“The Rise of Ten Thousand Buddhas!” Tathāgata’s Hand of Lotus turned into numerous arhat and buddha and Xingtian looked horrible under the colorful sky. 

“Xingtian, just give up.” Tathāgataacknowledged this Great Witch who persisted.

Staring at the sky full of bodhisattva, Xingtian recalled one particular day. It was the same. Yam Emperor failed and Chiyou was defeated. It was his decision to go hidden but swearing to make him the greatest was my promise! I, Xingtian made a promise! I’ll not break it!

He turned to see Old Lady Zhang living. You must live! The Water of Eternity! You will definitely drink it!

Xingtian opened his hands wide and started dancing some prayer dance, swinging his axe and shield. Whenever his feet landed on the ground, the entire ground shook. Whenever his shield swayed, a strong wind blew. Whenever the axe was swung, thunder struck. He was mumbling some mantra. “#$% #@%$  #%@#[email protected]

“Stop fooling around!” Tathāgata launched the attack but could not break through the magic barrier. No matter how furious the attack was, it could not reach Xingtian. He was dancing continuously but was untouchable. 

Xingtian then threw his shield and axe away and posed in a weird position. His left palm was facing the ground while his right was facing the sky and he was jumping single-legged with his foot on the knee of his other foot. In the end, he put his palms together. “Laja!”

Tathāgata felt a strong and scary ancient power. “It’s not good! It’s the Ancestors of Witches!”

The sky cracked and the face of a gigantic and scary male appeared from the gap. He had a poker face and he was emotionless. Yet, his intimidating manner deterred people from looking up and had they had to resist. His body resembled the body of a dragon. As his eyes opened, the moon instantly disappeared and the sun popped out. When he closed his eyes, the moon reappeared. Ye Cang felt an enormous change in the temperature as if winter and summer were easily interchangeable at any time. It was suffocating. Hot or cold, it was at the extreme. “That is?”

“With a human’s face and a dragon’s body. Daylight when awake, night time when asleep. Winter when blowing, summer when breathing normally. Doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink and doesn’t rest. Once it rests, strong wind will be experienced. It’s the Torch Dragon… Now things are sure getting interesting.” Lin Sen immediately recognized the creature and the warriors from the Three Kingdoms had goosebumps at the sight of the creature. Its body size was beyond imagination. Comparing the Midgard Serpent was just like comparing a worm to a snake. The men standing in front of it were as small as dust.

The Torch Dragon opened its mouth wide and sucked all the bodhisattva in one breath, including Tathāgata. It shut its mouth and closed his eyes as the moon reappeared. Swiftly, it went back to its crack and the incantations got dimmer. As his body started wrinkled, Xingtian looked at Wen Zhong. “I believe in you…”

He turned around to look at Old Lady Zhang and smiled, “The dance you taught me, I’ll...remember …it...”

As the wind blew, his body turned into a pile of ashes and was blown away.


The crack in the sky slowly closed. 

“Lil’Tian! My Lil’Tian…” Tears burst out from Old Lady Zhang’s eyes and Wen Zhong reassured her. “You guys would be separated soon anyway. As long as we get the Holy Water, we will give you a portion…”

With watery eyes, she nodded and opened her arms wide. “Can I get a hug?”

“.....” Wen Zhong was speechless but still gave her a hug.

On the other side, Zhang Zhengxiong sweated. I think she just had an affair with Wen Zhong.

“The last battle…” Jia Xu smelt the taste of storm.

"Yeap, it's the last fight. All the hidden boys and girls, you won’t be able to stay where you are," Zhou Yu took out his burnt-end guqin. An evil and a frightening smile appeared on his handsome face. 

Ye Cang then took out Grimm's machine gun and carried Ye Beibei on his shoulder as his fortress. 

"It's time to sweep the floor." Lin Sen once again combined with Lin Le. His hair turned black and white and his hands were in the pockets. The spirit, Little Beauty who was connected to Lin Le opened her fingers to expose her fingernails. Yet, what was different from before was that her nails are the same color as Lin Sen's blood spike bayonet. Through the red eye, Lin Sen was shocked. She could use my power but I even shared her pain too. Is this what they call connecting hearts?

"Liu Xuande!" a shout was heard. 

"Brother Xiang, can we let go of the resentment for now? They have more people than us. Why don't we become allies?" A middle-aged man whose hair was center-parted smiled. This man was, Emperor Gaozhu of Han, Liu Bang. 

"Hmph." Even though Xiang Yu was reluctant, he could not help it as the opponents were all in God Mode. 

"Chu!" Xiang Yu shouted. 

"Han!" Liu Bang smiled. 


Instantly, the arena was divided into half. Many warriors from Chu and Han Dynasty emerged on both sides. 

Liu Bang drew his sword and Xiang Yu held his halbert. Their weapons clashed together. 

Similarly, a group God Mode activation was unleashed. Han Xin, Xiao He, and the others all got God Mode. 

"That guy over there is also descendant of Liu. I'm Liu Bang, do you wish to come to your ancestor." 

"What did you say...?! The wind is too strong! I can't hear you!" 

With much patience, Liu Bang said it once again. 

"Oh, oh, what?! You are my ancestor Liu Bang?! Before I examined your corpse *cough* I meant your body, I can't be sure that you're the one! You, come over here alone so that I can check! I, Emperor Liu guaranteed you with my personality that I wouldn't attack you! So you’ve got  to trust me!" Liu Bei quickly shouted back. 

"You guys are indeed a family," Xiang Yu smiled coldly. 

With a polite smile, Liu Bei mumbled coldly, "Copy cat…" 

Ye Cang set up his Grimm's machine gun and Ye Beibei was ready with his mini gun on Ye Cang’s shoulder. Zhang Zhengxiong immediately dragged Medusa to Ye Cang’s side. Meanwhile, the Five Tiger Generals, Five Elite Generals, and the other warriors were in place and the group of strategists were ready. They were all waiting for the command from the lords of the Three Kingdoms. 

Chewing the tendon cooked by Ye Cang and carrying his Mount-opening Blade, Huang Zhong got up with satisfaction.

"Old Huang, you don’t plan to shoot?" 

"Why should I shoot when enjoying the happiness of slaughter is better than ending their suffering?" Huang Zhong was frustrated. 

"Haha, it’s so much fun. How can I, the King of Conquest, Alexander the Great be absent? Haha! Royal army!" He dashed over in lightning’s speed. 

"It’s you…" Xiang Yu recognized Alexander the Great who had once won the Holy Cup with him. 

"Oh, it’s you… the pedophile." Alexander the Great laughed at him. "Where's that little girl envoy." 

"F*ck off!" Xiang Yu was pissed. 

Standing in front of the warriors of Three Kingdoms was Ran Min whose eyes were filled with hatred. Staring at the heroes from the Royal Army, he exclaimed. "All the Hu shall die! Kill!" 

His voice started the chaos. “Kill!” was everyone’s chant while they attacked forward in disorder.