“Brother A’Xiong, I’m the Emperor of Han and also your brother’s hero spirit. Give it to me.” Liu Bei seemed not persuasive and sincere enough as he was not very formally dressed.

“Pfft! Give it to me! Give it to me. I’m more reliable than this fella. You can ask Brother Lil’White about that,” Cao Cao interrupted. 

“Hey, hey, hey. I’m his personal hero spirit. How dare you two start talking before me?!” Sun Quan smirked. 

“I haven’t even said a word!” Huang Zhong popped out of nowhere, caressing his white bead. 

Zhang Zhengxiong thought for a second and shrugged, “I think I’ll give it to Old General Huang…”

In the end, with much jealousy, the three of them stared at Huang Zhong who was smoking the inexhaustible cigarette. 

“Well, I’ve got a pack of infinite cigarettes here. It just looks like a normal pack of cigarettes but you won’t run out of supply. It can produce a top-grade cigarette every 10 minutes and can store up to 30 sticks at a time.” Ye Cang’s words reignited their spirit. On the other side, Lin Le was shouting. “I’ve got an inexhaustible cigar too. It looks like it can’t be finished.”

Many other items were received too, including some weird daily necessities. However, the others did not seem to have much interest in them. Liu Bei did not even bat an eyelid at the Heavenly Sword but instead wanted a bottle of blue pills and even took the Gender Changing Machine. With everyone staring at him weirdly, he said righteously, “Just in case I won’t be able to meet a single woman for the entire year, this thing can be useful. Don’t underestimate it. Hmph!”

While the hero spirits were choosing the items they wanted, Lin Liang let out a grateful smile when he saw Ye Cang approaching with Huang Yueying’s item. “I’ll remember your help…”

Lightly clenching the handkerchief in his hands, Lin Liang mumbled, “Finally letting it go…”

The dinner adjourned as the Holy Cup shone. In the light, every hero spirit was granted different wishes. Staring at Ye Beibei, Cao Cao was reluctant to leave but still, he waved with a smile. “You must grow up well! Be a man like me.”

“It’s best to have my strategic ability! Remember to spit on those filthy boys and girls if you see them!” Zhou Yu caressed Ye Beibei’s head. 

“Remember to run as fast as me when you’re being chased~” Liu Bei joked. 

“Hahaha.” Everyone laughed. 

Ran Min took out a little rock from his sleeve pocket and gave it to Zhang Zhengxiong. “It might be useful for you.”

Lin Sen once again entered Lin Le’s body while Little Beauty hugged him tightly from behind. 

“Congratulations! You have completed the Xth Battle of Hero Spirit! You can receive an item you possessed in the battle and an ability randomly.”

“Congratulations! You have received the Lance of Longinus - Fate - Holy Blessing.”

“Congratulations! You have received the Blood of Holy Demon.”

A ray of light shone brightly.

Ye Cang then found himself lying on the beach and Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le happened to be beside him too. They all stunned for a second and Lin Liang was nowhere to be found. They turned around to see three other naked men looking at all directions. They sweated in cold. “You guys…”

“I wished to cut ties with the past and here I am.” Liu Bei breathed in the sea breeze and lit a cigarette. 

“I wished to live all over again and it brings me here.” Cao Cao had a cigar in his mouth.

“I wished to live an easy new life.” Sun Quan suddenly squatted to dig a hole as he wanted to pee. 

Ye Cang who was carrying the Holy Lance sighed and facepalmed. “Let’s go. We’ll get you some clothes in my place.”

“Brother, did we just experience something great?” Staring at the three of them, Zhang Zhengxiong took out Medusa’s snake earring from his pocket. 

“I think...so?” Ye Cang smiled bitterly. On the other hand, Lin Le seemed calm. “Go home! Quick! I want to call the crew of The Sisters 2!”


Midnight. The little house by the beach.

Wu Na had been waiting for the three of them as they suddenly vanished but was reassured upon seeing that white hair. However, seeing three naked men following behind was something unbelievable. What on earth are they bringing back this time?

“This is?” Wu Na stared at Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan. All three of them looked middle-aged but they are kinda different. 

“My long-lost cousins. There was a natural disaster at their place so they came to seek help from me,” Ye Cang said as if he was an expert in making up stories. 

“Cousins.” Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan said together. 

The three of them nodded as they patted Ye Cang's shoulders together. 

Wu Na facepalmed as she felt her IQ was insulted. Damn it! Do you really think I’m an idiot?! Three naked men with weapons! What you said just now was a line from yesterday’s drama! She lifted her hands. “Whatever, just get dressed. There are two guest rooms. You guys decide what to do with it. *yawn* I’m going to sleep.”

A yawn served as a reminder for her to go upstairs to bed.

“Brother Lil’White, that woman is?” Cao Cao asked. 

“One of my fiance, Wu Na.” Ye Cang then brought the three of them to the washroom and the six of them enjoyed their shower together before getting themselves some clothes. 


B City. A random condominium. 

A young mother heard the cry of her child. Quickly, she rushed to open the door to see her baby crying and shouting at the window, “Papa! Papa! Papa! *cries* Papa! Papa!”

“Dear! Our son got woken up by the noise from the industrial area! He is crying for papa!”

“Try to endure it for now. The environment here is not that good. We’ll go to Lin Hai within these few days and I’ve gotten a promotion letter too. I’m being assigned to work there so we might as well move together.”

“Oh really?! We can go to the beach during the holidays to look at the sky full of stars next year!”

“Of course! Eh? When did you buy this pacifier with the word ‘hell’?” 

“What? I didn’t buy that. Weren’t you the one who bought it?”

“Honey, I think you forgot that you bought it again…”

“Really?! Maybe then. Haven’t you heard that people get stupid for a few years after giving birth?”

The man hugged his wife and laughed. 

Even though the baby was sad after hearing his parents, he felt sleepy and yet secured. Seeing their child falling asleep, they looked at each other in relief and closed the door quietly. In the dark, there were orbs orbiting on the baby’s head, shining beautifully like a rainbow.

In the colorful light, his name was sewn on his pyjamas. Ye Beibei.


A random realm. Flying Horse City. 

“Yesterday night, a terrorist attack occurred in the sports arena. The damage was severe.”A beautiful high school girl was listening to the news.

“Little Li! The environment is not safe these days! You must be more careful on your way to school! Try to be together with your friends, alright?!”

“Got it, dad!”

Little Li’s then realized something was on her bed. Hey?! Why is my school uniform here? I remember placing it in the locker at school… Maybe I brought it back without knowing?

Little Li picked up her uniform and put her casual clothes into the bag as she was lazy to change in school. However, just when she put it on, she felt it was too weird, too warm and too disgusting. Contrastingly, she felt energetic. Even though there was a smell of an old man, she shrugged, carried her bag and took her bread and milk. “Bye, I’m leaving!”