"Old Liu, Old Cao and Old Sun, actually, this house is also a workplace. Little Tian, explain to them," Ye Cang once again asked Little Ye Tian to fill them in with some fun facts and let them experience the virtual world. The three of them were amazed and knew that the virtual world was just like a dream and it did not consume any energy. They then agreed to join Happy Firmaments studio and wait for the game to activate after Chinese New Year. 

"I’ve asked someone at Really New Village to guide them. It all depends on you when they go out of the village." ThornyRose said. The game has started for almost half a year. I bet it will be impossible for these three to reach the first stairs even if they're really good and I don't even know how good they are. But my husband has the ability to gather all kinds of weird and insane people together. Judging from it, these three cousins must be some weirdo too. They're already almost 40 years old and they’re still having part time jobs and studying at university. They are surely one family… 

"Son-in-law!" Qin San's voice was heard and ThornyRose rolled her eyes when she saw her parents carrying presents. 

"Uncle and aunt, what brought the two of you here. Where's Lord Qin?" 

"There’s a matter with the family. Don’t worry about him." Qin San then saw Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan. These three people had the fate of a royal family and the manners of a king. I could not see through their strengths. "We have visitors?" 

"His three cousins," ThornyRose smiled. 

"My name is Qin San." 

"Liu Bei."

"Cao Cao." 

"Sun Quan." 

“.......” Qin San stunned for a second and stared at Ye Cang who was walking towards him and back to the other three. The names...

“Mind me asking, what are you guys currently doing?” Qin San sat down as he placed the presents.

“I deliver food,” Liu Bei answered lazily. 

“I’m a waiter in a bar,” Sun Quan pinpointed a few train stations he used on the hologram map. 

“I fry french fries in KenJJ,” Cao Cao was browsing an online shopping website. 

“......” Qin San smirked. They are surely his cousins.

“Hey, quickly. You guys are supposed to go fishing today. Or else, there will be nothing to eat this afternoon. I’m planning to make sashimi later,” Ye Cang urged the three of them.

Liu Bei stretched and went off fishing with Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and their driving instructor Little Ye Tian.

“Old Sun! Bring back a squid! It’s tasty if you eat it raw!” Zhang Zhengxiong waved his hands. Maybe sashimi is the only food that my brother is good at cooking since it doesn’t need any seasoning.

“Alright!” Sun Quan was an expert in fishing. 

“The three cousins of yours...their auras are extraordinary as it seems…” Qin San smiled.

“*Sigh* They spent most of their time training in a place isolated from the world. They have never seen how the world really is. It was only because their place was destroyed by natural disasters that they have to come and seek shelter from me and plan to join the society to continue their training…” Ye Cang nodded with a sigh and explained righteously. 

“Oh, I see…” Qin San was surprised and Wu Na facepalmed. Did you really believe his bullshit?!

“Hey, the two of you, come out. Let me see your training progress today.” Qin San dragged his two apprentices to the beach and Zhao Xiangyu quickly came to the entryway to watch. Seeing the two of them being tortured severely and unable to pull out from the Yin Yang Divine Trigram, she was shocked. Wow! This uncle is so strong! Heh! Serve y’all right! That’s for bullying me almost every day! Haha! From the corner of his eyes, Lin Le saw Zhao Xiangyu laughing at them. “Brother Lil’Xiong... she’s laughing at us…”

“We’ll help her train her flexibility tomorrow...” Zhang Zhengxiong readjusted his dislocated arm.

“......” Zhao Xiangyu immediately dripped cold sweat. She immediately turned around and attacked the same point repeatedly with a fixed position. Meanwhile, Qin San was surprised with Zhang Zhengxiong’s and Lin Le’s improvement. At the same time, he had noticed Zhao Xiangyu’s practice. Her foundation and her repetitive action… it is as if she is training herself to be a machine that will never go wrong on any attack. It must be my son-in-law who made her do so. He then turned around to see his two apprentices lying on the beach like two dead dogs. They sure improved at a fast speed. Zhengxiong can now combine both gentle and strong elements and Lin Le’s attacks are sure unpredictable! If I’m not mistaken, I saw them infusing their skills with the Lin family’s sword art and the Zhang family’s blade technique. These two will definitely be great heroes in the future! I bet I would have nothing else to teach them in two years’ time. He stared at Ye Cang. “My good son-in-law, let’s have some training too.”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea… it’s Chinese New Year…” Ye Cang shook his head. Upon saying, Ye Cang dashed at Qin San because he had noticed his intention of attacking.

Damn, he is good! He actually sees through my strategy! Despite being shocked, Qin San casually blocked Ye Cang’s punch with Reverse of Heaven and Earth. His left hand surged with black energy and the other was white.

“Boom! Boom!”

The two of them were attacking each other with their palms and fists. Ye Cang’s fists landed on Qin San’s palms, letting out a loud and scary sound as if a cannon was shooting. The shockwave caused everyone’s hair to sway. 


Ye Cang got hit by Qin San’s White Thunder at his stomach and went flying before crashing into the entryway and breaking the door.

“The door…” Wu Na.

Immediately, Qin San dashed inside and they burst out from the rooftop.

“The rooftop…” Fang Ci.

Ye Cang’s speed increased tremendously out of a sudden. He stepped in the mid-air and made a backflip. With a few explosions, he knocked Qin San back into the house from the rooftop.  

A beam of white light shone and a source of circular white energy with a black pattern exploded, destroying the house into pieces.

“The house is gone…” SpyignBlade mumbled. 

As the house crumpled, the two of them were still staring at each other on the grounds of the house. Ye Cang’s clothes were completely destroyed by Revolving Spirit Steps, revealing his skinny naked upper body. Even though he was skinny, veins could be seen clearly. It was terrifying. Meanwhile, Father Qin’s clothes were messy and a source of black energy was swirling around his hand. Ye Cang then lifted his hands. “Let’s stop here. If we continue, the entire place will be gone. Besides, I won’t get anything even if we continue. Father-in-law, I surrender.”

Qin San looked around. Indeed. The battle was so intense that I didn’t even notice the surroundings. But this fella’s might be stronger than me. I couldn’t take my eyes away off him for a second. His speed is just too fast and his strength is equivalent to Holy Power. He then smiled. “Son-in-law, you’re just being humble. You guys can temporarily stay at my house. We’ll rebuild this place.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary. I have the number of the mysterious reconstruction team…”

“The mysterious reconstruction team that was once advertised by the Chrysanthemum Emperor himself? Son-in-law, I’m impressed. Usually, the same person could only call the team’s phone number once. They would change the number after every call. There was once when I tried my best to find it but I still couldn’t.” Qin San knew that there was a mysterious reconstruction team in China. Their construction speed was just like the speed of light as they could finish building a bungalow in one night. Yet, their contact is unknown. It really depends on fate to get their contact number. You might be lucky enough to find it in between a stack of brochures or on a random lamppost that you walk past. The brochure will appear the same as ordinary ones but their contact would be printed at the bottom. Sometimes, it might be possible to appear behind the door of a public toilet or even in a packet of junk food. Outrageous, isn’t it? It’s so mysterious that up until today, no one knows their true identity.