“Hey? Isn’t this what I found when I was having snacks last time?” Lin Le craned his neck and took out a bunch of cards that had the mysterious hotline of the renovation experts from his mini bag. Qin San estimated there were at least 70 to 80 cards from a glance. “Give me some.”

“I want some too!” Thorny Rose quickly said. 

“Alright.” Lin Le gave them seven to eight cards and kept the remaining ones in his bag. 

Staring at the cards in his hand, Qin San realized the cards were from different brands and different sources. There was even an ice cream stick.

Staring at Lin Le’s bag, ThornyRose had the urge to see what else he had inside. With Lin Le’s incredible luck, the things inside had to be very impressive. But I’m curious and scared at the same time… what if he has something that can wipe out the entire human race? I better not look at it. “By the way, I didn’t see you carrying this bag before…”

“Oh, it appeared on it out of a sudden a few days ago, saying it had completed…” Not waiting for Lin Le to finish, Ye Cang interrupted. “Alright, let’s call the hotline and discuss the reconstruction now.”

Ye Cang knew that Lin Le’s bag was actually a hyperdimensional item. It has a large space in it but it just looks perfectly normal from the outside. Lin Le kept a lot of his collections inside, including unexpectable ones that were beyond the knowledge of laymen. Upon thinking about the Holy Lance in his spine and Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, he felt that he knew too little about this ‘world’. 

“Hello? May I know what you want to build?

Immediately, all kinds of packages and prices were sent in a hologram and everyone circled around to start picking the model they like.

“The CM3000 Super Relaxing Bubble Bathtub! This is a must! It looks super cool!”

“We can have that.”

“Brother, let’s pick a Golden Sauna Room. We can relax in there at night after training. How about that?”

“Not bad too.”

“Let’s have a three-storey house. Make it bigger.”

“I want a music room!”

“We can have a martial arts center just beside our house.”

“A meeting room. This is a must! We need regular family meetings or battle meetings.”

“In terms of style, I think we can choose natural wood which has a vintage feel,” Ye Cang accepted everyone else’s suggestion and then proceeded to choose the style for the house. 

“Brother Lil’White! Brother Lil’White! There are also outbuildings! Look! They have a manor too! Since Little Ye Tian always goes against you, we can get that betrayer to manage the farm!”

“Hmmm… Lele has a point. We can open up and make good use of the unused land.”

Zhang Zhengxiong and the others gave Lin Le a stare. “......”

On the sea. Little Ye Tian who was sitting on the shipboard sensed a chilly breeze and was bothered by a cold, causing her to keep on sneezing. “Lele must be bad-mouthing me!”

Sun Quan then scooped up a gigantic squid and tied it to the boat. “This should be enough…”

“Duh! This thing is even bigger than the boat! Let’s go back!” Liu Bei hooked up another big fish.

Cao Cao then took control of the boat. After setting the autopilot, he came to the fence and stared at the horizon. He turned around to see Sun Quan wearing a diving suit and Liu Bei sitting on a rocking chair in his bathrobe. 

His coat was swaying in the wind. 

Cao Cao took out a cigar and got lost in his thoughts. We had been killing and battling each other. But in the end, our main aim is still to maintain peace for everyone… The storm may be terrible but there will always be a rainbow after it… well, at least until the next storm arrives…. With a smile hung on his face, he sang out loud, “No mountain will ever think it is too high and no sea will ever think it is too deep. I’ll strive to be like the Duke of Zhou who never gets tired of knowledge and I shall have all the talented people under me…”

“God damn it! He’s acting again. What’s the big deal of having a few poems?!” Liu Bei taunted him. 

“Oh, come on, Brother Xuande. If we use the modern term to describe Old Cao, he has Chūnibyō or also known as the middle-school second-year syndrome. Oh wait, no, he’s middle-aged already.” Sun Quan took off his diving suit. 

“......” Cao Cao was pissed off. These two bastards.

The boat was getting closer to the shore. 

“I didn’t see our house…” Cao Cao’s words made Little Ye Tian who was scrolling through the market information came to his side. Indeed, the house is gone. The location is not wrong. The wharf is here too. She then contracted her pupils, “The house is gone but the foundation is still here. There are a few tents beside it.”

As they got off the boat, they saw a bunch of people observing and thinking about what to build on the beach.

“Father. Brother Lil’White, this is…”

The four of them stared at the broken furniture and wood.

“He and his father-in-law had a fight, destroyed the entire house… and now we had engaged the mysterious ornament team to rebuild the house.” Wu Na was still deciding on how she was going to decorate her music room.

“Mysterious reconstruction team?”

“Yeap, in the legends, they are known as the fastest construction workers and they are mysterious. For a few hundred years, no one knew their details or even saw how they work,” Little Ye Tian knew about these myths which were apparently true.

“Oh yeah, cousins, you guys are sleeping in the green tent tonight. Just cram in for a while.” Seeing the iced gigantic squid stored behind the boat, Wu Na facepalmed. There was once when we wasted huge effort in persuading those three fellas to let go of the creature but who knows, in the end, it was caught again. This is so huge. When will we finish eating it?!

“Alright.” Liu Bei thanked her and Wu Na walked away embarrassedly to talk with ThornyRose, FrozenCloud, and Little Tong to discuss the reconstruction. 

“Do you guys have anything you want in the new facilities?” Ye Cang asked as he showed them. 

“Do they have a brothel?” Liu Bei scrolled through it and asked. 


“How about a whorehouse?” Cao Cao did not give up.


Looking at Sun Quan who was about to open his mouth, Ye Cang took a deep breath and screamed, “I know what you want to say but the answer is no! F*ck off!” 

“Actually, what I wanted to say is that we should get some beneficial public facilities.”

“For example?”

“A public female changing room. And for the sake of their safety, we should install a couple of CCTVs.”

“......” Ye Cang facepalmed.

“What a nice idea, Old Sun.” Zhang Zhengxiong put his arm around Sun Quan and laughed. 

The four of them glanced at each other and smirked. 

“Even you would say such nonsense!” Ye Cang smacked Zhang Zhengxiong’s head from the back.

“This is the content of the textbook in the past semester. You three better study well, or else you won’t be able to catch up.”

Upon receiving the materials, the three of them started reading. On the other hand, Ye Cang was dismantling the gigantic squid on the beach, preparing lunch for everyone. When Qin San and his wife heard Ye Cang was about to cook, they rushed back to the Imperial Capital, coming up with an excuse that they had something to do. 

After cutting the ingredients, Ye Cang sighed, “It’s a waste of my seasonings.”

“Luckily, you don’t have it. Can you guys imagine putting fermented bean curd into a frog’s stomach and storing it in an earthen jar filled with coke, star anise, aromatic ginger, Lanxangia tsaoko and some hot lard for a 30-day fermentation. Can you imagine how it will taste?!” Wu Na ate it after dipping the squid into some soy sauce and wasabi.

“Should be tasty. Ask Little Tian about it,” Ye Cang replied. 

Little Ye Tian immediately vomited some of her gastric acids due to a bad experience. There was once when Ye Cang was just about to open the jar, she was trying to lick his boots so she was asked to try that with bread and blueberry jam on the spot Upon recalling the horrible taste that spread throughout her whole body and through her spine, she shrugged and mumbled, “Very...very...very...tasty…”

“......” Everyone was speechless.