“Everyone, attack! Follow me!” Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan shouted together.

Excalibur!” With a shout, a red slash was sent towards them.

“Here is my strategy - making the opponents attacking each other…” Xun Yu smiled gracefully and the slash was sent back to Cain. 

“We’re better in terms of morality, in terms of justice, in terms of strategy… With ten advantages, how can our army lose?!” Guo Jia swung his paper fan. The movement speed of all blood hero spirits was reduced and the Three Kingdoms warriors had a buff. 

Lin Liang, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, and Pang Tong worked together to set up a Magic Octagon of Heavenly Flames - Endless Burning Hell.

“Shiyuan, you should have come to Dong Wu in the first place. Knew that this person would cause you death…” Zhou Yu admired Pang Tong long ago because, without his strategy, the Battle of Red Cliff would not be a successful one.

“It’s alright. The position of the Chief Commander of Dong Wu would only shorten one’s life… It’s almost the same.” Pang Tong’s words triggered Lu Xun, Lü Meng, Lu Su, and Zhou Yu for a second. 

“Haha. Shiyuan is still so straightforward,” Lu Su laughed. 

“Shut up, middle-man.” Recalling the incident in Jingzhou, Lü Meng got enraged.

“Oh?! Lü Ziming, do you know that when I was already doing business, you were still in diapers! Come on! I dare you to fight me one-on-one! I must whack you today! Gongjin, Boyan, don’t ever stop me!” Lu Su rolled up his sleeves and shouted. 

“Calm down, Zijing. Calm down. Ziming, you better stop talking too. How embarrassing is this…” Zhou Yu immediately separated them and Lu Xun could not be bothered and stepped away. 

“It’s been awhile, Kongming.” Fa Zheng walked over. 

“I had goosebumps seeing him,” Zhuge Liang mumbled and Pang Tong did not bother as he drank his beer. “Betrayer.”

“Luckily this fella died before the Battle of Yiling.” Lu Xun knew how brave and great Fa Zheng was in terms of planning strategies. However, he was slightly weaker than Guo Jia and Liu Bei even praised him once for his contribution. Besides, he was a person who remembers his enemies and his saviors.

“Hello everyone.” A retarded-looking man stared at Zhou Yu. Lin Liang and the others frowned at the sight of the person. He was Xun You a.k.a. Xun Gongda. The strategist of Wei.

“Gongda…” Whenever someone saw this weird-looking man on the battlefield who spoke cowardly, they would feel disgusted. However, he was the greatest strategist in Wei. If Xun Yu was Cao Cao’s best supporting minister, then Gongda was the one master-mind. His strategy was always unpredictable and the key to win the battle. Most importantly, he has a very low-profile. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was born slightly uglier, he should be a flawless person. 

“If I wanted you to die at midnight, who dares to let you live beyond that?!” A creepy laugh made everyone turn around. “Jia Xu and…”

Any hero spirits who were being stared at by him immediately turned into a pile of black water and could never reborn. 

“The Mess of Martial Arts!” Jia Xu swung his sleeve and the attacks of every hero spirit changed. They started targeting whoever that was the closest to them. Even though the timing of the cast was short, it was very effective. 

“The Mess...of Martial...Arts?” Xun You imitated Jia Xu’s action is a silly way. Those hero spirits who had escaped Jia Xu’s spell once again were forced to attack the nearest target. 

“That’s Gongda for sure.” Seeing Xun You’s silly look, Jia Xu stunned for a second and shook his head. 

Jiang Wei, Cheng Yu, and the others turned the stadium into a Hell Cage with their Eight Trigram Golden Lock. After finishing the set-up, Jiang Wei picked up his three-pointed double-edged blade and joined the battle. 

“Zilong, I’m here. Don’t be scared! As long as you don’t stray away from me…” Liu Bei stuck close to Zhao Yun. 

“Alright, my lord!” Zhao Yun recalled the moments of him protecting Liu Bei.

“Ghost’s Scream and God’s Shout!” Zhang Fei took a deep breath and heaved out a circular shockwave, leaving a pathway of flesh. 

“Second brother, look at this! Dragons Battling in the Wild! I’ve never seen anything like this before” Guan Yu dropped low and swung his blade. Four green dragons immediately shot out and crushed the enemies. 

“......” The Five Elite Generals were speechless. Their God Mode is a little too scary, isn’t it?

Cain grabbed the four green dragon energies with his bare hands. Instantly, the energy exploded, ripping his sleeves. His hands were trembling as he stared at Guan Yu. This fella must the strongest warrior-type hero spirit among them.

“Trying to block me? You shall die!” Ma Chao announced. 

“Heavenly Dragon, swallow the enemies!” Huang Zhong pulled his bow, unleashing arrows that turned into a few spiraling dragons. 

“Not bad, Old General Huang. Why haven't I seen you using this skill before?” Liu Bei asked out of curiosity. 

“I learned it after killing the fella named Hanzo…” Huang Zhong recalled the previous Holy Battle of Hero Spirits. I remember meeting an idiot called Hanzo. Before he could pull the string of his bow, I dashed and killed him just like how I killed Xiahou Yuan back then. 

“Why don’t you use your bow…” 

“I’m sorry. I got bored of using it already…”

“......” Hanzo was speechless and died.

“But the power is average… This is how it looks like after my modification.” Huang Zhong formed a starry colorful arrow in his hand with energy. He put it on his bow and aimed at Cain. As he released, the starry arrow flashed and vanished in thin air. When Cain sensed the hidden arrow, it was too late. It appeared right at his heart and exploded like fireworks. Cain had lost half of his body.

Such a scene made Liu Bei overwhelmed with excitement. Immediately, he gave him a cigarette and lit it up for him. “I knew Old General Huang is strong.”

Huang Zhong heaved out a cloud of smoke casually. “Of course. Give me a packet of this and I’ll not pursue the matter anymore.”

“Of course. Of course.” Liu Bei passed him a packet. 

On the other hand, Cao Cao stared at Huang Zhong with a doubtful look. If the fella was younger, I bet he could win Lu Bu.

Cain who had lost a quarter of his brain glared at Huang Zhong. I must kill him first!

However, the Five Tiger General, Sun Ce, Sun Jian, and the others surrounded him, making him unable to leave. His body was recovering fast as he blocked the attacks and knocked away enemies like Zhang He single-handedly.

Cain enhanced a few hero spirits to ambush Huang Zhong who was replenishing his spiritual energy. Among them, Lu Junyi was included.

Zhao Yun blocked a few of them and Liu Bei dealt with the enhanced version of Scáthach. “Hey lady, it’s fate that brings us together. May I know your beautiful name?”

However, Scáthach who had gone mad attacked his private part. With a smile, Liu Bei dodgedand chased after her. Upon realizing that Liu Bei had only a small cloth covering his private part, Sun Quan was in disbelief and facepalmed. Oh, empress dowager, Lady Sun… *Cries*

Huang Zhong stepped on the cigarette he threw on the floor and placed his hands on the bow when he saw Lu Junyi coming after him. 

Don’t let him use his bow! Cain informed him with Blood Curse.

Lu Junyi immediately tossed the spear at Huang Zhong and he dodged. Just when the general was about to lift his bow, Lu Junyi was in front of his eyes. Lu Junyi pulled out his sword and slashed.

In spite of his fear and shock, Huang Zhong had already placed his hand on his chopping blade - Mount Slashing Blade. “Take this! Solo Slash on Mount Hua!”

The counterattack made Lu Junyi felt something went awry. As their swords collided, Lu Junyi’s sword was knocked away and he was sliced into halves. 

“God damn it! Just how many idiots really think that I’m not good at close combat?” Huang Zhong spat on the floor and sat down to continue smoking, recovering his energy.