Zhang Zhengxiong looked at his lady and then Lin Le’s hero spirit. Damn it! The difference is too big!

“Envoy...you can call me Little Beauty…” Medusa’s hissing voice was heard as she hugged Zhang Zhengxiong’s arm.

“F*ck off!” Zhang Zhengxiong was frustrated, especially when the snakes licked his chin. “Nevermind, I’ll call you Old Beauty. It’s easier to differentiate that way.” 

“Alright… *hiss*” Medusa nodded. 

Standing in front of Cain who was experiencing Detention of Saint, Ye Cang realized that Cain’s body was withering and his life was being drained away. Isn’t it just a seal? Maybe this Holy Lance has some special effects on him? Never mind, I’ll just pull the trigger of the lottery machine. Who knows what I can get. Ye Cang was once again being rewarded the Real - God Lottery Machine. 

“Congratulations! You’ve received a permanent Modified Special Attribute - Bulimia.”

Modified Special Attribute - Bulimia: Killing or eating a living being, physical item or spirit will randomly grant the user one of the special attributes, hero spirit skill or DNA of the target. There is a small chance of getting the exclusive hero spirit skill. Upon accumulating a certain level of Taotie points, it will evolve the swallowing skill. 

With a plain smile, Ye Cang stared at Cain. “I guess eating a grilled vampire isn’t considered as eating human right? Since vampires are not human…So, no cannibalism is involved...”

“What...what...what are you going to do?!” Cain said weakly. Seeing Ye Cang’s face getting closer, chills went down his spine. 

“Old Zhou! Make a fire!” Ye Cang shouted and Zhou Yu tossed his sword of hell fire which erupted flames that were surrounding him, creating a scene that represents hell. Grabbing the lance with Cain piercing on it, Ye Cang started grilling him on the fire and sprinkling some salt and seasoning on him. 

Everyone was dumbfounded and felt a chill surging through their bodies.

Cain was helpless. Are all Chinese people crazy?! The previous one put me in the furnace to make pills! And now, this is more direct! Grilling me like a roast duck!

“Come on, come on! Everyone is welcome to share!” Ye Cang cut him into pieces and placed them on the plate. Lin Le was the first one to eat. “Save me a big piece! Damn this fella who killed Little Beauty.”

Zhang Zhengxiong added on, “Brother, how about making a fried vampire’s kidney?”

Ye Cang immediately cut the kidney out and sliced them. With the merciless fire of hell, he did his self-proclaimed signature move -- sprinkling salt and seasoning. Swiftly, the dish was prepared and Zhang Zhengxiong tasted it. “Now that’s what I call delicious. Brother, how good would it be if you’ve been cooking like this in the first place.”

“Delicious? I didn’t bring enough ingredients for seasoning though. *sigh* It’s a pity for such a good ingredient. Seasonings can further enhance the taste.” Ye Cang spoke as he slowly realized Cain’s flesh was recovering quickly.

Out of curiosity, Cao Cao picked a slice of the kidney from Zhang Zhengxiong’s plate. “Brother Lil’White, grill me an entire kidney please!”

“You guys are so disgusting! Brother Lil’White, give me a big fried intestine!” Liu Bei rolled his eyes.

“Says the one who ordered too. I want a grilled Achilles tendon,” Sun Quan was speechless.

Staring at Ye Cang and back to Cain made Lin Sen sweat in cold. Just how unfortunate it is for this fella. I remember there was once when Lin Lin cooked him in the furnace to make pills and distributed it to everyone. And now, he has turned into a meat-producing machine. “Can you make a half-grilled heart?”

“Of course!” Ye Cang plucked Cain’s heart out, sliced it, sprinkled some salt and grilled it for a second. “Enjoy.”

Lin Sen nodded continuously after eating the first bite. “It’s super delicious.” He gave him a thumbs-up.

“Two raw eyeballs,” Xiahou Dun shouted. 


“Old General Huang, you’ve contributed the most. What do you want?” Ye Cang saw Huang Zhong walking towards him. 

“Pick two tendons and a piece of his skin for me. I need it as materials. Oh and… I remember eating a pig’s hoof in a convenient store. It’s really tasty when you mix it with soup. Not sure whether you can make it, young man?” Huang Zhong recalled the time when his envoy brought him to the convenient store for supper after killing Hou Yi and Chang’e. Also, it was at that time when I obtained the one and only Hunt and Make ability. It’s called monster hunter something…

“Alright.” Ye Cang immediately tore a piece of skin from Cain and picked two long nerves for Huang Zhong. After that, he cut a few other nerves to cook the dish. 

“Mash liver please!”

“A penis please, Big Brother’s envoy!”

“Pure stomach skin!”

“Let’s have a steamboat dinner! We can all eat together!”

“Where are you gonna get a pot from?!”

“Oh, it’s easy. We can use the shell of the mutated beetle. Old Zhou’s flames had killed everything inside without cracking the shell so it means the shell can withstand high temperatures. And it’s even big enough,” Ye Cang said. 

Surrounding Cain, they held a celebration dinner. Liu Bei, the cigarette ambassador and Cao Cao, the beer ambassador were distributing their products.

Ye Cang wiped his sweat. Everything is done. It’s about time to savor Cain’s meat.

“Congratulations! You’ve triggered the effect of Bulimia and received a special skill - The Blood of Holy Demon and an exclusive hero spirit skill - Cain - Cain’s Left Hand.”

The Blood of Holy Demon: You’ve received the body of the Holy Demon. Your recovery speed, strength, speed, and energy will be greatly increased. It’s difficult for your body to be destroyed but it depends on the situation. Luck will be greatly reduced but since you don’t have any, it doesn’t matter.

Cain’s Left Hand: You can control blood and absorb fresh blood to enhance yourself when necessary.

Cain who was under the Detention of Saint turned into ashes as his nerves and blood veins were constantly being destroyed by the Holy Lance. However, he donned a smile on his face as if he was finally free. Ye Cang then pulled out the lance, wrapped it and carried it on his back. 

Meanwhile, Cao Cao was feeding Ye Beibei milk that was mixed with Cain’s blood. “Let’s not waste these essences. Beibei, you contributed a lot too! Without your spiritual energy recovery and enhancement, we wouldn’t be able to last this long… Come on, drink more!”

Seeing Ye Beibei sucking the milk madly, Zhang Zhengxiong pondered. Drinking Cain’s blood in his early stage. He could bullshit about it in primary school. But indeed, his attributes have increased quite a lot and the spiritual energy recovery speed has become greater. 

A sudden shake came from the void and Wen Zhong appeared before Ye Beibei, Ye Cang, and the others, carrying Old Lady Zhang. Blood was all over his body. He dumped Old Lady Zhang who blushed, to the ground and kneel as his legs were flaccid. A puddle of blood was spat out from his mouth. In order to save Old Lady Zhang, Wen Zhong blocked the attack. It was considered fortunate that he was not heavily injured. 

“Grandmaster Wen, eat something to replenish your spiritual energy.” Ye Cang handed him a bowl of soup. Feeling the presence of strong spiritual energy in the soup, he quickly took big gulps of it and finished it to recover his wounds. “This is...?”

“Soup boiled with Cain’s meat.” These words really made Wen Zhong stun for a second. “Give me another bowl then. It’s definitely some good stuff.”

Zhang Zhengxiong sweated. He is indeed from the Shang Dynasty. He turned around to see Medusa opening her mouth wide with her eyes closed. With a sigh, he picked a piece of meat and fed her. 

On the other hand, Xingtian was having an intense battle with Tathāgata. Lightning, thunder, flames, hurricanes, millions of gigantic hands, and scrolls of mantra were everywhere to be seen. However, with the black chain, they could not escape and battling to death was the only way out. Even though Tathāgata seemed calm, he was getting serious too. He stood up from his usual sitting position. Even XIngtian had unleashed Demon of Witches - Stage Two - Armies of Heavenly Demon. The space where the battle was going on started to tremble.