Cao Cao’s eyes caught Liu Bei having fun with Scáthach. Damn it! All the enemies around me are men! Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he saw a beautiful lady, Florence Nightingale who was donning a low-cut nurse uniform. “Hey, where do you think you’re going?!”

On the other hand, Sun Quan facepalmed at the sight of Cao Cao and Liu Bei who were having fun with female enemies. Why are these two bastards the one who I competed with?! *sigh* Forget it… As he looked around, he saw Sun Erniang coming at him with two daggers. Like I said… With a smirk, he dashed at her along with his Sword of Destiny. Just then, a dark shadow lowered from the sky. The man suppressed Sun Erniang’s head on the ground and stabbed her skull from behind. 

Sun Quan looked up at the gigantuous person standing in front of him. The person was half-naked and had scars all over his body. “Youping…”

“Lord, unless I, Zhou Tai dies, no one can harm you!” Zhou Tai crushed Sun Erniang’s head, causing blood to splatter everywhere. 

“Battle like a bear or a tiger, not afraid of sacrificing himself…” Zhou Yu mumbled. 

Meanwhile, Ye Cang sneaked to Huang Zhong’s side. After examining the arrow Huang Zhong used to injured Cain, he whispered, “Old General Huang...”

Huang Zhong examined Ye Cang from top to bottom. He has the feel of Liu Xuande, that immoral fella’s envoy. So, it means he is my envoy too. “Young man, how can I help you?”

Ye Cang took out the wrapped Holy Lance. “Please use this lance as an arrow and shoot at Cain.”

Huang Zhong received the Holy Lance doubtfully. He felt the existence of an enormous holy power right upon making contact with the lance. “Leave it to me. But with my current spiritual energy and status, it’s beyond my ability to unleash the Space-time Reverse Piercing.”

Without the need for words, Ye Cang took out a needle syringe. It was the jab version of recovery medicine. Huang Zhong injected it into his body casually. “I need people to cover me. Find someone to distract him. I’ll wait for the medicine to be fully absorbed by my body… a little bit more to full energy.”

Ye Cang nodded. Due to the fact that Liu Bei had not stopped having fun with Scáthach, he talked to him through telepathy.

Liu Bei sighed deeply as he stared at Scáthach, “Happy moments don’t live long. Old Cao, Zhongmou, the situation is getting worse. It’s time to get serious.”

“Duh! I know that already! Division of the Three Kingdoms! Cao Wei Suppressing the Borders!” All hero spirits belong to the nation of Cao Cao’s formed a suppression with their spiritual energies.

Cain could not move.

“Division of the Three Kingdoms! Dong Wu’s Kindness!” All hero spirits under Sun Quan’s command turned their spiritual energies into recovering their allies.

“Divison of the Three Kingdoms! Shu Han In Charge!” Liu Bei enhanced everyone’s battle spirit and movement speed. 

A flamy red sword landed abruptly in front of Cain, causing the hero spirits to retreat without hesitation. 

“Dang!” A strong sound of the guqin was heard. 

Zhou Yu ignited the Magic Octagon of Heavenly Flames - Endless Burning Hell.

“Let the wind blow!” Lin Liang swung his feathered fan and blew a hurricane trapping Cain in the middle.

As Pang Tong pulled his fingers, Cain was then chained to the Magic Octagon. 


The Flames of Hell burst out, turning the hurricane into a vortex of flames. Cain who was still inside was being burned in the vortex and his arms and legs were chained by the extremely hot and spiky chain. He was suffering from the piercing of the spikes and the burning of the flames. 

*Snap* Lu Xun snapped his fingers and the flames exploded.

“Gungrave!” Ye Cang knew he had to bet everything on this attack. 

A permanent barrier was created. Everywhere was filled with guns and including the air. There were even space weapons. 

“Open fire!” Ye Cang grabbed his Grimm’s machine gun and shot. 

Rains of Missiles, lasers, and bullets were all shot at Cain who had no chance of escaping the vortex of flames and all the bloody hero spirits. 

On the other hand, Wen Zhong and Xingtian saw the shadow of Lord Gautama Buddha.

Doubao Daoren?!” Wen Zhong frowned. The one I know doesn’t look like this.

Tathāgata?!” Lin Sen could not move as Lin Le was slowly losing the sign of living. *Sigh* 

Xingtian felt a super-strong oppression. Even though this thing looks scary, it seems like it’s not an enemy.

“Wen Zhong, on behalf of my sister, Jinling Shengmu (Doumu), you can go… You’ll get a share of the holy water.” Tathāgata recalled Jingling Shengmu and missed the days when they practiced under Tongtian Jiaozhu.

Wen Zhong’s third eye frowned. Is he underestimating me?! Never mind, I’ll respect him since he is my master’s brother. He then closed his eyes. Xingtian is no match for him. What should I do now? Alright, I’ll leave. With a fist-palm salute, he stepped back. 

Suddenly, Lin Sen felt his energy was recovering. He turned around to see Little Beauty sliced off her left chest with her sharp fingernails and revealed her blood-red heart. “Little...Beauty...doesn’ doesn’ Lin, Little very die...for you… In this way...we can… be together...forever… Little Beauty…loves you...the most!!!”

With a sharp cry, her veins and nerves pierced right into Lin Le’s body. Little Beauty was slowly turning thin but she was still hugging Lin Le as tightly as she could. Her face was right next to Lin Le’s and her hair gradually turned white. As her heart beat slower and slower, the dark-red light slowly dimmed. The bloody tear of love dropped on Lin Le’s face and she caressed it, “This of…”

Lin Sen was overwhelmed with sorrow for the anticipated death of Little Beauty. So, this will be it?

Little Beauty could not finish her sentence as she could not speak human language well and there was too much for her to say. Her thin hands gradually fall on Lin Le’s shoulder and she was like a dried corpse. “Don’t...let...him...see this state...I...I...don’t want...him to...cry...for me…”

Little Beauty closed her eyes as her heart beat for the one last time. Lin Sen who had his energy recovered crushed Little Beauty into powder with psychokinesis and kept Little Beauty’s ring into Lin Le’s pocket. “What a good woman… *sigh* Can one define what’s love?”

Moments later, Lin Le woke up. He jolted as he was shocked. “What happened?! Where am I?!”

Lin Sen rolled his eyes. “You almost died. Oh yeah, Little Beauty had her period so she went back to her aunt’s house.”

“Ishh… this Little Beauty, how dare she be absent at this crucial timing. Next time...when I meet…her...I must...deduct...her salary!” Lin Le was complaining. 

Meanwhile, emotions got the better of Lin Sen. He turned around not to look at Lin Le because he saw Lin Le was grinding his teeth as he complained and streams of tears were running down his cheek. All of his tears landed on Little Beauty’s powder. Lin Le had his head down and was clenching his fists tightly. This fella is really…

Zhang Zhengxiong immediately came to Lin Le’s side, carrying Ye Beibei. However, he shivered as he saw the hatred look of Lin Le towards Cain. It was the very first time of him seeing Lin Le in this expression.