As the bar closed, Sun Quan, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei boarded the subway to the North District. 

North District. Meteor Star Street.

It was one of the biggest neon streets in the North District. Since it was located next to Xinla Street, the two streets were known as the neon Geminis. A variety of night clubs, pubs, bars, and massive entertainment spots were located there too. With all the hologram LED neon lights shining, the three of them scanned the area as they walked on the street. 

"I can't believe that it will be this busy after two thousand years…" Liu Bei exclaimed. The 7th victory by China's football team in the World Championship and some highlights were being shown on a big screen. 

"There are many different types of girls too…" Cao Cao was amazed at the girls standing along the street. 

"I know right…" Sun Quan was surprised too. "So, have we decided which one to go to?! It's useless walking around. We're going to come here again anyway. Just randomly choose one that’s not that bad. If it turns out to be shitty, we can just go to another one next time." 

"True though," Liu Bei nodded. "Old Cao, your wallet has been stolen by the fella that passed by just now."

"I know. I'm just waiting for him to go into the alley," Cao Cao said with a cold smile and vanished into thin air. Moments later, Cao Cao came out with a few more wallets. "Hehe. Quite a lot of money we got here."

"Come on, he worked hard to steal all of those." Liu Bei snatched away the wallet that was emptied by Cao Cao as he realized there was a bank card inside. "I'll go ask him for the password." 

"Oh my gosh, you two are so unethical…" Sun Quan sighed and it was as if he completely forgot that he stole money from the gangster a few hours ago. 

With much satisfaction, Liu Bei walked out of the alley. 

"That's my reward. Share the money with me…" Cao Cao was jealous. 

"Damn it. Give me the money you took out just now. These are our activity fees. We will use it tonight." Liu Bei quickly kept the card away just as he finished transferring the money into his bank account. 

"Hey, why don't we try to use other people’s money whenever we go out and have fun? We can save up quite an amount that way…" Sun Quan thought about it. 

"That’s not a bad idea. This place is plagued with thieves anyway. Even though it’s not possible for us to get pickpocketed every single time, the chances are not that low either," Cao Cao nodded. 

Liu Bei couldn't help but smile. Thief? I think the three of us are counted as thieves too. But I, the Emperor of Han, am certainly not included. Besides, it doesn't count as burglary if it’s for the sake of rebuilding the nation. But these two thieves… *sigh* Shameless. 

"Hey guys, there will be a thrilling and exciting game going on tonight. Are you guys interested? The prize for the winner is 'the dream' and a lot of money." A green-haired man wearing a suit and a tie popped out of nowhere. 

It managed to attract their attention. Thrilling?! Exciting?! Game?! And money?! There's such a good thing in this world?! However, not only being excited, the three of them recalled their initial intention and asked unanimously, "Are there any girls for us to play with?" 

"It depends on how you wanna play." The green-haired recalled the female artists who had an abject experience, a snake model who wanted to walk the pole and a wife who got kicked out from a rich family. These kinds of people do not mind getting tortured and sacrificing their bodies. 

"Let's go!" 

"Oh yeah, you need to fill in the forms. As for the game rules…" 

"Cut the nonsense and bring us there?!" Cao Cao urged. 

In the countryside near a swamp in the North District. It was an abandoned industrial and a garden city which was part of a project that failed a hundred years ago. Due to the illegal problems involved and the complexity of the negotiations, the place was put aside. However, the guardian of the North District, Gamer spent a large amount of money to bribe two parties in order to acquire the place and make it as one of his game rooms. 

Gamer stared at the information of the contestants that night. Why are there people from the East District again? Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan?! These are obviously fake names! This is getting more hilarious. Three kings from the Three Kingdoms are all in one place?! I just hope that this is a joke and nothing will happen… Upon thinking about it, Gamer had a weird feeling. He took out his contacts and stared at the name - White Demon and after hesitating for a moment, he pressed ‘call’. 

Meanwhile, Ye Cang was doing some research on Cthulu’s void reproducing ability. His phone rang. Eh? Gamer? “Yo, long time no see…”

“......” Gamer was speechless. Why does he want to speak English when he can speak Chinese?! “I’m not here to chit-chat with you. Three suspicious men from the East District entered my game room. Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan.” 

“Oh, them. They are my cousins… Alright, I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” Ye Cang hung up. Knowing that the three of them were in the North District, he sighed and took a deep breath. Are all ancient people so passionate about playing with lanterns? Well, I guess so. Since they don’t have much entertainment in the old days. The three of them looked exactly like typical killers who do nothing but eating, sleeping and killing, especially that chap Cao Cao. I remember my high school teacher mentioning that Cao Cao was perverted. You can figure it by just looking at his and his children’s names. Cao, Ren, Pi, Zhen, Zhi, Shuang, Zhi, and Zhang. Putting them together will always give you something negative. Well, look at their father’s name. Cao...

Staring at the three of them on the screen, Gamer gasped as Ye Cang hung it up. They are actually this bastard’s cousins… All three of them! I guess their strengths are undeniable then. Even if they are not as strong as that bastard, it will be more or less the same. There are really too many insane peeps in the East District. Looking at green-haired, his killing intent was stirring up his energy. This fella always brings me trouble!

Gamer asked green-haired to bring them to the surveillance office. “So, you guys are that white-haired fella’s cousins…”

“Oh, you know Brother Lil’White too? *cough* *cough* I meant, my little cousin. And your name?” Liu Bei walked over and shook Gamer’s hands with all his strength. 

Gamer felt uncomfortable as he was not used to such close-distance greetings. Yet, he did not know how to pull his hands away. He then quivered and pulled. “Call me Gamer…”

“Brother Gamer, we heard that there are games here and we can play them… Besides, we are about to earn a lot of money playing it. Is it real?” Cao Cao asked. 

Gamer asked green-haired about their encounter and he came to know that these three men just wanted to have some fun. Most importantly, they don’t look poor. As he did a thorough check on their information, he was shocked. A man almost 40 works as a food deliveryman, another works as a waiter in a cafe/bar and the last one is an illegal worker in KenJJ?! He facepalmed. Why are all the insane fellas from the East District so pitiful?! “I guess he didn’t explain it well but… it’s alright. Here are three G Dynasty’s VIP cards. You can enjoy 70% off on anything in the North District. You guys don’t have to worry about the price when you enter any entertainment venue. Besides, here is a cheque card with thirty million federal coins…”

“But, we haven’t joined the game yet…” Sun Quan asked. 

“The game doesn’t suit y’all. Didn’t this fella tell you about the rules?” Gamer turned around and said coldly. 

“We aren’t sure about it. He mentioned something like girls, thrilling and exciting…” Cao Cao shook his head and shrugged. 

Green-haired quickly explained, “Boss, I haven’t gotten the time to explain and they…”

Gamer immediately pierced his finger into green-haired’s rib cage. “Don’t ever make the same mistake thrice! No more next time! Especially those from the East District, you must make it clear!”

After finishing with his warning, Gamer pulled a rib from his body. “Now, f*ck off…”