Goddess City. Goddess Shrine. A bedroom in the palace.

The four goddesses were in a tense situation. Due to the exploitation of Thousand Peak Mountain, it granted luxurious rewards to the goddesses from the believers. Apart from the group belief, there was one exclusive belief which will grant either one of the goddesses in the shrine an extra belief power. Most importantly, it was the best power of all. Even though its rewards were not as great as the portion they get from the total rewards, it was still considered as quite a decent amount of belief power. Because of this matter, the four of them had different opinions about their turns of taking the rituals during the ceremony, leading to a fight between them.

“You three shameless b*tches! Great Sage is my direct believer and this is the truth. His sincere love for me is true. I could feel it from his faith and belief in me.” Anya hugged herself and blushed.

"Bullshit! The Great Sage is guided to find you! But you don't know how strong his biased love for my statue is," Marlow recalled her own statue. 

"Wow, two of you are sure daydreaming. I'm the prettiest here. No matter what, I'm the one he loves." Jam was doing a manicure. 

"You're the prettiest? I could even smell dirt from your body beyond the God realm." Aymuss was speechless.

Maru Naya heard some noise from outside and she sighed. Suddenly, a familiar shadow appeared. Just when Maru Naya wanted to remind them, Ye Cang stopped her. Quietly, he came to the door and saw the goddesses fighting. He casually took out a packet of nuts and enjoyed the show. Ah, I’ll never get bored with these scenes. Pull her panties! Crush her! Yes! Yes! That’s right! Fight harder!

Meanwhile, Maru Naya could not take it anymore. “*Cough* *Cough*”

The four goddesses did not bother and so Maru Naya coughed once again. They stopped and stared at her frustratedly. Yet, what came into their sight was Ye Cang eating a packet of nuts and their hearts sank.

“Just continue. Why did you guys stop? So, this is how you guys were behaving when I wasn’t around huh? You guys didn’t remember what I said at all…” Ye Cang kept away the packet of nuts and brushed his hands. He looked extremely disappointed. “Maybe the Goddess Association can be disbanded. You guys are not working together. The believers never lose their faith in you but you guys are here fighting each other. What a horrible scene. Since the believers are going to stop believing in you guys, why don’t we just disband the association now? I would be relatively free too. I could travel around the world, free and easy…living a life of killing monsters once in awhile… Goodbye…”

Ye Cang turned around and looked at the far end through the window. Slowly, he put his wolf-head hood on and was about to leave. Seeing Ye Cang behaving like that, the goddesses were shocked and quickly dashed towards him. Some of them hugged his thighs, some grabbed his body and some hugged his hand. “Great Sage, we are sorry!”

“Don’t go! We don’t know what to do without you!”

“We will disobey you anymore! We promise! Don’t go!”

Ye Cang sighed and said with a sad tone, “Actually...when I was about to leave...I realized that...I couldn’t let go of you guys. Alright, I’ll stay. But you guys have to be obedient, alright?”

The four of them nodded.

“Anyway… punishment is still required.” Ye Cang changed his tone and shut the door. Maru Naya managed to catch Ye Cang’s creepy smile in that split second. Even though the smile looked kind, there was still a chill hidden in it. It was as if he was the demon who chained the four goddesses rather than being chained by the four goddesses. She trembled. The door was already shut. I know what will happen next. She covered her ears with her hands just in time before the screams and cries inside burst out.

Moments later, Maru Naya saw Ye Cang walking out happily. She went to the door and looked inside. The goddesses’ clothes were in a mess and all of them were crumpling together, helping one another cover their private parts.

For the next few days, Ye Cang felt bored. I leveled up by completing a few missions from the Adventurers Association. As for Thousand Peak Mountain, I do not have to worry much as Little Ye Tian could handle it well. I had gotten bored with the monsters in the few other mountains too. Lele, A’Xiong, Old Zhao and the others are doing their class mission in Level 40. I’m already level 44 but I don’t have any class missions. I sort of doubt that my instructor is fake. That fella Linda taught me a few skills and gave me a badge to make me leave. If it wasn’t for her big breast that made me lose my senses - wait, I helped her to style her hair though, the view from above was something - I would have scolded her already!

Ye Cang then gathered the team of Happy Firmaments. ThornyRose came over too.

As most of the attendees including NalanPureSoul and RedMoon had arrived, Ye Cang started the meeting. “Actually, the aim of this meeting today is to decide where we should go next and… I forgot where we stopped before CNY…”

“Heroes share the same thoughts. Lele feels the same.” Lin Le nodded.

“......” Everyone was speechless. Only 20 days had passed.

“The project at the North border of the Planetary Empire and Thousand Peak Mountain is smooth. There’s no need to rush for exploiting the Great Wasteland and no need for us to go back to the Endless Swamp too yet. For our level, it’s tentatively energy-consuming to do so. We can wait for the construction to be done and the transportation relationship to be established so the high-level players can help us in going against the wormman. It helps us lower the risk and reduce danger in the area. Hence, what’s left for us to do is to continue searching for the hidden mission or artifacts in Black Peak. But of course, the decision is still up to the great wise father, you,” Little Ye Tian summarized what she had on hand and gave her own opinion.

“Not bad, Little Tian had just said what I wanted to say.” Ye Cang nodded satisfactorily and everyone was speechless. Didn’t you just say that you’ve forgotten everything?

Just as Little Ye Tian was being praised by Ye Cang, Lin Le’s ahoge swayed left and right and then straightened. An idea flashed through his mind, “Brother Lil’White! Brother Lil’White! Didn’t we get the whatever grave notebook in the Endless Swamp? Why don’t we go there to have a look? There must be a lot of treasures and chests waiting for us!”

“What an excellent idea! Not bad, Lin Le! After practicing Exploring-A-New-World Art, your intelligence is catching up with Little Tian’s,” and those words from Ye Cang made her daughter drop her jaw. Staring at Lin Le who was known to be almost catching up to her intelligence, Little Ye Tian thought of something. So, maybe I was just an idiot all these while...Ha..Ha..Ha… With a frown, she glared at Lin Le and then took a deep breath to calm herself down, “Father, I’ve thought of that as well but it’s not the right timing for us to go there at this time. Besides, the relationship between the elves and the Planetary Empire is still in a grey area. There are too many forces involved and the details about the graves are still unknown to us…”