“Enough. That’s enough.” Knowing that the usual argument was about to happen, ThornyRose quickly pulled Little Ye Tian over. Ye Cang then patted Banuor’s shoulders, signaling him to leave. After waiting for LordAsked and CloudDragon to threaten him, they continued their journey.

In the carriage, Ye Cang stared at the three items in his hand. The Assenroche's sword, a crystal, and the soul dust he got from Banuor. How am I going to do this? There's no reaction if I put them together… Oh, there's a hole at the hilt of the sword. He put the crystal into the hilt. 'Click' Shining bright with an arcane light, the sword was moving towards the soul dust. Ye Cang pointed the sword at it and the sword instantly rose up in mid-air. The soul dust turned into an arcane light and merged with the sword. A series of patterns and secret words were surrounding it and a faceless white figure was standing in the middle of the pattern.

"Ordinary man, thank you for releasing me from the seal. Now call my name." 

"Wow, this Brother Lil'White…" Lin Le stood up and Little Ye Tian pulled him back down. "Don't disturb them talking. Just watch quietly. Father would tear your face if you cause any trouble again." 

Lin Le immediately obeyed and observed. So did Zhang Zhengxiong. 

A name popped up in Ye Cang’s mind. " Assenroche Garsalas!”

The pattern collapsed and the figure moved towards Ye Cang and reached out its tentacles-like limbs. “Thank you, ordinary people. You'll forever have my blessing!"

"Congratulations! You've received Assenroche Garsalas - holy blessing! You can control all arcane magic (any level), magic damage received would be reduced by half, unable to be damaged by arcane magic, obtained Affinity of Elements, will not be the first target attacked by elemental creatures, learns elemental language, mana cost is reduced by half, cooldown is reduced by 30%, mana cost on arcane magic is reduced by 90%, cooldown of arcane magic is reduced by 30%, magic damage will increase by 35%, arcane magic damage is increased by 100%. You have also received a special skill - Assenroche's shelter and Assenroche - Arcanic charge. "

Assenroche’s Arcane Shelter:  Sing an arcane verse (4 seconds) to unleash an enormous arcane shield to absorb all elemental attacks. It lasts for 5 seconds. The damage received would change into a certain amount of shockwave and unleash in all directions before disappearing. It can cause temporary silence, stupefaction and knock off. Costs 30% of the mana. Cooldown: 3 days.

Assenroche - Arcane Charge (passive): Whenever elemental magic is used, the cooldown of all elemental magic and equipment will be reduced by 1%.

“Since your magic - Create Water and Arcane Create Water Magic share the same attribute, they evolve into a new skill. Please name it.”

“Ye Style Water Magic.”

Ye Style Water Magic: Insert different crystal, magic crystal will create different magic water. No cooldown. Costs 1% of mana. 

Assenroche’s figure then disappeared into thin air and a white-light blue transparent crystal sword dropped into Ye Cang’s hands.

Assenroche Garsalas - Arcane Sword (Legend - Assenroche - Holy Power - Elemental - Golden Dragon)
Category: Special magic sword
Requirements: None
Equipment requirements: Lock to PaleSnow’s soul-
Damage: 74-91
Attack with arcane damage (depends on attributes): 174
Strength +115
Constitution +100
Wisdom +500
Will +300
All attributes +35%
Magic resistance +500
Magic penetration +650
Mana +70%
Mana recovers by 1% every 3 seconds
Spell power +200
Arcane spell power +290

Assenroche - Hurricane Flying-bullet Pulse: Shoot an arcane pulse at a target. The pulse would trigger hurricane bullets, causing destructive damage, temporary silence and knock off. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Assenroche - Combination of Arcane - Affinity of Element: Can control two elements to deal two different attacks or to combine them into one magic. It can be used three times per day and can be stocked.

Assenroche - Wisdom of Arcane: Increase the allies’ magic resistance greatly, mana by 30%, and magic damage by 15%. Mana also regenerates by 1% every 10 seconds.

Assenroche - Ultimate Arcane Pulse Storm: Unleash X number (the amount depends on the attributes of the caster) of arcanic pulse and pierce through targets. The pulses can mark the targets and each pulse will deal destructive damage with the hurricane bullet. Targets can be silenced and knocked out. Cooldown: 12 hours.

Just when the figure was about to disappear completely, Ye Cang was rushing to find his words, “Wait!”

“Ordinary man, I’ve given you everything I could. Don’t be greedy…” The faded figure turned into a small dot.

“No. Since you’ve given me this much, I want to repay you. You’ve been sealed away for so long, I believe you lost some of your belief power and believers?”

“So, that doesn’t matter. As one of the elemental spirits, no one would dare to underestimate me even if I don’t have any believers…”

“Yeah, I know but don’t you wish to have an endless flow of believers providing you with belief power?”

The dot immediately turned back to the figure. “What do you mean?”

“Do you know how to sing or dance?”

“Ordinary man! Are you playing with me?! Do know that you canot afford to pay the price for making me angry!”

“No, no. Listen to me first.”

Ye Cang then started describing the plan of the Goddess Association, its structure, possibilities and used a few motivating stories to trick her. Little Ye Tian quickly came over and explained the details of the future plan to Assenroche. In the end, Assenroche was touched as its Eye of Arcane could feel the emotions, especially when Ye Cang used the story of an ill girl who died while chasing her dreams. “Oh yeah, so the Goddess Association, what does it include?”

“The Sisters of Nature and Aymuss.”

“Oh, those three idiots. But when Aymuss was at her peak, I would respect her since she and her sister have the connection of forces.”

Assenroche was hesitating and Ye Cang immediately blinked at the rest. Little Ye Tian did not have the slightest audacity to do anything because one wrong move would result in a detrimental outcome. Suddenly, FrozenCloud came over and took out her sketch work on the Goddess City and the statues which were still under construction on the peak. “They have their respective statues now. If you join in, you can choose any peak of Thousand Peak Mountain and there will be  believers building the statue for you.”

Nice, Lil’Dino! Little Ye Tian and Ye Cang complimented her secretly.

Staring at the sketch, Assenroche sighed. “I promise you, ordinary. From now on, you are the Great Sage believer for me, Assenroche. I don’t know how to dance but at least I know how to sing.”

Upon saying it, waves of music surged. There were no lyrics but the melody motivated everyone. Ye Cang felt so passionate and motivated that he almost lost control of himself. He quickly stopped him, “Alright, please return to the Goddess City for a rest. Aymuss would welcome you.”

“Great sage, I hope you wouldn’t disappoint me.” She then vanished into thin air after finishing her sentence. Ye Cang immediately took out the contracts. “Little Jade! Help me notify Aymuss and ask her to take good care of the guest. Wait no, it’s to welcome Assenroche! Also, asks her to persuade her to join our family! If she doesn’t do her job well, she will know the consequences when I get back!”

“Got it, team leader! I ensure the mission will be done!” Little Jade dared not be careless because she was scared that she would be the one who would bump into the team leader when she would be opening the door the next morning.