“I’m glad you know. Oh yeah, we invented a new growth amplification device. It increases the effectiveness by 20%. We used the Tear of the Goddess as part of its materials. The goddesses touched it and there’s even her signature here! With our relationship, I wouldn’t charge you…”

“Alright, alright, we’ll talk about that when we go back,” LordAsked was annoyed at Ye Cang’s marketing skills. There was just too much bullshit according to him. Who da heck wants the signatures of those goddesses?! 

“The items from the north border where the three emperors are at were all sold out. We’ll have to wait for the new batch of items to arrive next week. I know a lot of people came here just for that but I’m sorry. Please come earlier next week. Now, let’s move to the main topic.”

“Assenroche Crystal! A mysterious magic equipment! And it’s a sealed one. The bid starts from 300 gold coins!”

Assenroche Crystal:  The spiritual power crystal of the Spirit of Arcane - Assenroche.  It contains a sealed arcane power.

“300,” Ye Cang immediately gave an offer. 






“1100,” Ye Cang countered. 

Staring at Ye Cang, LordAsked was confused. Is this thing really that important to him? The bid has reached 1100 gold coins. It’s not a small amount anymore. Besides, gold coins are the only currency used in an auction.

“1100 gold coins going once! Going twice! Sold!” Even the auctioneer himself had never thought that such an item would be sold at such a high price. I think 500 gold coins is already more than enough.

Ye Cang got the Assenroche Crystal but LordAsked sensed the other people who lost the bid were staring at them. Looks like it’s unavoidable. “Notify them.”

“I know,” Ye Cang mumbled. Since that guy wanted this item that much, he must have one of Assenroche’s items too. Holding the crystal, he shook it and with a smile, he said in silence, “Oops. So sorry, it’s mine now.”

Only then did LordAsked realize Ye Cang’s intention. Damn this fella. He wanted to counter the other guy all these while.


In an inn.

“A pair of K. Oh, OldWang, what’s the difference between the Little Girls Heaven in the Imperial Capital and in the Imperial City?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked.

“The headquarters of the Little Girls Heaven is in the Imperial Capital, so it’s the best of the best. As for the Imperial City, it’s home to the headquarters of Customize Your Girlfriend’s headquarters instead. Pair of A,” Lil’Wang was quite familiar with the headquarters of the Big Four Clubs.

“Wow, are we really going to such a scary place? Pass.” Zhang Zhengxiong recalled the chilly night while a serious expression was clear on AV’s face too. Liu Bei wondered, “Are you guys exaggerating or what? Isn’t it just a place for fun?”

“Nope, it’s not that simple. The girls there are not prostitutes. But of course, your skills which reflect your adventurous quality would make them willingly listen to you. It isn’t something you can do only with money. Yet, if you don’t have money, you can’t enter as well. I’ll pass,” AV, the most experienced adventurer explained to the new members and caught Liu Bei’s, Cao Cao’s, and Sun Quan’s interest. Never know relationships can be like that too...

“Don’t you ever underestimate them. Previously, there was a person almost the same age as you guys who went crazy and switched to hip-hop…” SpyingBlade recalled that horrible night. 

“Oh, you’re talking about Lin Liang. Old Brother Liang. That burden…” Lil’Wang complained. 

“Don’t despise him like that. He has some strength in him too. It was just that the opponents were just too strong and we overestimated him. It’s all my fault. Oops. Double King. Four Q. I win. Pay me. Pay me.” AV shook his head. 

Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan dropped their jaws. It felt like he lived quite well there but they sounded like it was a bad defeat. “Did you guys invite him this time around?”

“Of course! Even though he was a burden to us before this but as an adventure team, we are all teammates and a family! We’ll share the good and bad together! We’ll stand from where we fell! Make them strip! That’s our primary intention! Only then could we call ourselves the real adventurers. Am I right?!” AV said righteously as he took the money from the two of them. 

“Master AV! The president!” Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Lil’Wang, and Zhang Zhengxiong saluted him.

“Hey, do you really need to be this emotional?” SpyingBlade was speechless.

“You and Lil’Fang will never understand the romance between two men,” AV sighed and Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan stared at SpyingBlade and Fang Ci. Seeing Lil’Wang showing a sign, the three of them immediately moved away from them. 

“I knew there’s something between the two of them.”

“So that’s the case. What a pity for the beautiful fiancee.”

“Shhh...lower your voice. We are on the same team. Even though they are like that, it makes not much of a difference. We're just gonna protect our @$$ well.”

“The three of you look more like gays than us alright!” Fang Ci and SpyingBlade stared at the three of them and complained in their hearts as they recalled them always sticking to each other in the house.

“I don’t mind either. As long as you’re happy, Fan,” Gongsun Qian smiled sadly and turned to look at Fang Ci with a weird expression. With a sigh, she gave a bitter smile and left. 

“Sister Qian…” Wu Na hugged Gongsun Qian and let her lean on the shoulders. She then turned around to shout. “Old Zhao! If you did that hurt Lil’Fang and Sister Qian, I would not forgive you!”

“......” The two of them were speechless. They are really into the act...

“A lucky bastard who enjoys two relationships simultaneously…” AV sounded sad.

“I know right…” Zhang Zhengxiong and Lil’Wang added on.

“For such a good lady, what a pity,” Liu Bei said.

“Learn to be grateful, Brother Lil’Zhao,” Cao Cao commented.

“I give you my blessings,” Sun Quan added on.

Gongsun Qian once again came back and the three stood side by side. Looking at such a scene made Fang Ci facepalmed. I’m going to leave. Staying here with these idiots for any longer would turn me insane like my sister. Yet, it was too late for him to turn around and leave… 

“Hey! What are you guys doing?! How can you not include me for such fun things?!” Lin Le’s hands smacked Fang Ci and Gongsun Qian. The force was so great that it pushed them to kiss SpyingBlade’s cheek. One on each side. 

“Wow…” Everyone, including Wu Na, CloudDragon, Ji Xiao and the others who were resting nearby were overwhelmed by amazement at such a sight.

The three of them immediately pushed one another away and shouted. “Lele!”

“......” Lin Le did not how to react to their furious stares. Just then, Ye Cang’s message arrived.

“Hey! Brother Lil’White sent us a message! Someone wants to rob him! Damn those evil bastards! How dare they bully my Brother Lil’White! Charge!” Lin Le quickly pulled out his war axe, shouted energetically and ran off.

The three of them were staring at each other as they did not know what to do.

“I know...it’s all Lele’s fault…”

Just when Fang Ci heaved a sigh of relief, Gongsun Qian looked at him and blushed.


Fang Ci and SpyingBlade stunned for a very long time.

Then, Fang Ci shouted at the top of his lungs, “God! Kill me!”

SpyingBlade walked out of the hotel with frustration. I really need to kill a few people for me to release stress especially when those three retards are giving their jealous stares. As he reached the outside, he saw Lin Le raising the war axe high and that made his level of frustration increase.

“Now you know why I hate him so much.” Little Ye Tian came to his side. “Sister Qian, Lil’Fang and you have to live a happy life, alright?” 

“F*ck off! You are nowhere good anyway!” SpyingBlade was pissed.