Any more?” Ran Min crushed Hela’s neck and her rotten flesh and blood were all over his body. As he looked up at the sky, he saw a gigantic wolf coming after him from up above. The moon had been covered up. 

Ran Min crushed the last bone of Hela’s and picked his spear and halberd up. With a deep breath, he roared, “Dog of Hu! Kill!”

His rage aura blasted into the sky, unleashing a sea of blood. Cries and screams were everywhere to be heard and he flew up like a red meteor. 

“His Poisonous Blood of Hatred has been mixed with Hela’s Poisonous Blood of Rotten Flesh. The evolution this time made him even scarier.” Lin Sen, as the master of manipulating blood, crystalized the reddish aura on his fingertip and smelt it. “What a lovely smell…”

“Gay...” Lin Le stepped away from him. 

Lin Sen was pissed. Hey, you are so lazy that you don’t even bother to wash the underwear and you guys still don’t mind taking turns to wear the same piece of underwear! And you dare to say that I’m gay?!

“This brother sure is short-tempered. Why can’t he save some energy? He had made such a big fuss.” Cao Cao looked up to see Ran Min battling Fenrir intensely and sighed. “Pairs of 3 to 6.”

“Pairs of 5 to 8. Heh slightly bigger than yours. Why are teenagers nowadays so violent? They always fight. Zhongmou, if we’re still alive after getting the Holy Cup, shall we go to the brothel to release some stress?” Liu Bei flicked the ash on the cigarette.

“Pass. Hey, Gongjin, let’s go. You’ll meet the love of your life for sure.” Sun Quan pointed at the cards.

“I would only go to make sure you guys don’t do anything immoral.” Zhou Yu nodded. 

Zhang Zhengxiong stared at the four of them. They literally look like old people gathering together in a park just to pass time! Suddenly, a silver dragon shockwave was blasted into a group of Cthulhu’s creatures. Their attempts were to no avail as all attacks had no impact. On the silver armor, there was only blood of other hero spirits and wherever the silver dragon spear slashed, limbs and tentacles flew up. A roar was heard, “Changshan Commandery’s Zhao Zilong is here!”

“Zilong?!” Liu Bei immediately got up and saw Liu Shan standing behind Zilong. “Wow, not bad, this cowardly son actually activated God Mode with Zilong.”

“Just how brave can this fella on Changban be?” Cao Cao glanced at him. 

“You should be grateful that your son could live this long. If it wasn’t for Zilong, I bet he would have died long ago,” Sun Quan laughed and Liu Bei sneered at him. “Same goes for you. If it wasn’t for Youping (Zhou Tai), you wouldn’t be standing here too. If it wasn’t for his son defending at his back, Old Cao wouldn’t survive too. If all these happened, the world would belong to me…”

The three of them started arguing.

“Stop arguing, Xingtian is here.” Ye Cang was speechless. 

Xingtian kicked the seats designated for the audience and trudged in casually. He then made a scene by oppressing the gigantic serpent on the ground by grabbing its head. Being on top of it made it easier for him to snare it and he did just that with a furious look. He swayed his axe and thunders roared. In the end, nothing but flesh was left. Wen Zhong pulled his black qilin and grabbed his two whips with a pair of fierce eyes. “I’ll go battle him.”

“Liu Xuande!”

A loud shout was heard. 

Frustratedly, he sighed. “I’ll go play with him.”

“Four-eyed Xiang! I challenge you to oral battle.” Liu Bei dashed towards him.

“F*ck off! I’ll crush you into pieces! Give me back the inner!”

“Can’t you change your phrases? Is it that hard to call me Uncle Liu or Daddy?! It’s so unfortunate for Fan Zeng. Don’t you feel sorry? Isn’t it humiliating? A bastard who only wants his wife but not his son!” Liu Bei was taunting him and escaping at the same time. 

Xiang Yu knocked away Zhao Yun’s silver dragon with a swing of his Heavenly Dragon halberd. “Don’t block my way!”

Zhao Yun who wanted to chase was pulled back by Liu Shan. “Leave it to my father, it’s fine. We’ll trust him. Just protect me and Lil’La.”

Grinding his teeth, Zhao Yun stopped and glared at Xiang Yu with a strong intention of killing. His dragon spear energy let out a scary hum. Along the way, Angela was amazed by Zhao Yun’s battle power and guts. Even Siegfried was no match for him. However, what she did not know was the relationship between Zhao Yun and the Chrysanthemum Emperor and that his strength was on par with Xiang Yu and Lu Bu. He was also one of the well-known hero spirits in the X-hero series. He was entitled as the Middle King, had thirteen skills, five displacement skills, five piercing skills, Dragon’s Gut and Seven Entrances of Silver Dragon which was the skill that enables him to stab madly for fourteen times regardless of the time period. When he entered the competition, he joined Lu Bu, Saint Joan of Arc, the Rabbit Demon, and Blades of Thousand Souls in the hopes of defeating the entire Golden Era. 

“Let’s continue. Continue,” Cao Cao urged the rest to resume the game.

Wen Zhong unleashed Thunder Spirits around Xingtian and this made Xingtian lose the opportunity to attack and could only block the attacks. However, Wen Zhong had no way of breaking through the barrier formed by Xingtian’s shield. Ye Cang was about to take out the Lance of Longinus as he placed his hands on the white cloth covering the lance when he saw Lin Sen shaking his head.

“It’s best for us to save that for last. There is no need to use the Detention of Saint yet. We can’t be sure that Xingtian is the only monster here.”

Ye Cang nodded and Lin Sen looked at Ye Beibei who was tied with the lance. He then recalled the moment when his baby was born and the corpse of his lover was left in an abandoned place. He could not help it but pinch Ye Beibei’s face. For the first time, Lin Sen gave a calm smile instead of his usual smiles of evil intentions. 

More and more hero spirits got into the stadium and Lin Sen turned to look at Lin Le, revealing his wicked, evil and fierce look. “Lele, lend me your body. It’s time to sweep the floor.”

Despite his reluctance, Lin Le jumped off from Little Beauty’s shoulder and closed his eyes. “Don’t you dare dirty my clothes and make it sticky! It’s hard to take a bath.”

“Got it, got it.”

“Promise? If you lie, you’re a dog.”

“Yes, I got it!”

Frustratedly, Lin Sen replied. He walked towards Lin Le and the two of them combined like torn-apart souls returning to a body. 

Lin Le opened his eyes all of a sudden and Ye Cang felt an intimidating aura suppressing him. The sky instantly lost its colors, turning into a black and white picture. 

He reached his hand out and the blood on the floor started to accumulate and form the pattern of a crystal-clear blood triangular spike bayonet. Hero spirits that could not overcome the suppression were rooted in the ground. 

Then, the blood in the stadium started to boil as he snapped his fingers. It was as if they were music waves bringing up the atmosphere in a god-forsaken place. He casually walked towards the center of the stadium like an orchestra conductor. Instead of a baton, he had a spike bayonet and whoever he shot with it exploded like a blooming white rose. The number of roses was getting greater. In the end, the entire stadium has turned into a sea of white roses and yet the scene was mesmerizing. Cao Cao and the others had goosebumps seeing his actions. “And this brother is?”

“The evilest person in China and also the leader of the top ten killing demons. He almost wiped out the entire human race. Not to mention, he is also one of the most famous scientists who are good at virtual applications. His grandchild, Lin Qing was entitled as A Demon and A Saint.” Ye Cang had a faint idea about Lin Sen’s background. His DNA was safely reserved by every country since the virus of Big Disaster is priceless. 

Zhao Yun’s Dragon Spear Energy protected Liu Shan and Angela from Lin Sen’s attack. With a frown, he mumbled as he stared at Lin Le who was enjoying the satisfaction of killing. “Living demon…”