“So, you’re the Great Witch?” Tathāgata mumbled as lotus bloomed from his broken hand, regenerating. 

Meanwhile, Xingtian’s magic aura was radiating strong, leaking from all four of his eyes. Stabbed his axe to the ground, he pointed at Tathāgata. “Declaration of Ancestral Prayers!! Tathāgata! You and I would never stop battling! Until one of us dies! Until the world ends! Forever!”

“Click!” Suddenly, a black chain connected the two of them together. Tathāgata frowned as he stared at the chain, unable to break it. This… is?

“How naughty…” With a sigh, Tathāgata swung his arms to form thousands of palm attacks, pushing his opponent away. Xingtian dropped low and blocked it with his shield.

“Boom! Boom! Boom...”

Hits were landing on the shield again and again. Xingtian was being pushed away, step by step. His shield was being knocked away and his body was being hit numerous times. In the end, he was knocked into ashes. However, the chain did not disappear.

“So, this is your attack? It seems to be way weaker than the Yellow Emperor’s.”

A deep humming sound was heard from the void and on the other end of the chain, Xingtian’s body was reformed as if time was rewound. He cracked his neck and grabbed his axe with a cold smile. “My turn. Demon of Witches - Unleash!” 

His eyes on his chest shone in red and his body was covered with incantations. With a roar, he raised his axe high and thunder struck for nine times, covering his axe with electrons from lightning. A sizzling sound was heard and his eyes were shining as a result of the lightning. Also, his mouth at his stomach was filled with fire of hell and his eyes on his chest were covered with lava. Below his feet was a mini hurricane and the incantations around his body were shining and changing according to the elements. Roaring out loud, he pulled the chain. 


It caught Tathāgata’s interest and he clamped his hands. 


A sky full of gigantic hands appeared, forming a lotus seal. The Buddhist prayer beads on his body turned into numerous spiritual orbs, floating in the surroundings and scrolls of mantra were everywhere to be seen.

“Now, that’s what I call a battle between gods…” Liu Bei mumbled. 

“Big Brother, shall we go and lend a helping hand?!” Zhang Fei asked. 

“Hey, hey, hey, Old Zhang, hold it right there. We merely settled a Hu hero spirit by using that Holy Lance. If we go there, we would be dead meat,” Cao Cao shook his head heavily. 

“Besides, we’re not allowed there anyway.” Zhou Yu kept away the sword of hellfire and took out a piece of handkerchief to wipe his burnt-end guqin. 

“Xingtian had cursed Tathāgata that will make either one of them die. No one can interrupt,” Lin Liang explained and saw Lin Le who was emotionally unstable. 

“Lele, you’ve got your revenge for Little Beauty. Cheer up.” Ye Cang hugged Lin Le and caressed his head. 

“I knew, Brother Lil’White. But Little Beauty, she…” Lin Le sobbed as he spoke. Ye Cang hugged him even more tightly. “This is life, Lele. Only the pain of separation will let us realize how precious it is to be able to live together and enjoy one another’s company.” 

“Lele, don’t be sad. Look at the bright side, we could play a role in The Sisters 2 during Chinese New Year. Brother will liaise with the director to allow a guest appearance,” Zhang Zhengxiong tried to cheer him up. 

Lin Le’s ahoge stood up. “Oh yeah, we can watch the drama during Chinese New Year. Wait, a guest appearance is not enough! I must write to the crew to ask them to add a female zombie character named Little Beauty. How should I write it?”

He took out pens and papers without hesitation and started brainstorming. 

Lin Sen was stunned and brushed his face speechlessly. “Little Beauty, what a pitiful death…”

Seeing Lin Le no longer focused on the incident, Ye Cang and Zhang Zhengxiong heaved a sigh of relief. 

Holding the pen, Lin Le took out the ring in his pocket and examined it with a long stare. “Little Beauty...I’ll remember you. Oh! I got it! We can slide it into this plot where Xiaongming accidentally made a foreign transfer student pregnant. The baby was aborted and passed on and then, she slowly turned into a zombie after that. Yeap, that’s it. Let me see what else I can add on…”

Even so, Lin Sen felt more sympathy for Little Beauty’s sacrifice. In a flash, he saw spiritual energy rising slowly from Lin Le’s body, forming a female spiritual unit behind him. It exactly resembled Little Beauty but in a spirit form. Wow, just how tenacious she is…


Name: Little Beauty (named by the Chrysanthemum Emperor)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Porto Santo
Rank: EX - Mutant - Possessing Spirit - Death Witch - Zombie
Hero spirit rank: GX - EX
Hero spirit skill: Slashes like a flash, Storm of Slashes, Deathly Poisonous Dragon Drill, Space Contracting, Space Shift, Horrible Screams of Enchantresses, Solidification
Exclusive hero spirit skill: The Tear of Death, Blood of Madness - Love, Space Lock-on - Search
Hidden hero spirit skill: The host’s assistant - Little Beauty (she who is virtuous but not smart will be as hardworking as a bee in order to improve the host’s strength), The Reflection of Love - Lin Le & Little Beauty (the skills, martial arts techniques and supernatural abilities mastered by the host can be used by Little Beauty too and share the same power as the host. In other words, the stronger Little Beauty is, the stronger Lin Le is).


“Little...Beauty...has come...back...in the dark...Little...Beauty...is...afraid that...I can’t...see you...anymore...can’t...find you...anymore…”

Lin Le turned around to see Little Beauty who was connected to him and gave her a tight hug. He then put on the ring and smiled innocently, “Yeap. Welcome back!”

Seeing such a scene, Zhang Zhengxiong was jealous. Why?! Why do I get boys all the time?! He looked up to see that Ran Min had finally killed the wolf, carrying its bloody head. The moon was visible. He was further triggered as Lin Le placed a hand on Little Beauty’s butt and the other on her breast. I can’t take this anymore! I want to summon a new one! “Old Sun! Here’s an item, summon it! I can still get myself a new hero spirit! The more the merrier!”

Upon receiving the item which seemed to belong to a female, Sun Quan picked up his sword and drew a magic circle. Excitedly, Zhang Zhengxiong dropped a drop of blood into it. Just then, a loud sound was heard and light shone into the atmosphere and blinded everyone for at least a second or two. An ugly female whose head was full of snakes appeared.

“Yo, Medusa…” Lin Sen smiled. 

Zhang Zhengxiong’s expression went dull. 

“Siss… envoy, I’m at your orders,” Medusa’s hissing voice made everyone’s hair stand. 

“*Sigh* Nevermind, at least her breast is big enough…” Zhang Zhengxiong mumbled and Lin Sen was stunned. He then stared at Zhang Zhengxiong. This fella is quite smart. Anyway, Medusa is too weak. Any low-rank hero spirit could have defeated her. Yet, her glare was a great weapon to use against hero spirits with god rank or above. It’s very scary. Even a creature like Kraken that is capable of destroying the universe can be killed by just a mere stare. “Zhengxiong, keep her close to you and don’t let anyone kill her from afar. Protect her well and take good care of her. Her eyes might be useful to us in crucial times.”

Reluctantly, Zhang Zhengxiong pulled her over and from the corner of his eye, he saw her blushing while snakes were sniffing at him.