Just when Ye Cang stepped out of the house, his Eagle Eyes enabled him to see all the enemies hiding in the dark. With a smile, he swung his signature wolf-head hood and put it on in a fashionable manner. At the same time, he pulled out his guns and started shooting.

Hey, can’t you have a lower profile for once?! Have our aim fallen into oblivion?! LordAsked sighed but he knew very well that it is inevitable to hide their identities. As he put on his equipment, he caught sight of Lin Le raising the war axe and shouting from the other end of the street. “Who dares to bully my Brother Lil’White!” Mad Devil Le sure has revealed his identity. Without delay, LordAsked dashed at the enemies and unleashed his ultimate move - Massive Shockwave Splash. Enemies who were knocked by the shockwave either lost consciousness or got killed in an instance. LordAsked had obtained great skills after conquering Thousand Peak Mountain, especially in terms of AOE skills. After the activation of Massive Shockwave Splash, it was followed by Blood Blade Chop. A blood-red slash knocked out and killed the enemies. Just when the leader of the enemy mages - Banuor wanted to retreat, SpyingBlade’s blade was stabbed into his chest.

“Old Zhao! Don’t kill all!” Ye Cang shouted and SpyingBlade frustratedly held back his second killing move and knocked him out with an elbow hit. He then fed him some soldier food and tried to control him.

“Let me restrain him. You can go help others,” Fang Ci immediately used Vengeful Spirits and Souls Tremble to restrain it.

Even though Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan were only in Level 20, their equipment was of top-notch in their level. As CloudDragon twisted a mage’s neck, he saw them cooperating with each other to kill the enemies. These three fellas have good instincts. Emperor of Han always positions himself in a place where there is always a route for him to retreat. He is good at playing with duo-blades and shows no flaws. Besides, he always picks on the female players to attack. Some kind of war gun of Mengde’s is very useful too as its sound could misdirect others. As for that fella with a cringy name, his skills are all straight for the kill. I don’t think paladin is the word for them. Maybe assassins. Wait, no, they always get the last hits, normally appearing when people are at their weakest. That shield of his looks like a decoration to me. It feels like he is trying to hide his ultimate moves or something. These three are sure extraordinary. No wonder that fella wanted to nurture them so much.

Suddenly, a scary shadow of a tiger went past the enemies and limbs and corpses were the only things left. Tigerkin Little Ren was carrying a medium-sized war blade in each of its hands. Usually, an ordinary person could only carry one blade with both hands but it was holding one in each hand. Staring at it, SpyingBlade let out a bitter smile. No one could beat this shit one-on-one in the current league. I bet team leader, Lele and the others could not even beat it. As he looked up to the sky, he saw Little Tadpole descending and landing hard on the ground. This creature is also another beast. Scary is not even enough to describe it. Can you imagine yourself battling an elite boss, the underling of a special field boss?! His grappling skills are strong, it can fly and its healing effects are great too. It can even ambush enemies far away and jumping a few hundred meters high is as easy as ABC to it. Landing on the ground with a random skill is its best move. At last, SpyingBlade looked at Ye Cang’s pet companion. It’s useful when they dance together. But still, Little Blue Feather contributes the most. Together with Ye Cang’s eagle eye, it’s even more useful. There were a few times it helped us to escape. Besides, its magic abilities and aerial attacks are also not weak as well and its speed is incredibly fast.


A bird with burning flames flew over and scratched the enemies and on top of it was NalanPureSoul. As his flame scepter swung, numerous rings of fire were shot. Boom! A few gigantic flame demons popped out all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, CloudDragon was following an enormous iron-armed gorilla. It knocked the enemies one by one with its gigantic arms and sent the flying into CloudDragon’s direction and CloudDragon killed each of them with a slash and a kick. Their cooperation was perfect.

Banuor who was being restrained was shocked. Why would they be here?! We sure have got ourselves into some big trouble!

Hundreds of ambushers were all eliminated by tens of people. They had no chance of attacking back.

Ye Cang then stood in front of Banuor. “Let’s talk.”

“I’ve nothing to talk to you about. We are from the Alure Hall…” Banuor knew what Ye Cang was up to but he still brought up his background. 

LordAsked could not help but laugh, “Do you think anyone here would give a shit about the so-called Alure Hall of yours? Hand over the item and we’ll let you go…”

RedMoon smirked as she wiped her blade. Not including the three new emperors, the leader of Lord’s Reign, Mad War and Freedom Alliance are all here. Among the Big Four Clubs, two of the leaders are in this team. Also, not to mention the leader of Lord’s Reign who was almost on par with the Big Four, Happy Firmaments which is going up the ladder, and Thorns and Roses. Even though Alure Hall is one of the top 10 clubs in China, it would still struggle when it faces any of them.

Banuor ignored LordAsked’s taunt, “Hmph!”

“Alright, what’s your name?” Ye Cang asked.


“Lil’Ba, you know I’m a logical person.”

Banuor felt the word “Lil’Ba” was freaky. “So?”

“So, let’s exchange something. Here are three platinum items. Choose one and pass it to me.” Ye Cang took one from his body and the other two from the cart. There were not many who had platinum items and Ye Cang only had a few too. The mage was shocked. Platinum item! Even though the item he wanted is a hidden item, it’s useless to me too actually since the other two are with him and getting them from him is impossible. Without much hesitation, he handed over the item, “But can I ask you why did you guys come to the elves’ place with such a great team?” 

Ye Cang put an arm around his shoulders and whispered, “Well, there’s no harm telling you but you can’t tell anyone, alright? Erm… Aunt… *cough* MistyVeil is the one who asked us to come. I can’t tell you anything more specific.” 

Banuor did not bother about it as he was just asking for fun. Any players knew Acting Emperor and MistyVeil have a close relationship. MistyVeil even lent them the legendary hero - Sakura Martial Artist - Izayoi Majima for once.

Seeing Ye Cang and Banuor whispering to each other, Lin Le pondered. Did Brother Lil’White tell him our plans?! No! I must remind him! He then shouted, “Brother Lil’White, don’t tell him that we’re going on a hidden story quest! That’s a secret!” 

“......” Ye Cang and the others, including Banuor were not only speechless but helpless, thinking how stupid could he be.

CloudDragon felt the exhaustion in dealing with this bunch of people while LordAsked sighed with his eyes still at Lin Le. Zhang Zhengxiong had gotten used to it. “Lele, brother was silent about our intentions but you just blabbered that out…”

“Oh yeah. But I’m scared that Brother Lil’White would accidentally reveal the plan…” Lin Le stunned for a second and said quietly and timidly as he saw everyone staring at him, especially Ye Cang who looked like he wanted to kill him. 

“You big mouth!” Ye Cang screamed and Lin Le pondered. Shit. This is not good! He quickly pointed at Little Ye Tian and said, “It’s all Little Tian’s fault. Having her standing beside me affected my thinking. You can’t blame me for that, Brother Lil’White!”

“You even blame this on me?!” Little Ye Tian was angry and she turned around speechlessly. Father’s IQ might not be high but he is not an idiot.