Seaside. The sun was setting while reflecting orange hues onto the surface of the ocean.The three of them were sitting on the bench along Beach Route, overlooking the majestic scenery

With his arms crossed, Liu Bei was holding a cigarette as he stared at the endless sea. “Old Cao, what’s your opinion on a sandal business in this era?”

“I don’t know, man. Old Liu, you’ve found a job anyway. Better than me and Zhongmou.” Cao Cao took off his jacket and hung it on the bench. 

“It’s just a food delivery job. But it’s lucky that I learned how to ride a motorcycle back in one of the Holy Battle. Even though it wasn’t the same as this motorcycle, it’s way easier.” Liu Bei extinguished the cigarette by pressing in on the dustbin. 

“Drinking wine while singing loudly. There’s no say to how long one can live. We’ve wasted a lot of time in the past…” Cao Cao recited his poem sadly. 

“We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. Why don’t we ask Brother Lil’White…” The two of them shook their heads before Sun Quan could finish his sentence. 

“Well, you guys have a point too…” Suddenly, Sun Quan’s phone rang. “Hello, good evening.”

Moments later. 

"I've been hired by a bar in the East District. I’ll be a waiter." Sun Quan was surprised when he hung up the call. "She said that it's tough for me to find a job at the age of 30. She felt that my attire looks decent and I don't look like some bad guy." 

"Don’t look like a bad guy?! Among us, you're the one who had the most conflicts in your own nation." Cao Cao was speechless. "So, now it's just me that's left jobless? It's impossible." 

"Why don't we further our studies? In the past, I've found Lu Zhi to be my master. It was beneficial since I saw many jobs require educational backgrounds…" Liu Bei said after being quiet for awhile. 

 Cao Cao and Sun Quan were shocked for a second. Even though they did not want to bother Ye Cang, they nodded to show their agreement. 

"Let's go ask Lady Little Tian about it. As for the school admission, we just have to bother Brother Lil'White. But still, we have to take on a part-time job. We should experience the life of an ordinary person in this era. We are done with all the killing and battling." Cao Cao took out his inexhaustible cigar from its box and his coat and walked towards the house as the sun was gradually hiding itself below the horizon. 

"Wow, the one who hasn't gotten a job is talking about taking on a part-time job?!" Liu Bei said in a sarcastic tone. 

"He still thinks that he is the minister controlling the prince’s commands. He sure is arrogant and he’s blind to reality. *sigh*" Sun Quan shrugged his shoulders. Liu Bei and Him were chit-chatting happily as they walked home. Staring at the two of them, Cao Cao was pissed off. 

"Zhongmou, what do you think we should do with our first salary? We must do something meaningful in order to give ourselves a good start." 

"Find a brothel to have some fun?" Sun Quan smiled. 

"Hmm… sounds not bad." Cao Cao caught up to them and nodded. 

"The one jobless shouldn't be having fun…" The two of them gave him a cold shoulder. 


When the three of them returned, Ye Cang looked at them with a serious look and agreed to help them with their admissions. 

Wu Na then served them dinner with a smile. "So, did you guys find any job?" 

"Food delivery." Liu Bei grabbed some fresh seafood to eat. 

"Waiter in a bar." Sun Quan said. 

"Still looking…" Cao Cao sighed. 

Wow, they are so old but still doing odd jobs for high school students. Most importantly, there is still one more who’s still looking for a job. Staring at the three of them, Zhao Xiangyu felt pity. Cao Cao sensed her stare and felt uncomfortable. Young lady, please don't look at me with such an expression… 

Meanwhile, Little Ye Tian was not concerned about that because she knew that they were so strong that they did not want to reveal their strength. Maybe even as strong as Lin Liang too. But their actions were so weird. If they are this strong, why would they have such a tough life? Humans are unpredictable. 



"Hey, bald head! You are so ineffective in doing things! Where are my cousins' school reports!?! They are waiting for admission!" Ye Cang called Ren Long and scolded him. 

"WTF!  One is 35 years old, another one 37 and another 38. And they are entering university?! Just how long have they even stayed in primary school?! Your school in your hometown is retarded or what?!" Ren Long's voice echoed in the entire registration office. 

"Quickly! Quickly! Just say that they are transferring from the Imperial Capital!" 

"Do you guys think that capital is a place for human trafficking?" 


Ren Long's mouth was wide open. This son of a bitch is too shameless! He then took a deep breath. "How's their strength?" 

"Not sure about the details but they’re at least stronger than you!"


"I'm serious…" 

"Not joking?" 

"No joke…" 

"Are you serious?!" 

"I'm serious…" 

Ren Long hesitated for a second but still promised Ye Cang. If I don't promise him, he will meet our head anyway. I could just assign them to my group. "Alright, I can help you but they have to join Group 7 and be Honorable Members like you. If the Dragon Group needs help, they would have to lend a hand." 

Ye Cang thought for a second. "Alright, I make a promise on their behalf." 

"Are they really stronger than me?!" Ren Long could not resist confirming it before he hung up. 

"Omg, why are you so annoying?! If I lie to you, my d*ck will rot, is that fine with you…"  Ye Cang hung up. 

Not long later, Ye Cang received Ren Long's information, resume, and the dragon badge. He came to the living room to see the three of them thinking about life while drinking beer. Wu Na had banned them from smoking in the living room so they had to resort to the balcony instead. 

"It's done. Just choose the area of study as to your liking. I'll send it to my friend to settle the rest. But the condition is that you guys have to join the Dragon Group and I agreed on your behalf." Ye Cang sent them the information. 

"The Dragon Group is?" Cao Cao asked. 

"An organization that protects China from crimes. Its members are all over China and the world. If there are any organizations or activities that pose a threat to China, they will settle it privately. You guys are the same as me, we're honorable members. We don't have many things to do throughout the year. It's just that we might be called for duty on some occasions. Most importantly, we have rights that ordinary people don't have."

"An easy job? Do we get paid?" Liu Bei asked. 

"Yeap, but not much." Ye Cang knew that Dragon Group's salary was not high but allowances are if they go on missions. Yet, Ye Cang had not gone for a mission before. 

"This organization is good as it ensures China's safety. I, the Emperor of Han, Emperor Liu Xuande is willing to contribute my strength and sincerity," Liu Bei said with much righteousness. 

 "It's sure good since it’s a place to earn some money. If there's really anything that needs my help, I will not hesitate," Cao Cao rolled his eyes against Liu Bei. 

"Same here! By the way, when do they pay the salary? Oh yeah, Brother Lil'White, is there anywhere fun around here? Like a brothel?" Sun Quan changed the topic. 

"That question was on my mind too." Cao Cao untied his ponytail and was about to head to bed. 

"......" Ye Cang was speechless. "There are a lot in the North and West District, you can ask anyone. But I don't suggest you go there during CNY. Why don't you guys choose your area of study first?" 

Liu Bei chose philosophy, Cao Cao chose literature and Sun Quan chose performing arts.