"Check on these three men's current condition…" Ren Long was thinking about that for so long in his office, especially when he received Qing Yun's video. His sword move seemed so simple but yet intimidating. This person named Cao Cao… his strength must be very strong. 

"Liu Bei works in SellMore as a food deliveryman, Sun Quan works in Amior Bar as a waiter and Cao Cao works in KenJJ as an 'illegal' worker." Little Honey was speechless when she saw the video too. That middle-aged man… no matter in terms of appearance or strength, he doesn't look like a worker in KenJJ at all. 

"......" Ren Long was speechless. Is that old freak stupid or what?! Why will he be an 'illegal' worker if he is this strong?! Ah! Forget it! It's none of my business! I must transfer some members of the Dragon Group back here. There are too many little devil heads in Lin Hai. Just the Three Heroes from the East, including white-haired, are more than enough. 


East District. Moon Heart Street. A KenJJ branch. 

Cao Cao realized that serving fast food was actually a simple job. He only had to pick the right ingredients and match them together. The fries were already pre-made. 

"Cao Cao, serve it to the customer at table 30." The branch manager, Zhang Mao heaved a sigh of relief as Cao Cao left the counter. This fella’s appearance and strength are quite intimidating. Besides, he’s a very hardworking person who learned how to prepare fries and make burgers within an hour. Everything was completed according to standards. Most importantly, he isn't demanding on the salary. I can't believe such a hardworking person was actually unemployed. Oh, how much has this world changed? 

Walking towards table 30, Cao Cao saw seven or eight youngsters who scattered things everywhere and their sitting positions were indecent. Some put their feet on the bench while some laid down on it and their clothes were tattered. As he put down the tray of food, he spoke up, "Sit properly and eat nicely, would ya." 

Just when the leader of the gang wanted to pick a fight with Cao Cao, he saw his intimidating eyes staring back at him. That frightening look on Cao Cao’s face sent chills down his spine. It was as if he saw his own corpses and he quickly urged the others to sit politely. "Sit up straight! Sit up straight!" 

"Now, that's more like it. Enjoy your meal. Don't leave a bad impression," Cao Cao patted the youngster's shoulder with a smile. Suddenly, he changed to a fierce look. "Otherwise, y'all are going to die." 

As Cao Cao turned around and walked towards the kitchen, he pondered. In order to be able to establish your own position, one must be able to suppress those who love to cause trouble and create an intimidating image. The easiest way is to kill a few of them to make the others scared and then, you'll reassure those who fear by showing them kindness. This creates both an intimidating and a kind image, unbiased to any side. I don't want to kill or battle anyone now but for the sake of my job, I will eliminate all possibilities that might affect it. 

"Those fellas don't follow the rules. What did you say to them to make them scared of you?" the branch manager asked. 

"Nothing much, I'll just kill them if they don't obey the restaurant's rules." Cao Cao started frying fries as he realized there wasn't much left. 

Zhang Mao gasped as he saw the faces of the youngsters turning pale and sat gracefully like a lady. "What did you work as before coming here?" 

Staring at the boiling oil, Cao Cao recalled his past. He was so close to conquering the nation but time and tide wait for no man. With a bitter smile, he replied, “Just an old soldier…”


Moon Face Street. Amior Bar. 

Sun Quan was wiping the glasses, preparing to switch the cafe business into a bar for the night. 

The lady boss, Limior found that Sun Quan was very handsome in a waiter’s suit, especially with his purple hair and green eyes. I heard that he didn't dye his hair and everything is natural. What is more important is that he is a Chinese. Besides, he is also honest and he does almost every damn task without complaining that he was tired. The only problem is that he is a little introverted. Even though he seems too cool and quiet when I spoke to him, he still shows a good upbringing.

The bar was slowly filled with customers but there were not many of them, only approximately ten people. The environment was cozy and quiet. Moments later, Sun Quan sighed as he recognized the two men walking in. These two idiots are here. 

"Zhongmou, guess who I met just now?" Liu Bei smiled. 

"I don't know and I don't want to guess at all." 

"That fella Kongming is here too." 

"You definitely brought him trouble," Cao Cao said. 

"Impossible. Our relationship is so good. By the way, Old Cao told us when we were on our way that he found a job. He’s working at KenJJ." 

"Not bad. What do you guys wanna drink?" 

"Do you have Chinese white liquor?" 

"Nope. Go away." 

"Never mind, I brought my own one." 

"Outside beverages are not allowed." 

"What kind of stupid hotel is this?" 

"You either order or you shut up and get the hell outta here…" 

"Get me a glass of vodka, " Liu Bei said. 

"One iced whiskey, please," Cao Cao ordered. 

"Do you guys have the money to order these kinds of drinks? Today is the first day of…" 

"I got paid today," Cao Cao said calmly. 

"Me too," Liu Bei thought. I snatched Lin Liang's wallet, wait no, he gave it to me willingly as a gesture. There were at least 10 million federal coins inside.

"Let's go have some fun when you're done with work…" 

Sun Quan pondered. Are their salaries that high?! From the customers, I knew that these entertainment expenses are going to be at least half of my monthly salary. Besides, it’s a second class entertainment. Doubtfully, he stared at the two of them and then at his boss. Did she cut my salary on purpose? But no matter what, I must not show these two pricks that I’m not in good condition. I’m gonna be a yes-man in front of them. “Not bad…”

Upon finishing, Sun Quan told Limior that he had to use the washroom. Immediately, he drew his sword and dashed into the room upstairs which Limior reminded him not to go into as it was some gangster’s hiding place. However, the people inside fainted before they were able to see who dashed in. Sun Quan slashed the safety box and took away the cash, jewelleries, and other valuables. On his way back, he went to a few banks to deposit the money. Through the window, he sneaked back into the washroom, tidied his bowtie and casually walked out. With a professional smile, he continued to be a waiter. Seeing Liu Bei and Cao Cao flirting with the female employees, he urged them away. “Hey, this is my place, alright. My boss knows that two of you are my friends. So, I don’t wish for things that could affect my job. Just sit here, quietly drink your beer and chit-chat with each other. Wait for me to finish my work. We can still go play later…” he gave his instructions as if he was talking to small children.

“*Sigh* Looks like we have no choice.” Liu Bei and Cao Cao obeyed Sun Quan’s order and talked about the things that happened in the past and some interesting things that happened during work. Meanwhile, Sun Quan returned to the bar counter.

“Hey, what did you and your two other friends work as in the past? I’m a little curious. But of course, I don’t mind if you choose not to answer,” the lady boss asked.

Sun Quan was stunned for a second as he did not know what to say. Well, if I were to tell the truth, we’re enemies who swore to destroy each other. But, we’re not really enemies too actually. More like three poor men. Neither of us managed to be the king who conquered the entire nation. Instead, someone took advantage of us but luckily, karma got that fella too. Who would have thought that China would fall into such a person’s hands. *sigh* “We are considered battle buddies…”

Limior was shocked as a scene of three men battling against mutated creatures and enemies on the battlefield flashed through her mind. They were there for each other and helping each other out during battles. The romance between men. Thinking of it made her blush. But logically, retired soldiers should receive better treatment. Did something happen to the three of them? So mysterious…

Seeing Limior’s weird expressions, Sun Quan wondered what she was thinking.

“What happens after that? When you guys are taking on missions… did anything happen? For example, for the girls you loved…” Before allowing Limior to finish her sentence, Sun Quan quickly took the tray and left. “Coming!”

“Wow, he is shy…” Limior smiled as she stared at Sun Quan.