Ye Cang helped Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan find their respective major classrooms and asked them to come back home for the game.

However, just when they were about to wander around to familiarize themselves with the place, they were called to meet Zhang Shaofeng in the administration building. 

Zhang Shaofeng lowered his head to look at their movements through the screen. One works as a food deliveryman, the other works in a bar and the last one works at KenJJ. All these are typical part-time jobs for students and they are almost 40 years old. This is so wrong.

“Here they are.” Li Lijia said in a low tone. Staring at the three of them, Zhao Shaofeng immediately felt he had to be loyal to them. These three are nowhere near ordinary! “I’ve asked you guys to come alone so I can privately ask if you guys are interested in joining the Five Schools Competition.”

“What does that mean?” Cao Cao did not understand but he was taught that this administration building for the entire East District. It was equivalent to a military disciplinary office in an army. Its job scope was very wide and it was a department with strong power.

Li Lijia was speechless as she could not believe that there were people who did not know about the Five Schools Competition. But still, she explained and described the competition, its purposes, and rules to them. 

"Oh, so there's a ranking between citizens? What rank are we in?” Liu Bei heard that members of the Five Schools Competition could be promoted as second-ranked citizens.

“Fourth-ranked,” Li Lijia replied.

“Old Cao, Old Sun, what do you guys think?”

“There’s no harm participating since we are here to experience life but if possible, we should try not to join battles and killings. I’m heartless. I would just sit back and watch. If we happen to get the second-ranked citizenship, I believe our reading rights would increase too. I wanted to read those limited edition poems.”

“If we are second-ranked citizens, we would feel less burden in terms of academics.” 

“Let’s join then,” the three of them discussed secretly and came up with a decision. It’s stupid not to take advantage of it.

“We’re willing to join,” Liu Bei represented them to answer with a smile.

“But before allowing you guys to join. I would like to see how strong you are.” Li Lijia stepped out. They were stunned for a second and could not refrain from laughing. Cao Cao patted Sun Quan’s shoulder, “Old Sun, you’re the weakest among us so you’ll go. Be quick. Brother Lil’White is still waiting for us.”

Sun Quan wanted to object but he could not as he was indeed no match for the two of them in terms of martial arts. With a sigh, he took a step forward and examined Li Lijia from top to bottom. I bet this bastard Liu Bei is the strongest among us. His battle skills are on par with a few top generals. “Come on.”

Li Lijia dashed over and Sun Quan laid his hand on the Sword of Destiny. Suddenly, he realized something and let go of it with a bitter smile. He then glared at her. That pair of greenish-blue eyes made Li Lijia shocked. Staring at his eyes, Li Lijia felt as if she was about to be frozen to death, including her soul. Her movements were getting slower and her limbs and legs were getting weaker. With a cold smirk, Sun Quan reached out and grabbed Li Lijia’s throat with ease.

“Enough!” Zhang Shaofeng shouted at once. Sun Quan released her and helped her get up with a graceful smile. “I’m sorry, lady.”

“Wow, I think this is his true personality…” Liu Bei whispered.

“It is only now that you’re realizing? That bastard is cold-blooded,” Cao Cao said.

“I think you’re no different. You acted as if it was nothing when your son was killed.”

“Brothers are like arms and legs… oh, what’s the next sentence again?”


“Let’s go,” Sun Quan said and the three of them left the building.

Zhang Shaofeng immediately got to Li Lijia’s side and shook her who was still in trauma. “Hey, are you alright?”

Moments later, Li Lijia came back to her senses. Upon thinking about the heartless smile and the hand that almost took away her life, she mumbled, “I think we have just invited some incredible people. If possible, try not to ask them to battle… It’s too dangerous.”

“I agree. They dare sneer at their opponents. By just looking at this Sun Quan guy, I can tell he’s a heartless person. For one second I thought he would kill you.”

“Besides, I think I heard Cao Cao say this Sun Quan guy is the weakest among them. I can’t imagine how strong the other two will be.”

“......” The two of them stared at the door where they left.

At the reminder from ThornyRose in the Imperial Capital, Ye Cang reluctantly logged in to the game. Staring at Thousand Peak Mountain and back to Goddess City, he took off his wolf-headed hood. I better go check on the mental status of those four goddesses.

On the other side, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan also logged in to the game with Little Ye Tian’s help.

Staring at the epic-ranked magic battle, they reached the character-building page.

Liu Bei was doing research on races. However, with Little Ye Tian’s suggestions, he chose Human. Damn it, if there is another new game, I must investigate the races more. But for now, it’s better to just catch up with them. The other two did the same. 

Choosing a class.

Staring at the classes, Liu Bei wondered, “Fighter? It sounds so rough. Monk, Mage, Summoner and Astromancer. If I choose these evil magic stuff, doesn’t it mean I’m the same as Zhang Jue and Zuo Ci? Thief? You want me, a great emperor to be a thief?! He rolled his eyes and continued to search for it. Ranger and Hunter. It sounds too wild and doesn’t suit my personality. Priest and Paladin. Hmm…holy, strong and fighting for justice? This is not bad. It kinda suits me. Keep it in view. Keep it in view. Grappler. Low-class people.” In the end, he picked Paladin.

Choosing a name.

Cao Cao thought for a second and typed ‘Cao Cao’.

“This username has been used.”

“Emperor of Wu.”

“This username has been used.”

“Looks like a lot of people remember me. How about ‘Mengde’s New Book’?”

“The username is available.”

In terms of image, Liu Bei chose middle-parted long hair. Cao Cao chose a 70-30-part plus a ponytail. As for Sun Quan, he made some changes and eventually chose spiky short hair. They pressed ‘enter’ and nodded.

“Congratulations! As the first X player to enter the game, you received a beginner’s chest box!”


Three Color Village.

The three of them stared at each other. 

“This is not bad. It’s so real. I feel like I’m controlling myself in dreams.” Liu Bei looked left and right and put his hands into his pockets.

“Indeed. But let’s confirm our team.” Cao Cao bent down to smell the aroma of the flowers. It was so real. 

“Oh yeah, what class did you guys choose?” Sun Quan was wondering what happened to his interface.

“Paladin,” Liu Bei answered.

“Me too,” Cao Cao said. 

“......” Even though Sun Quan was not familiar with the game, he knew that repeating classes means competition as he had done some research before entering the game, “We are all the same…”

He then saw Liu Bei’s username. Emperor of Han. I’m gonna f*ck you! You sure are shameless enough to pick that name! Old Cao’s is slightly better. Mengde’s New Book.

“OnlyLoveLadyBu. How can you even bring yourself to come out with such a disgusting name?!” Liu Bei started complaining when he found out Sun Quan’s ID.

“F*ck off! You have no right to talk! Emperor of Han, my ass!” Sun Quan shouted.

Cao Cao was speechless at their IDs. “Alright, alright. It’s enough. We better quickly go meet the people who are supposed to help us level up.”