Ye Cang was caressing his first divine artifact and Lele’s jealousy made him even happier.

“Brother Lil’White, Brother Lil’White! Let me play with it! Please!” Lele reached out his hand and Ye Cang gave it to him. Upon receiving it, Lin Le felt a painful sensation and immediately let go. 

“Look! This is the divine artifact! It can recognize its owner…” Ye Cang kept the arcane blade away. 

“I want it too! I want it! Brother Lil’White! Brother Lil’Xiong!” Lin Le was complaining. 

“You’ll definitely get one soon, Lele. Don’t be too agitated. The next one will be A’Xiong’s and yours. It’s just a matter of time.” Ye Cang returned his crystal-clear sword into the scabbard. However, he felt that since the hilt was already transparent and hiding the beautiful item was a waste, he threw the scabbard away and hung the item on his waist.

“Lele, I think we’ll get enough materials by the time we finish this quest. The teacher and I would make you one. No worries…” Zhang Zhengxiong said as he realized Lin Le was impatient.

“Yays! Brother Lil’Xiong is the best…” Lin Le’s ahoge started swaying.

Staring at the profile of the legendary weapon, FrozenCloud was stunned. This is… Damn, team leader’s magic ability is so strong that it is beyond a mage’s capabilities. Most importantly, no close-combaters can win him too. Not only that, he has long-ranged physical attacks and strong supporting abilities. A ranger...I think only the team leader can be a real ranger with a balanced octagon. 

The people behind the carriage also noticed the movements of the people in front. CloudDragon and LordAsked did not bother much as it was obvious Ye Cang had gotten a hidden item, judging from the shiny light after getting the item from Banuor. ThornyRose was curious so she hopped to Ye Cang’s carriage. “What was that just now?”

Instantly, she laid her eyes on the crystal-clear sword. Ye Cang knew what she was thinking so he showed her the profile and ThornyRose gasped. Legendary! Holy power! That means it’s a divine artifact! This fella is the first one to get a divine artifact! The attributes! A mage’s sword’s normal damage is even higher than ShakingBear’s halbert and Lele’s war axe! Besides, the spell power and the arcane spell power are insane! “Do you have a lot of arcane magic?”

Without a word, Ye Cang smiled. “Make a guess?”

“Father received the Arcane Spirit - Assenroche’s blessing and he can master all kinds of arcane magic at all levels…” Little Ye Tian’s words made ThornyRose shocked. Is he even still a ranger?! Ranger my ass! Even though she was glad, she reminded him, “Don’t you plan to cover this conspicuous item? We are currently in the neutral area conquered by the enemies. Even though it was a soul-linked item, it’s still very easy to catch people’s attention.”

“*Sigh* It’s such a beautiful weapon and you want me to cover it?! Brainless woman! As a team leader, I would have to disclose myself on many occasions. If my appearance is shocking, it basically means we have won half of the battle. It’s a psychology tactic. With your intelligence, it’s hard for me to explain,” Ye Cang caressed the sword.

Grinding her teeth tight, ThornyRose took a deep breath to calm herself down. “Yes, yes. You’re the team leader. You make the call.”

“Good that you know. Alright, you can now go back to wherever you came from. The divine artifact is tired. Don’t disturb it that much, you ordinary…” Before being able to finish his sentence, ThornyRose bit his face.

“My face!”

“Rose! Let go of my husband! Come at me if you want a fight!” FrozenBlood pulled ThornyRose away.

ThornyRose glared at FrozenBlood. You b*tch didn’t even feel ashamed calling him your husband! Do you even respect me, his real fiancée?! “FrozenBlood, I’ve been tolerating you for awhile, alright!”

“So what?! Are you going to fight me now?!” FrozenBlood leaned against Ye Cang with her arms crossed.

Ye Cang gasped and looked at FrozenBlood. “Kill her and you can become my fiancée.”

“Really?” FrozenBlood laid her hands on the dagger and ThornyRose stared at Ye Cang. “You!”

“I guarantee it with my personality!”

“Oh, they’re about to fight!” Lin Le opened up a space for them and Ye Cang took out a piece of napkin. “Come, place your bets on the results.”

“Wow, brother, you’re really heartless. I bet for Sister Rose!” Zhang Zhengxiong said. 

Staring at the two of them, FrozenCloud thought. They are the ones who invited me into this hellish place. With her teeth grinding, she glared at FrozenBlood, “I’ll bet for Sister Rose too! Kill this b*tch who colluded with my mom to change the name on my identification card!”

Meanwhile, Little Ye Tian was calmly analyzing. Their battle power and PK abilities are almost the same. It’s likely for them to die together. “It’s considered a draw only if both of them die less than a second apart?”

“Anything. 1 second. That’s it.” Ye Cang swung his hands. 

“Then, I’ll bet…” Having known about the one-second factor, Little Ye Tian continued to analyze. This means the probability of getting a draw is very low now. She then quickly looked into their abilities. Lin Le rolled his eyes and got impatient with Little Ye Tian. “Oh gosh, what takes you so long! You’re wasting our time! Brother Lil’White, I bet it’s a draw!”

Little Ye Tian was pissed. You do think everyone relies on instincts?! Idiot! “I’ll bet on FrozenBlood!”

“Wow, Little Tian, you bet on FrozenBlood?! If Sister Rose knows about it… Hehe, I’ll definitely tell her.” Lin Le let out an evil smile.

Little Ye Tian suddenly came back to her senses. “No, no, I bet…”

“No changing of bets! Go away!” Lin Le knocked away Little Ye Tian’s hand. 

After realizing that ThornyRose and FrozenBlood had not come back after a long time, Wu Na came over to Ye Cang’s carriage and upon seeing the two of them staring at each other and a bunch of people betting in the corner, she found to her surprise. “What’s happening?”

“Brother said that if FrozenBlood can kill Sister Rose, she can become the fiancée. They are about to fight and I’m siding with Sister Rose.”

“How can you be like this? You really show no respect to others! What if this affects their relationship?!” Wu Na shouted and quietly took out 10 gold coins. “Can I bet for a draw?”

“Sure…” Ye Cang nodded and Wu Na placed the coin in the middle.

“The fight is about to start.” 

Out of nowhere, SpyingBlade appeared and threw 100 gold coins on the table. “Draw.”

AV, OldWang, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan rushed over as soon as they received the message. With everyone cramping in the carriage, they opened up half of the space for the battle.

“So many people betted for a draw?” Ye Cang knew their battle power was almost the same. Hey, hey, don’t make it a draw. I would be losing thousands of gold coins!

“It’s begun!” Cao Cao noticed the timing of their attack. FrozenBlood threw three shurikens at her and ThornyRose blocked it with her shield. Since the place was relatively narrow, the battle was intense. The assassin could not back off and the knight could not fully utilize the width of the shield. It became a burden instead and ThornyRose threw it aside before changing to a small round shield. “Icy! Are you really going to ruin our relationship because of him?!”

“You’re blaming me?! Because of him, you’re getting further away from me! We were so close in the past! Regarding that… Rose, you know… I’ve always loved you…” FrozenBlood knocked away ThornyRose’s shield attack and became emotional.

“Icy, I...I...I don’t know… You’re really…”

“Fake! The fiancée position is mine!” FrozenBlood suddenly attacked her vital points with Shadow Assault.

“I knew it! This b*tch likes whatever I like!” ThornyRose dodged the attack aimed at her heart but it still managed to make a cut on her left hand.