As color slowly returned to the world, the white roses turned into a sea of blood and flesh was everywhere to be found. Just when Lin Le lifted his hands to absorb the spiritual energy from the blood…

“Thank you for your worship,” a gentle yet creepy voice of a gentleman came behind Lin Le. 

Lin Le was shocked. Who is that?! How can I not notice his presence?! He immediately attacked the mysterious guy with his blood spike bayonet but it was too late. A kick was sent towards his neck, causing a ripple. Little Beauty dashed to grab Lin Le but they were still knocked away together. Ye Cang quickly threw Ye Beibei to Zhang Zhengxiong to ensure his safety. With a flash of his bracelet, he grabbed Lin Le. However, the collision was so strong that it made the three of them crash onto the wall of the stadium. 

Lin Le was unconscious and Lin Sen walked out of Lin Le’s body. He stared at the red-haired man in formal wear standing on the sea of blood created by himself. The man had a good European look and his left hand was as thin as a branch. “I’ll take this worship of yours…”

All the blood of the fallen hero spirits was sucked into his arm and he placed his left arm on the floor. 

Cain…” Lin Sen frowned. 

As his left arm was smudged with blood, Cain smiled satisfactorily. “I’m so sorry but all the Chinese should die!”

Cao Cao and the others immediately threw the cards and stood up. Cain’s intimidating aura had way surpassed god-rank and even Xingtian could not reach such a level. Wen Zhong and Xingtain put their battle to a stop too. 

Little Beauty shook Lin Le who was still unconscious but it was to no avail. A mixture of tears and blood then fell from her bloody eyes and a horrible famine scream was heard. As she stood up, the pitch of the scream sharpened. Veins were visible all over her body, her nails had grown a few meters and a pair of blue wings appeared on her back. The hatred of the bloody tears had reached its maximum. 

“Quite interesting.” Cain smiled as he adjusted his tie. “Come on, rubbish…”

Little Beauty jumped in her high heels and entered into a void. Instantly, the entire stadium was engulfed by a storm of claw slashes. Yet, Cain was not deterred from calmly drawing a circle. “God says that no sharp blades can harm me.”

The storm of claw slashes was unable to break through the circle. Cain reached out his hand to grab Little Beauty’s wrist and stabbed right into her chest with his right hand. However, LIttle Beauty turned into a cloud of blue sparkles and appeared beside Lin Le. The black blood of hers had her white formal wear colored up. She hugged Lin Le tightly, “Don’t...don’t be…”

“What are you guys waiting for?!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted at Cao Cao and the others. Brother’s and Lele’s situations are bad! Ran Min, that fella had gone crazy. He wouldn’t stop unless he kills that wolf.

“Come back, Liu Bei.” Cao Cao took a bottle of Chinese white liquor as if he was going to say goodbye. Sun Quan smirked and opened a bottle for himself too. As for Liu Bei, he popped out beside Zhou Yu out of a sudden. “Excuse me, Gongjin. It’s my turn now.”

Liu Bei took off the school uniform and passed it to Zhang Zhengxiong. “If possible, help me return it to a girl from Year X Class X of The Third High School. Help me tell her that I’ve felt the warmth and liked the smell of her body.”

“Well...okay.” Zhang Zhengxiong was speechless as he received the school uniform reluctantly. 

The three of them glanced at each other with a serious look on their faces. Liu Bei lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. “Old Cao, Zhongmou, it’s so rare for us to gather and enjoy the company of one another. I think we shall be meeting our friends already.”

“Stop bullshitting. Well, Fast-runner, to be honest, I’m sincere when I said that the two of us are the only true heroes…” Cao Cao tied his hair. “And of course, having a child like Zhongmou is a good thing too.”

“You old freak…” Sun Zhongmou smiled. “I’ve tried my best to fulfill father’s and brother’s will. Well, life is only memorable when you leave a bit of regret behind, isn’t it?”

Once again, their eyes made contact and they turned to look at Cain together. “We don’t care who you are! Welcome to our era!”

Instantly, their spiritual energies increased. 

“The Five Tiger Generals! Show yourself!” Liu Bei’s golden dragon aura was getting stronger.

Out of nowhere, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong appeared from different virtual doors, except for Zhao Yun. At the corner, a great smile was written on Zhao Yun’s face. Seeing that, Angela said, “Brother Zilong, make the decision yourself! I’ll follow whatever decision you made!”

“The Five Tiger Generals! Show yourself!” 

Liu Shan shrugged his shoulders. “*Sigh* Just go.”

“I, the last general, shall return to my place! I swear to God that I’ll sacrifice for the lord and young lord!” Zhao Yun accepted Liu Bei’s summoning. 

Liu Shan picked Angela up and blinked to Zhang Zhengxiong’s side. “Hey, brother, we are temporary allies! If there is water in the Holy Cup, just give me one sip and that’s enough!”

“Sure, sure!” Zhang Zhengxiong nodded enthusiastically.

“Big Brother! Yunchang is here!” 

“I, Zhang Fei is here too! Big Brother, who do you want me to slash?! Just give me your orders! Your young brother, I will kill him!” 

“Lord Xaunde! Mengqi (Ma Chao’s courtesy name) is here! Let me be the spearhead this time!”

“Liu Xuande! Where’s my retirement insurance?!”

“Shhh, Old General Huang, I’ll definitely make it come true. Trust me!”


“The Sleeping Dragon and Phoenix and Jiang Wei! Show yourself!”

Even though he was reluctant, Lin Liang appeared beside Liu Bei. “I will die for Shu!”

There was a short and ugly man holding a bottle of wine. “Fakes. Shiyuan (Pang Tong) reporting for duty!”

“Come, drink this.” Liu Bei took away his bottle and gave him the Chinese white liquor. Pang Tong took a sip and shouted, “To Hell or Heaven! I’ll never reject it!”

“Master, I’ve disappointed you.” Jiang Wei lowered his head as he saw Zhuge Liang.

“Boyue, I’ve never doubted my impression on you…” Lin Liang, in his hippy clothes, used the feathered fan to lift Jiang Wei’s chin up. “Yo~”

“......” Jiang Wei was speechless. 

Yuanzhi! Xiaozhi! Show yourself!” 

“Lord Xuande! Yunzhi is finally here!” With tears in his eyes, Xu Shu looked at Liu Bei. Liu Bei felt guilty because he had just insulted him as a reckless person previously. 

“Emperor Liu…” Fa Zheng greeted Liu Bei with one simple phrase and the two of them just stared at each other as if everything was beyond words. He was the only warrior in Liu Bei’s army that had a posthumous name. 

“Stop delaying my time! The Five Elite Generals! It’s time for you to show yourself!” Cao Cao’s blooding aura burst.

“I’m here!” Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Yue Jin, Yu Jin, and Zhang He answered. 

Wenruo, Gongda, Wenhe, Fengxiao, and Zhongde! Show yourself!”

“Orders my lord!” Xun Yu, Xun You, Jia Xu, Guo Jia, and Cheng Yu replied. 

“Oh, my good brothers, how can I miss the two of you? Yuanrang and Miaocai, come out!” Cao Cao smiled and Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan appeared beside him. 

“My Four Great Heroes of Dong Wu! Show yourself!” Sun Quan’s heroic aura shot up into the sky. 

“Prepare for orders!” Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Lu Su, and Lü Meng appeared. 

“The five elders! Zhang Zhao, Zhang Hong, Huang Gai, Cheng Pu, and Han Dang! And also Xingba! Show yourself!”

“Your orders, my lord!”

“Ziyi, father, brother, and Youping…” 

“Zhongmou…” Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Taishi Ci, and Zhou Tai appeared. 

Seeing such a scene, Zhang Zhengxiong was amazed. All of them are the most famous warriors during the Three Kingdoms!

“So, you’re just going to out beat me by numbers?” Cain smirked.

“This is our era!” The three leaders pulled out their swords.

All of them instantly activated God Mode.


Cain kept away his smile and frowned. All in God Mode! Damn these Chinamen! He then recalled the fear of being tortured in the alchemy furnace.