After some humble disguise, they left the border. However, MistyVeil from Misty Rain House still managed to get hold of their movements. Staring at the image received, she said, “Their aura would never change. The one sitting on the carriage is obviously that white-haired. That annoying eyes of his. It’s too obvious. Behind him… Oh?! LordAsked and CloudDragon are there too? The greatest leaders from the north border of the Planetary Empire are all in one place. What are they going to do? Is there some hidden epic team mission that requires them to don a disguise? Ordinary hidden story quests or treasure maps usually don’t even excite them. Three of the Four Heavenly Kings are here and the three new emperors too.”

MistyVeil raised her eyebrow. “Little Dream, ask the Misty Rain Council to keep an eye on their movements. If there’s anything, notify me immediately! Anything at all! Also, keep this matter a secret. You definitely cannot let anyone else know about it.” 

“Got it. I understood, sister,” WillowDream knew the importance of this matter.

Vegas. A small town located between Green Shades City and Scandinar. Also the only interchange station and the most complicated trading area.

The presence of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan who were only in Level 20 in the group made CloudDragon and LordAsked wonder. What allows them to stay in this team? Besides, all three of them are paladins. What kind of group are they planning to build? We even stopped by to kill some monsters for them to level up. Are these three very important? Through observations, CloudDragon knew that they were not ordinary people. Well, at least in terms of aura, they don’t look ordinary. They also possess the intimidating manner of a leader. Even though they are trying to suppress it, I could still sense it. They are definitely not low-level! But they’re actually relatively old… LordAsked also noticed it but the two of them did not ask any further. When they knew it was PaleSnow’s cousins, they understood the connection. 

“Old Cao, don’t you think this world brings you an opposite feeling? In the past, when you think of trees, a city will come into your mind and vice versa. Those good looking people with sharp ears almost catch up to me.”

“Beautiful on the outside but useless on the inside. Just like you.”

“Hey, the one who fries french fries in KenJJ, don’t talk so much.”

“Says the one who delivers food.”

“Shut up, waiter.”

“Hey guys, could you calm down for once? We are all in the same team now. We are all teammates,” Wu Na tried to stop the argument.

In the carriage, Lin Le was thinking about the plot in The Sisters 2 where they could be guest appearances. He was putting his backs into coming up with a good plot.

“We’ll first take a rest here before continuing our journey at night. It’s free and easy now but stay low and don’t cause any trouble. I’ll look around to see whether there are any local delights that would trigger my ideas on cooking.” Ye Cang stopped the carriage.

“......” All of them tried their very best to act like a business team and left the carriage at the inn.

As Ye Cang was wandering around, he activated his identifying skills to look at the materials sold by the stalls, trying to search for useful ingredients or original materials. Red crystal? I’ll buy it since it only costs 10 coins. Rotten flower pistil, the taste is indescribable. This is not bad either. Good for boiling soup? This is okay too. I’ll buy it! I’ll grab it! Hey?! What’s this?!

“How much is this?” Ye Cang took a dried rib.

“50 gold coins,” it was a green long-hair male elf player who was speaking. His equipment looked good. I bet he isn’t an ordinary player. 

“So expensive?” Ye Cang frowned. Even though he felt it was a good deal, his expression showed otherwise. He still had the urge to negotiate. Suddenly, a jade green seed caught his attention. Yet, that was besides the point as he merely glanced at it and looked at the seller. “I wanted to buy it but it’s too expensive.”

He then gradually put down the rib.

“40 gold coins is the minimum I could offer. We’ve died many times just to get this shit item! Even though I’m not sure what it is, it should be extraordinary. If you’re willing to buy the rib, I’ll give you the seed for free…” The male elf recalled the hidden tree hole. I died seven to eight times and dropped my level just to steal this from the guard. But who knows it was just for this stupid bone and a seed. Most importantly, when I got these items, the boss disappeared! I couldn’t even sell the information about it! The elf was getting furious and helpless at the thought of it.

Pinching his chin, Ye Cang went into his deep thoughts for a long time. “If this bone isn’t the item I needed for my class mission, I wouldn’t waste so much to buy it. 35 gold coins for the rib and seed. Deal?”

That caught the elf’s attention. Class mission?! To be able to join a class mission would definitely mean one was well off and had more money to spend. Looks like I’ve met a rich man! The elf then remembered that there was no hesitation before Ye Cang made the offer of 35 gold coins which was not a small amount. “40! Nothing less! Pay the price and get what you want!”

“Come on, brother, I really don’t have that much now. I only have 35 gold coins. But, how about this? I’ll give you two holy pills that can secure your life. I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.” Ye Cang took out two Lele’s soldier food no.1 and the elf examined it. Damn! The recovery amount is equivalent to two lives! “Alright, deal!”

Ye Cang took the rib and the seed away.

The Dried Rib of the Death Reaper: The broken rib of the Death Reaper of Phantoms - Morphine. It contains a large amount of power of phantoms! It is also a top-class soup ingredient!

The Seed of the Tree of the Sage: It is an extremely rare and precious seed. It has a strong power of nature and is also a top-class ingredient.

Wow, who says that I don’t have the divine hand?! I bought these items for such a cheap price! How dare these ordinary humans doubt my luck. He then turned around to see LordAsked, “Brother Asked, where are you going?”

“There is a black market here. I’m going to look for something useful despite the relatively low possibility,” LordAsked pointed at the simple-looking house not far ahead. There were people guarding the door. “Well, do you know where Lil’Brother Lele and Brother Zhengxiong are?” 

“They are discussing the script of The Sisters 2 in the restaurant,” Ye Cang smiled.

“The Revenge of Sisters?” LordAsked asked.

“Yeap, it’s a good drama by the way.” Ye Cang nodded and LordAsked was speechless. As they came to the house, the guards said, “Golden house.”

“Fortune tree,” LordAsked replied and the guards let them in.

Upon entering the house, there were stairs leading to a basement.

“The words you just said. What do they mean?” Ye Cang sort of knew it was a secret code.

“Secret codes for players, used for underground auctions or black markets. This is something an ordinary professional player should know. Please go and read ‘The Common Hidden Codes’ and not just ‘100 Quest Accepting Sentences’.” LordAsked sent him a copy of it which rendered Ye Cang speechless upon receiving it. More than 500 pages! Who da heck can remember all of these?! “By the way, remember to put on a mask or a scarf or something else so that it’s more difficult for us to get targeted. Even though we are not afraid of being targeted, at least it could save us from unnecessary troubles. It’s best to avoid these and not waste our time.” LordAsked took out a mask and Ye Cang nodded as he put his first.

The two of them went to a corner and Ye Cang was getting excited when he saw the auctioned items such as soldier food pills. Among them, he recognized one of the growth amplification devices which he sold off with a high price. It was being bidded away with double of the price he sold. He then turned to look at LordAsked, “See! I told you that I’m selling those stuff to you guys at a cheap price! I didn’t profit but made losses instead. And worst still, you guys still complain that I’m a scammer. *sigh*”

LordAsked rolled his eyes. Do you think that our intel department is useless?! You profited at least 60% from that item! “Yea, yea. You’re the best. You’re the best.”