Knowing Lin Le was really furious, Lin Sen walked to him gradually and combined with him once again but only did not take control over his body this time. The blood aura in Lin Le’s body is getting stronger and his hair turned into a mixture of white and black. One of his eyes was red in color and the other was black. “I’ll get revenge for Little Beauty…”


The entire venue was once again being filled with his taunt once again turning black and white. 

Lin Le reached out his hands and formed a bloody triangular spike bayonet using the blood in the surroundings. Yet, his spike bayonet looked a lot like the lance used by knights during jousting. The right eye in red, controlled by Lin Sen, frowned. I can’t let him maintain this status for too long. Or else, there would be no going-back when he returns to the real world. Ye Cang also noticed Lin Le’s strong killing intent. This isn’t Lin Sen’s type. If Lele lost himself in this mode, with his IQ, it will be hard for him to come back to his senses. We must end this fast!

The bloody lance flew towards Cain. 

“How are you not dead yet…” Cain was only left with a golden skeleton. He broke the chain and walked out of the vortex of flames. The bloody spiritual energy surged towards him, recovering his flesh. “What a pity that you guys...have to die!” 

With a swing of his hands, he knocked away the lance. However, Lin Le kept on launching attacks madly, sending a rain of lances again and again. Even so, it was more than enough for Cain to handle. He then snapped his fingers and the bloody hero spirits resurrected once again. 

Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan frowned. He is too strong. Can we really kill him?

Meanwhile, Huang Zhong was humming a song as he got up. His old and frail body had turned muscular and enormous all of a sudden. He looked like he was 20 years old except for his all-white hair. He picked up the golden bow and pulled the cloth wrapping the lance away, allowing it to drop into his right hand. He then placed it on his bow, aiming at Cain. As he pulled the string, the lance twisted, forming a spiraling weapon. 

At the sight of the Holy Lance, Cain was shocked. “This is impossible!”

He knocked Lin Le away with all his might and dashed at Huang Zhong. However, the warriors of the Three Kingdoms was blocking his way. 

“It’s futile. This is Hou Yi’s godly bow. It’s so strong that even the sun could be shot down. Using it at you is totally…” Huang Zhong exclaimed.

“What the f*ck! When did you get yourself such a weapon…” Lin Bei dripped cold sweat. Old Huang, what just happened to you?

“Isn’t it obvious?! I got it after killing Hou Yi!” Huang Zhong was pissed and Lin Bei, Cao Cao, and the others stared at him unbelievably. His battle plan then came into his mind. I wanted to kidnap Chang’e and battle with Hou Yi. But who on earth could expect that Chang’e acted like Liu Xuande. In the end, she helped me with assassinating Hou Yi. That woman is sure cruel. But...I like it. Even though she might want to seduce me and my envoy in the end, I didn’t let her have the chance. I pretended to treat her well and slashed her into halves from behind. I snatched her Moon Scalf to modify the string on Hou Yi’s bow. I did all this just to see Xu’er again. 

Liu Bei and the others were speechless. 

Liu Bei knew that Huang Zhong had spent most of his time searching for doctors to treat his son and this was why not many people knew how strong he was. When his son died, he was already at his middle age. 

Cao Cao smiled bitterly. The consequences of killing Hua Tuo. If I knew that there is such a strong warrior in Jingzhou, I would have persuaded him to join me in his early days. If I got him, who da heck would still be afraid of Lu Bu?!

The young Huang Zhong’s spiritual energy was enhanced and the Holy Lance shined brightly. 


In a blink of an eye, the Holy Lance was sent right in front of Cain in the speed of light. However, with God’s agility, Cain managed to see its trajection and dodged it. He heaved a sigh of relief and glared at the others. “All of you shall pay a heavy price for making me mad! Especially that old freak who shot that shit to me!”

Everyone’s heart sank for a second because the compatibility of Cain and his bloody aura got better, making him stronger than before. The longer the aura stayed, the stronger he was.

Huang Zhong made a ‘hmph’ and pulled his bow again, aiming at Cain. However, this time, he had nothing on the bow. It was as if he was just shooting air. He released. 


“Space-time Reverse Piercing… Hit!”

For some reason, Cain’s chest was stabbed with the Holy Lance. It was pierced from the back. He lowered his head to look at the lance before raising it up to stare at Huang Zhong. Huang Zhong was standing there, taking out a cigarette. He took a deep breath and heaved a cloud of smoke. With a calm tone, he said, “Young fella, it’s not that you’re weak. It’s just that you meet me and that’s unfortunate… *sigh*”

“......” Everyone was amazed.

“Wow! All hail Old General Huang!” 

“Indeed it’s the one slash assassin, Huang Hangsheng!”

“How long are you going to keep that in mind, Xiahou Yuan?”

On the other hand, watching how Tathāgata was toying with Xingtian, Wen Zhong was frustrated. In the Investiture of the Gods, my seniors and juniors died in battle! My master died due to the Pearls of Sea! And I, in order to protect the Shang, died at the Extreme Dragon Hill! Xingtian put his backs in fighting hard with the Yellow Emperor for the sake of Yan Emperor. Even though he was the head, he did not give up. He turned his nipple into his eyes, his belly-button into his mouth and held an axe and a shield to resent the Yellow Emperor and the gods! If justice has to be proven by one’s determination! Then, I, Wen Zhong! Had not proved justice! For my entire life! I’m a man! It’s either I do or I die!

Xingtian was no match for Tathāgata and Old Lady Zhao was already at the edge of dying as she was lying in a pool of blood. “Oh, Lil’Tiantian, I might not be able to drink the whatever longevity water that you mentioned…”

Xingtian gradually reached out his hand until he reaches an arm’s length.

“Save your apologies. I know you’re very strong. I’m sorry, I had burdened you, Lil’Tiantian… Actually, I’m not some dance leader. I’m actually just an abandoned old lady. No one is willing to dance with me. I’m just lying to myself. Thank you...for willing to dance once with me…”

Upon finishing her sentence, a gigantic palm appeared before her, crushing her entirely. That was the last goodbye he had with his envoy. Seeing the blood splashing out from the palm, Xingtian recalled the promise he made to Yan Emperor - I’ve broken my promise again. I couldn’t make him the greatest emperor - and the speechless moments when he first met Old Lady Zhao. She might be annoying, always nagging and throwing her temper at me but this short period of time spent with her might be one of my best memories.

“Oh, Lil’Tian, life is all about dancing. The key to ace is at the butt. You have to twerk it like this. Yeap, that’s the way! That’s it! Hahaha!”

Xingtian grabbed his war axe and stood up. Around his neck, there was a cloud of dark magic surrounding it. A head was slowly formed. His face was determined, his hair was long and dirty. As his blood-red eyes opened, the battle spirit filled the entire sky. Roars were heard from his head and belly-button.

Tathāgata felt uneasy and slammed Xingtian with the other hand.

However, his palm caused no impact or damage on Xingtian’s shield and his palm dropped onto the ground.