The tents were arranged in a circular manner, surrounding a fire in the center to provide some heat in the cold. Everyone was cutting slices of the sashimi, grilling them over the fire and chit-chatting with each other. 

The night had fallen. 

In the tent, Sun Quan was reading ‘Self-development of An Actor’. “Hey, Old Liu, what’s your opinion on the relationship between the body and the soul and between actions and emotions? They said external actions would aid in internal functions and internal functions would however trigger external actions.” 

“Oh, that’s simple. Just imagine you’re f*cking a girl. From the outside to the inside and back to the outside. Is it easier to understand now?” Liu Bei was reading ‘The Value of Marketing from the Perspective of Philosophy’.

“You’ve got a point there.” Sun Quan had gotten the idea of it. Seeing Cao Cao smirking at a side, Sun Quan craned his neck over to see what he was doing. “This is?”

“I accidentally got to know a girl named Wenji. I asked her whether she knows the Eighteen Song of a Nomad Flute and she said she knows Eighteen Taking-off…”

“Wow, impressive!” Liu Bei threw away his materials and came over. “ Cai Wenji… by the way, Old Cao, with your personality, can I assume that Old Cai’s daughter is…”

“Bullshit! I’ve thought of it but I’ve definitely never done it. There’s still some morality in me, alright. Do you think I’m you? F*ck your mother-in-law and then f*ck her daughter… caused so much trouble to their entire family…” Cao Cao’s words made Sun Quan frustrated. Even though he isn’t talking about me, he does sound like it indirectly. “You aren’t any better too. You almost laid your hands on Lady Zhen but your son is even more terrible. He’s picking what his father left behind…”

“*Sigh* It’s not like you don’t know Old Cao’s personality.” Liu Bei’s words reminded Sun Quan of Lady Sun and Empress Dowager, “You this immoral bastard! You are just the same as him!” 

The three of them started to argue with each other. Just then, the girl named Wenji went offline and the argument stopped. They focused on the screen and worked with each other to analyze the meaning of Eighteen Taking-off.


In the other tent. 

“Just where do your cousins come from?” ThornyRose asked.

“From time immemorial, in the great land of China, there’s a place where no outsiders have ever come to. It’s no other than Mount Rakshasa. It was isolated from the world and for generations, they trained there. My cousin belongs to the guards of Rakshasa Peak. Unfortunately, natural disasters happened and it turned the place into a hell of a mess. So, it left them no choice but to seek shelter from me. The scenes of an elder holding my hands on top of the peak during my young times and enjoying the breathtaking scenery where clouds of mist surrounding the peak. Never thought of  that happening…”

“Didn’t you say you are an orphan being adopted by someone?!”

“That’s not the main point, okay? Well, I’ll just tell you about it. I was abandoned because I peed at the Soul Tree and then I was adopted by someone else…” Ye Cang opened the tent and stared into the night sky. 

Unable to accept that ThornyRose actually believed such nonsense, Wu Na facepalmed and went off to sleep. 

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong was staring at the snake earring and the crystal rock Ran Min gave him whereas Lin Le was digging his mini bag. There’s always new stuff in this black bag! I’m so happy! This is… a seed? I’ll plant it once the manor is built. “Brother Lil’Xiong, Brother Lil’Xiong, Lele wants to pee. Can you accompany me?”

"*Sigh* I just can't say no to you, Lele. Let's go…" Zhang Zhengxiong got up reluctantly and went out of the tent with Lin Le, with an arm across his shoulder. 

In FrozenCloud's and Little Tong's tent. Seeing Little Tong praying to Flasher Uncle's holy image before sleeping, FrozenCloud laid down with a headache. "Little Tong, to be honest, why do you admire Flasher Uncle so much?" 

"Because he is the absolute truth in this world! He is a living god!" After finishing the ritual, Little Tong came to the sleeping bag beside FrozenCloud, preparing to sleep. "Sister Lil'Dino, next time if you happen to touch Lord Flasher Uncle, use your heart to feel it. You'll then be open to his aura." 

"......" FrozenCloud was speechless as she stared at Little Tong who immediately dozed off. The East District is really a weird place. 

Meanwhile, in SpyingBlade's and Fang Ci's tent, they were discussing the matters and the situation in the 10 Commandments.

"I think WarSoul always goes against us." Fang Ci felt that it was the same in the meeting that day. 

“She is not going against us but the fang which consists of Silver Demon, ColdMoon, Hunting flame and us. WarSoul is not weak and is indeed very cautious in doing her job. Even though she is afraid of ColdMoon, we still have to minimise the possibility of an argument," SpyingBlade patted Fang Ci's shoulder. 

"Wow, Brother Lil'Xiong, are they hinting each other with some gay signs?" 

"I think so. Patting shoulders means 'lie down and face your back against me' and know.." 

Lin Le immediately closed the tent. "Oops, I'm sorry to interrupt…" 

"......" The two of them were speechless. 


In the end. At Little Ye Tian's and Zhao Xiangyu's tent. 

"I wish I could torture Master Uncle Lele and Master Uncle Lil'Xiong in my lifetime." 

"Hmm… I do wish to see you punish that bastard Lele. Well, I will try my very best to help you to improve."

"By the way, Master Little Tian, why do you hate Master Uncle Lele so much?" 

"Because he is really annoying! He always blames me, tricks me, threatens me and still acts like an obedient child! Even in my dreams, I’d wish to tear him apart! Bastard! Damn Lele!" Little Ye Tian was complaining in a low tone. 

"...... " Zhao Xiangyu was speechless . You just want to get your revenge huh. 


The next day. 

"It's done!" he exclaimed. 

That prompted everyone to unzip the tent. What came into their eyes was the newly built bungalow and manor. Surrounding them was nothing at all but the cold morning breeze and the cry of seagulls.

"Mysterious as it seems. There's no sign of setting up or moving or the sound of construction. Nothing at all." Ye Cang frowned a little. To say that this group of builders are mysterious is totally an understatement. I have been staying alert the entire night. What a waste that I didn't unzip the tent or peek out of it. 

When all of them entered the bungalow, all the fine details were built as designed and planned. There were not even a slightest difference at all. Ye Cang took a deep breath but could not smell any new furniture. It was as if the bungalow had been there since long ago. 

Lin Le immediately went for a shower in the bathtub and Zhang Zhengxiong headed to the sauna room. Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan followed Zhang Zhengxiong. 

"This feeling is not bad. Only if we can have a few beautiful girls…" 

"I know right…" 

Staring at her own exclusive music room, Wu Na was thinking of bringing all her instruments here. The band can practice here in the future! 

Ye Cang checked his private ingredients room and cellar while Wu Na and the others pasted 'Biological room. Living beings are forbidden.' They even went to the extent of pasting hazard warning signs like those for radiation, poison, flammable contents, the one with a skull and many others. 

They inspected the bungalow and came to their amazement that there were neither problems nor flaws. After they finished picking their respective rooms, they walked to the manor. The fencing and land were perfectly great. Ye Cang then patted Little Ye Tian’s shoulder as if he was going to assign some heavy responsibility to her. “Little Tian, you will be responsible for all kinds of plants, vegetables and any other things on this manor. Lele suggested it and everyone agreed… So, good luck.”

Little Ye Tian glared at Lin Le with much resentment. I’ve only gone out to fish in one morning and you got me in such trouble! Damn Lele! No wonder I felt something was wrong when I was out at sea! However, seeing the expectation and hope in Ye Cang’s eyes, she pouted. “I got it, father. Leave it to me…”

Lin Le was happily staring at the blue sky, humming the lyrics of a few songs. 

Due to the fact that the daily supplies were not prepared, Ye Cang dismissed everyone and let them go out to shop for the supplies they needed.