Zhang Zhengxiong reached out her hands to catch Medusa's petrified head. Upon landing into his hand, it cracked into pieces. As the wind blew, the ashes and remnants were all blown away, leaving behind a snake earring. Lin Le pointed at the Holy Cup. "That kettle fell down!" 

When the Holy Cup landed on the ground, there weren't many people left. Xiang Yu and Liu Bang has no energy left to maintain the Chu-Han Contention as they were exhausted and the realm of void had also put a heavy toll on Alexander the Great. On the other hand, most of the members of the Three Kingdoms team survived. Besides, Ye Beibei's spiritual energy recovery buff was useful. In the end, the only ones left were Ye Cang, Lin Le, Zhang Zhengxiong, Old Lady Zhang and Angela, surrounding the Holy Cup. 

Ye Cang asked Zhou Yu to start a fire beneath the Holy Cup in order to prepare a meal. He then placed Cthulhu's meat, the remaining Cain's meat and organs on a 'plate' made out of an out-of-shape scale of a mutated creature. In the Holy Cup, he added Cthulhu's and Cain's bones, the Midgard Serpent's meat and Fernir's claws. He even looked at Wen Zhong's black qilin which was shaking and Wen Zhong sweated. "Brother Lil'White, just have some mercy on it, will you?" 

Surrounding the Holy Cup, everyone enjoyed the steamboat dinner with the meat of Cthulhu and some other creatures. 

"Brother Lil'White, add two eggs!" 

"Add a few more eyeballs too! Especially that whatever big ass serpent's eyeball! If no one wants it, I'll take it!"

"Xiahou Dun, just how much do you enjoy eating eyeballs?!" 

"The one who ate a mutated intestine, shut up!" 

"Boss Cao, beer please!" 

"Mr. Good Escaper, distribute the cigarettes! Quick!" 

"Gongjin, set up a magic circle for us! Old Cao and I are going to the supermarket to take some! How the hell can we have enough beer and cigarettes! Everyone has to be happy today! I'll return the school uniform back to its owner too!" 

"Brother Lil'White, do you have brains?" 

"I think I have some from Cain…" 

"Put it in, put it in. Without the brains, the whole pot is a waste," Jia Xu felt. 

"Brother Lil'White, add some essence of that giant wolf's penis into the pot too. If I won’t be able to see Xu'er, I’d just give birth to another one." Huang Zhong tapped  Xiahou Yuan’s wine glass with his own, "Oh Miaocai, I hope you get things straight. Regarding the incident in Mount Dingjun, Fa Zheng was the one asked me to do it." 

"Well, to be honest, it's Zhuge Liang's idea." Fa Zheng pointed at Lin Liang with a smile. 

"Yo, do you really trust what Xiaozhi said? It was Yuanshi's idea." Lin Liang pointed at Xiaohou Yuan with two hands like a rapper. 

"I knew you would blame it on me behind my back! Don't you have a better plan when it comes to lying?!" Pang Tong walked over frustratedly. 

"Come on, let's drink! Let's drink! Set all the hatred aside, we are now allies. At least, for now. So, let's put these aside." Xiaohou Yuan shook his head with a smile and saw an eyeball of some kind of creature flying into his bowl of soup.

"Little brother, here's an entire eyeball for you! Eat it together with beer for the best taste!" 

"Bullshit! F*ck off!" 

"Teacher, you have changed so much…"Jiang Wei was not used to Lin Liang's  whole new makeover. Recalling someone who was always carrying a feathered fan, he could not fathom how he could turn into someone wearing earrings and donning a set of hypebeast’s clothes. 

"Boyue, once you go beyond the barrier, you'll discover a lot of things that you don't know. It’s interesting. You’re still thinking about the battle to the north?" Liang asked and Jiang Wei nodded, "To conquer Zhongyuan! Without regrets!" 

"We've lived enough. Even if you achieved that dream of yours, what about after that?" Lin Liang flapped his feathered fan. 

"I've gotten intel that besides China, there are regions called something like Russia, Middle East, Europe, Kangarooland, America, Arctic, and Antarctica. I'll conquer them one by one! I don't know how we lost our lands but they sure belong to us long ago. Yeap! Teacher, I would reconquer the land of the Great Han Empire in the future! Once I have conquered Zhongyuan, I'll head north! " Jiang Wei took out the world map drawn by himself and started describing his plan of rebuilding Shu Han which made Lin Liang speechless and drip cold sweat."..... "

Ye Cang became the chef preparing the food while Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le were the waiters serving the hero spirits. Old Lady Zhang lifted his bowl to eat a few slices of Cthulhu's meat and drank a few sips of the delicious soup. Lil'Tian, I managed to drink the water of longevity. She then turned to look at Wen Zhong. "Do you need a companion?" 

"......" Wen Zhong stunned. In order to break the awkward silence, he picked up a bone of Cain’s and fed the black qilin. 

On the other hand, Angela knew this was the last dinner before bidding adieu to Zhao Yun. Silently, she stared at cheerful Zilong who was downing beer with Guan Yu. She felt that it was time for this heroic man to be on his journey. Before meeting Brother Zilong, I was like an immortal cockroach scrambling everywhere and what was worse than having some freaking old lady hero spirit spitting at me as if I was trash. 

"Sister Lil'La, told you that we would definitely get to drink the water from the holy cup." Liu Shan tried to imitate his father's action of heaving out a cloud of smoke and looking at the sky. Yet, he looked funny. 

Angela rolled her eyes," Yea, yea, young lord. "

“I knew you were interested in Mother Yun…" Angela blushed immediately. Her innocent face made Liu Shan sigh," If he is the one you like, there's nothing to be jealous of. I'll wish you all the best."

"Why did you call him Mother Yun anyway?" Angela whispered as she looked at the heroic being. 

"Because I’m even closer to him than to my maternal parents. He was the one who saved me a few times from being kidnapped. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Mother Yun," Liu Shan smiled. When I was young, Mother Sun wanted to bring me back to Jiangdong. If Mother Yun and Third Uncle were not there for me, I bet my suffering would be terrible. 

The feeling of Zhao Yun hugging him despite the fact that his body was wounded had been long kept in Liu Shan's heart. He had never felt so secure before. Even though Zhao Yun was his father’s underlings, he was the closest person to him in the world. For the sake of me and my father, he dares to kill anyone. 

"Shan'er, come over and have a toast. It's rare for your Second Uncle, Third Uncle, Zilong, Grandpa, and Uncle Cao to be in one another’s company." Liu Shan returned with cigarettes. 

"Alright…" Liu Shan pouted and jogged over. 

Angela had decided. I want to know everything about Brother Zilong. The next Battle of Holy Spirit, I'll definitely be back! You and I wouldn't end just like this! With much determination, she picked up a glass and walked over to Zhao Yun and the others. 

After finishing with her busy tasks, Ye Cang came to the main table where Liu Bei and the others had taken their seats. She quickly summoned the lottery machine and started pulling. 

"Brother, I obtained a somewhat inexhaustible top grade cigarette." Zhang Zhengxiong took out a burning cigarette but the burning effect was constantly present. No matter how Zhang Zhengxiong tried to smoke, it will never be finished. Seeing such a scent, Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan were shocked as they got up.