The three of them knew the game was not a child play. 

"What's this game about?"

Gamer asked someone to prepare alcohol and other beverages and then showed them the documents. "A killing game. Only one of the many participants can survive. The survivor will be awarded money and a new life." 

They looked through the documents. All of the participants were people who were forced to death including broke investors, people who aren't afraid of death and those who owe G Dynasty a huge debt. To them, this game was kind of the one and only hope. 

"Sounds interesting… we'll think about it…" Liu Bei sort of understood how the game works. 

"What is there to see?!" Cao Cao and Liu Bei were very clear about how hunger can take away one’s humanity. They were familiar with the scenes of starving men willing to abandon or sacrifice their loved ones for food, for maybe just a biscuit. Worst still, some would act as if their morality could not bring themselves to eat their own children and so they exchange them like exchanging food in a potluck. These actions were beyond description. Men have been evil from the beginning. Holy theories were just propaganda to cover up the truth. The perception that the kind and evil coexist is just a joke, well it could be correct only when people are living well. In the midst of chaos, there was only hunger, theft and death. This ecosystem is highly contagious and  only after experiencing it would they want to put an end to the chaos in order to maintain natural morality and humanity unlike being brutal beasts because just like beasts, it is unlikely for killings to happen when the situation is safe and stable

"I'll never get bored with these situations. Only because of such situations do I know what I should do for justice instead of going with the flow. Haha. It's my business now. Let's just treat it as a form of entertainment." Liu Bei was touched by Cao Cao's words. Among the three of them, he was the one who started from the lowest class of society. His father passed away when he was a child and he had to build everything from scratch. Regardless of the severity of the situation and the cruelty in the society, it meant nothing to him. During the times when hunger and killing were the way of surviving, a little hope would allow one to gain the trust of the people even if the hope is unachievable. When the citizens look at you with desperate eyes, you'll want to help them to get away from their hardship. The only way to achieve this is by conquering the world and being kind to them. Put on a mask so no one can see through you. Besides, my ambition from young is to become the Emperor of China! 

Knowing that the two of them were recalling the past, Sun Quan rolled his eyes. "It's about to start. Just have a quick look. And don't forget our plan tonight, alright?" 

Despite so, killing and battling were something normal to Sun Quan too. A friend today might be an enemy tomorrow. Why? Because he might affect my power tomorrow… No one can beat Sun Quan when it comes to the battle for power and positions. When men want more, they tend to be more suspicious to the extent that they will use their power in all their might to secure these positions, in unexpected ways for the sake of their victory.

Gamer was carefully examining their expressions. These three had experienced quite a lot. They're sure not easy to deal with!

"It's such a waste. In this tough situation, this man didn't eat the corpse to replenish his energy. He has all the tools to make a fire. By using the little house and darkness of the night, he could totally smoke the female corpse so it could last longer…" Cao Cao was speechless as he saw the man walking away after taking the life of the female model. 

"Can you be more disgusting? The smell of smoke would spread. Judging from the time limit of this game and the weather then, he should have just cut her into parts and kept it in his bag. He could eat along the way and act as if he was sharing food with the next enemy before catching them off guard. Men are most careless when they wake up, poop or eat," Liu Bei added on. 

"Well, I think it's too much to cut it into parts. Carrying it in its original form is also kind of a strategy. If he could help her put on some makeup and put her in the little house as bait, even if it's just a corpse, men would not resist. Using this as a trap is not a bad idea." Sun Quan expressed his opinion. 

Chills went down Gamer's spine after hearing what they said. These three people don’t give a shit about that man's battle power and feeling. Instead, they are trying to use the corpse to the maximum benefits. Their ideas are getting more inhumane… However, Gamer felt what they said was reasonable. Hence, he granted them special rights which allowed them to visit the game room at any time. 

"Ah, this idiot. How could she kill such a young and cute girl? She should have used her and told her that he has a strong back up outside to make her obey him. If she doesn't do so, not only will she be dead, her entire family will not have a peaceful life. These 12-to-13-year-old girls don't have any opinions. Even so, there’s a low probability of that happening. I think there is nothing better than using girls to attract customers. Well, I say at least have some fun before killing her! In such tough situations… "

"Of course. On this side, this woman killed the fat guy who admires her to an extreme extent. Just because she likes another slutty guy who looks charming... Yet, in the end, she died terribly. *sigh* That fatty's battle power is above average as he has a high chance of surviving until the end. How good would it be if she could feed herself up before going out to kill. And it turns out that she couldn't find the handsome guy she wanted. Such a brainless person is not worthy to be an ally with… " 

"Hey! Are you guys done?! It's already 2 a.m.! If we’re not going to have fun, it's going to be closed already! Besides, we need to head home too! I want to eat golden crab bun for breakfast tomorrow! There are only 9 pieces in 5 lucky draws! Only 9!"

"Alright, alright, let's go, let's go. I'm done watching this bunch of retarded pigs…" 

"Hey, Brother Gamer, which one is best nearby?" 

"Life Is Like A Film…" 


"You guys can go out and I'll ask someone to bring you guys there…" 

"Is it fast? Can we reach home before breakfast?" 

"That depends on yourself." 

"I, the Han... *cough* *cough* with my strength, I would only reach home next month for breakfast. But due to the time constraint… I've no choice." 

"Get the f*ck off! Stop bullshitting and get going!" 

Staring at the three of them, Gamer gave it a thought. Judging from their conversations, it looks like they will come to the North District often. He then facepalmed. I really don't want to deal with these people who I couldn't see through. 


The next day. 

Wu Na set up breakfast on the table. Seeing Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan havin a stick of cigarette in each of their mouths while waiting for food, she became so mad that a green vein appeared on her forehead and shouted, "Cigarettes!" 

The three of them immediately put their cigarettes away and sat up straight. 

"It sure was an interesting night…" Liu Bei. 

"That wing is sure strong…" Cao Cao started fighting the golden crab bun with Lin Le. 

"Why did mine feel like there was an electric shock? Even though it was quite fun, I’m feeling numb now…" Sun Quan was having porridge with steamed fish. 

"It's your turn to go fishing today…" Ye Cang opened a can of beer and Wu Na complained. "Drinking beer early in the morning, be careful that it might affect…" 

Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. "Beer with fermented bean curd sounds good." 

"......" Everyone was speechless.