As they were busy decorating the house, Chinese New Year came to an end. Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle, and Lin Liang came to visit.

Ye Cang introduced Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan to them. They were curious and were examining the visitors from top to bottom, especially towards Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle. Cao Cao sighed in his heart. If such a talented person exists in our era, touching this holy creature might have saved Chong’er’s life. 

Liu Bei had a catch-up session with Lin Liang at a side. 

Surprisingly, Sun Quan and Panty Uncle were getting along very well and they even exchanged contacts. Not long later, what they saw was Liu Bei making sandals during his free time. They were amazed by his incredible skills. With Panty Uncle suggestions, Liu Bei used different colors of thatches and vintage accessories and a pair of wonderful sandals were made in no time. This caused the girls to make an order with him. Liu Bei then quickly attended to them and made the sandals according to their needs. 

“How many years of weaving experience does one need to have to reach such a high level…This is unbelievable.” Panty Uncle was amazed by Liu Bei’s incredible talent and ability in weaving sandals. 

As Liu Bei weaved, he was thinking of something else. I’ve been in this realm for a while now. In the realm of hero spirit, I was weaving sandals when I was free and read some books which are good for health. Of course, these books are good for health in all sorts of ways.  Hmm...

Suddenly, Panty Uncle had an idea in mind. In my next masterpiece, I must ask Brother Liu to help me weave the accessories. He then exchanged contacts with Liu Bei and started talking about the talents they have. It was as if they found their soulmates. Panty Uncle even told him about his own blueprint and Liu Bei shared his opinion, “I think you don’t have to use these small filthy flowers as the accessories in your blueprint. With the Peony flower, it can suppress all other flowers and the moment one takes off the shirt will be so cool!”

“So, you are saying I should change it to Chinese style?” Originally, Panty Uncle was thinking of using Iris flower, gold Impatien, and Red Spider Lily as accessories but Liu Bei’s idea on Peony made him change his mind. I have never tried mixing Chinese elements into panties. His mind was filled with a myriad of ideas. “Thank you, Brother Liu. That’s something new for me to learn.”

“Oh, come on, I learnt a lot too by just talking to you. It looks like Brother Panty is not familiar with Chinese style…” Liu Bei, as the Emperor of Han, could not bring himself to give up on the ancient Chinese style. T-shirts, jeans, and other clothing were not acceptable to him. The bathrobe is already at my limits. But of course, a female school uniform can be kept as a backup. It’s so comfortable and good-looking. I wonder how that girl is doing now. Liu Bei then grabbed Panty Uncle’s hand and explained the Han style. Everything was so new to Panty Uncle as if he discovered a new world. Having a new field or area to be explored is the greatest thing ever to a craftsman. Besides, Liu Bei’s description was so detailed that it was as if he had once lived in that era. Panty Uncle was even amazed.

“Don’t tell me that Panty Uncle and Old Liu…” Lele was watching the trailer of The Sisters 2.

“It might be possible. Look. They are facing each other and holding hands. The only thing they’ve not done is kissing.” FrozenCloud was a little depressed when she said that because Panty Uncle was well-known as an irreplaceable idol and he was also the dream man of every woman in Lin Hai. 

“But Old Liu is a little pervert. I don’t think Panty Uncle favors him.” Little Ye Tian’s words triggered ThornyRose. So, you’re saying a person who comments on others’ panties and bras is not perverted?!

Meanwhile, Cao Cao was staring at Flasher Uncle. They then became best friends too after toasting with each other. Maybe they shared the same personality.

On the last day of Chinese New Year, the market was extremely deserted. The tourists were shocked. Where are the people?!

Old Wang and the others were invited to the beach for a buffet dinner. The other visitors were setting a fire on the sand at the beach. Seeing such a cheerful scene, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan were happy. Isn’t this what we wanted after all? They then joined Lin Le and the other citizens who were dancing the Agogo dance around the fire. When Ye Cang got his grilling stand ready, Wu Na and the others took control over the seasonings as a precautionary step. Old Wang, Old Marilyn, and Old Li were advised to give up on cooking and focus on being the guests who should be having fun at the beach, enjoying the free-flow of food and beer and chit-chatting with others. As for Zhang Zhengxiong, Little Ye Tian, SpyingBlade, Fang Ci, Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle, ThornyRose, and Ye Cang, they were the hosts-cum-waiters, busying serving the citizens. Little Ye Tian was working on coming up with the most effective routes to replenish the food. 

“Ah! Panty Uncle! Give me a glass of Martini! I’m going to keep that in my mouth for my entire life, not gonna spit it out!”

“...... Wtf! Can you be more disgusting?!”

“I want to lick Flasher Uncle’s…” a young lady mumbled as she saw the elephant swaying. However, everyone’s expressions made her embarrassed and she wanted to dig a hole to hide her face. Just then, a warm hand patted her shoulders. She raised her head to see Fang Tong and she stammered, “Saint...Saintess…”

“I understand how you feel. You don’t have to care about what others think of you. Here you go. It’s the religion conversion form. Fill it up. I’ve faith in you.” Fang Tong’s smile made her shocked and took the form with much gratitude. “Thank you, Saintess!”

“Don’t feel lost. The elephant will guide you to the right path…” Fang Tong helped her to get up and left. Staring at Flasher Uncle who was dancing, she thought, Father! I’ve recruited another believer!

“Are you sure that’s your sister?” SpyingBlade was holding the bottle opener.

“I…” Fang Ci was holding the wine as he recalled the girl who was running around cheerfully. Staring at the moon hanging brightly in the night sky, he sighed. Flasher Uncle, out of so many abilities, why would you have such perverted ones? Worst still, it has to be on that part!

SpyingBlade knew how Fang Ci was feeling. However, Fang Tong’s status in Lin Hai was considered high-ranked. The Holy Elephant religion was so famous. Even though those who joined were just ordinary individuals, there were quite a number of talented people. They are all from different classes of the society and she is the only saintess in this religion. No one would ever think of hurting her. According to the information on hand, her underlings might have recruited people blindly without her knowing. Yet, this religion has been secretly approved by Lin Hai officials and even the underground society had accepted it.

Laughter, screams, and chatters filled the chilly beach. However, at the staircase to Songyang Coast, there was a  notice. ‘Private party. Ordinary people are not allowed to enter. PS: Especially people from the student council!’


The next day. When Chinese New Year was over.

Ye Cang brought Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan to the East District City College for admission.

Zhang Shaofeng received the new students’ information and stared at it with a weird look. “It’s his relatives again and from they’re from the Imperial Capital too. Worst still, they are almost in their 40s already. Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan. These names are obviously faked. Even if you wanted to do human trafficking, that’s not the way! Is this how human trafficking is like in the Imperial Capital?!”

Sadly, he facepalmed. “Lil’Li, what do you think?”

“They have proper procedures and documents. What else can we do? We can just accept it.” Li Lijia smiled bitterly. 

“No, I’m not talking about that. The Five Schools Competition, do you want to…”

“Hey, hey, if this is spread out, you and I wouldn’t be staying in Lin Hai anymore.”

“These three people must be related to the Dragon Group. Should we give them scholarships or grant them some special rights? You and I have used all the recommendation letters. Let’s think of something else.”

“Ye Cang had completed the Great Christmas Battle and defeated the student council. It is not a problem for him to abolish the recommendations of a few people from the East District student council. But are we really going to let these old men be in the team?”

“Forget about it. I must win this! But let’s test their abilities first.”

“Don’t tell me that it’s going to be me again.”

“Come on, Lil’Li.”