Green Shades City was a city located at the intersection of the borders of the Planetary Empire and the Forest of Elves. It was quite a distance from White Stone City. Yet, there was a highway connecting both cities. Since it was a border city, there were quite a number of elves and human players. There were some complications on the forces among them too. Similarly, in the Forest of Elves, there was another city that was directly connected directly to Green Shade City. It was named Scandinar, located in the north-west of the forest. The main force in Green Shades City was the Fallen Star Pavillion but that was out of Ye Cang’s concern as he asked SpyingBlade to call his fiancée, Gongsun Qian. In return, they just had to let two more people join the quest.

Seeing Ye Cang and the others still chit-chatting in the restaurant without the intention to move, Gongsun Qian asked, “Shouldn’t we be going now?”

“We’re waiting for CloudDragon and LordAsked,” SpyingBlade told her and Gongsun Qian thought that the entire north region was in an alliance status, with HappyFirmaments, Lord’s Reign, Mad War, and Freedom Alliance separated. Among them, NalanPureSoul was being subdued by the white team. Yet, Mad War’s and Lord’s Reign’s powers were not weak although the Three Brothers had emperor ranks just like the Chrysanthemum Emperor. She was confident that nothing can overcome them at that point. They emerged as the champion in the first season and successfully challenged the legendary, becoming one of the most famous stars in the Hall of Frames. They obtained what Flame Emperor and the other players dreamt of. Most importantly, they acted as if they didn't care about it. In the Chrysanthemum Emperor’s era, he was the only demon but there are three now and all three of them are on the same team. Their chemistry is surely insane. Acting Emperor is fast and accurate, Roar Emperor is intimidating and good in battle skills and Root Emperor is unpredictable. With the three of them together, it was as if there were no flaws. Each of their strengths covers up each other’s weaknesses.

Upon thinking about it, Gongsun Qian saw CloudDragon, LordAsked, VastSea and Ji Xiao. "They are here." 

"Brother Lil'White, you're so unfriendly..." LordAsked smirked 

"Didn't I invite you guys to come along now? Forgive me…" Ye Cang shook hands with LordAsked. 

"Can you guys tell us about the details?" CloudDragon was eager to know about the quest. 

Little Ye Tian explained the Grave of 'The Hammer of Storm' briefly. 

"Unknown difficulty level and it's at the elves place…" LordAsked mumbled 

"Look, this expression of my brother shows he is scared…" Ji Xiao told AV, Lil'Wang, and the others. 

LordAsked raged and pulled him over to beat him up. 

"......" AV and the others were speechless. Even though we are close with him, sometimes we still don’t know if this fella did it on purpose. He always pisses his brother off. 

CloudDragon was hesitating too. Firstly, there are too many uncertainties. Secondly, deciding to go to the Elves Empire over Black Peak is a little irrational too. It's not the first time that these three idiots act according to their emotions. They only do whatever they like. If we’re having a huge loss here, it will affect our rating once it's over. We have pulled a great gap between the other nations but… we are adventurers! It wouldn’t be a quest if there’s no danger in the journey?! “Let's go then." 

"Looks like we have no objections here. Then, let's move out. This is the route map and layout planned by Little Tian." Ye Cang sent the information to CloudDragon and LordAsked. 

Staring at the notes and details written by Little Ye Tian, LordAsked was impressed. The plan was so detailed that every minor matter on the route was laid out. "If I’ve got an assistant like her, it'll take half the effort to reach emperor rank." 

CloudDragon did not say a word but looked at Little Ye Tian in amazement. This little girl’s analyzing and planning ability are indeed incredible. Among the people I’ve met, she is the best in handling information. Most importantly, she has the capability of reacting to situations. Her plan is always on point, steady, and effective. An adventurer who is not adventurous is the scariest! Even though VastSea is an all rounder, his ability is not top-notch. He is so calm that it frightens people. He would never go wrong in terms of mentality and his emotions would not be triggered easily as if he always looks at things from the bystander’s point of view. Never risks anything but would try his best when given an opportunity. When there is none, he would one for himself. He is a man who has foresights. He who doesn’t like to be adventurous is one of the best adventurers in the current league. His rating is above mine. That’s something I have to admit. This is because I’ve gone to his room before. A 100-square-feet room with simple decorations. Three pairs of shoes on the floor and seven sets of clothes in the closet. Other than those two, it was a summary of all his mistakes hanging on the walls. There was news about him making his first ever mistake that had caused the entire team to fail when he just debuted. He hung it on the wall near the end of his bed so he would see it whenever he goes to sleep or wakes up. His failure look, the crying teammates and the smiling opponents...

"With your annual salary, it shouldn't…" 

"Materialism will slow me down. I'm not as talented as you, CloudDragon. When I was in college, I wasn't even qualified for the Five Schools Competition. I could only try to understand myself better in order to play my cards more effectively, to accomplish the same thing with everything I had. To you, the game was just a challenge your family’s given you. But do you know? To me, it is everything. When I first got the ring, I was scared and excited at the same time. Looking at those people who are more talented than I am, I have no advantage over them. If I got lazy, I would be replaced. Yet, with those strong enemies in front of me, I couldn't be happy… "

" You are afraid that you would be beaten?"

" Yeap, but this fear makes me more excited. Isn't it contradicting? "

CloudDragon looked at him with a complicated expression. Through my observation, I realized that he treats himself more strictly than I do. He has a specific epigenetic clock, goes for slow jogs, plans his diet specifically, doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke or even flirt with girls. I bet he even records how many times he breathes. There were only things related to the game in his house and nothing else. He isn't even concerned with what happens in the entertainment field. Just like he said, he used all his energy to accomplish the one and only thing which is his professional gaming career, his game life. That’s all.

“You’ve never thought of getting married and building a family?”

“I’ve thought of it before but I’ll be ashamed if I have to tell my son that I’m a second-class professional gamer. Well, at the very least, before I’ve achieved my goal, I wouldn’t think about it…” VastSea started to meditate when CloudDragon left quietly. It causes a big impact on him this time. He then turned to see the ordinary condominium. “Looks like I’m too easy on myself.”

Just when CloudDragon left, VastSea gradually took a few pieces of tissue paper that he prepared. “Jerking after sports enhances the body and prevents us from falling ill…”