The girls were having a tough fight as none of them were willing to let go. Ye Cang then pondered. This is bad. He had known the trajectory of ThornyRose’s and FrozenBlood’s next attack. Just when he was about to say a word, Lin Le interrupted. “Brother Lil’White! They are about to die together!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the two of them fell onto the ground and their health points dropped to 1 within a second.

“Thank you, team leader! Hoho! I’ve funds for this week’s activities! Brothers, give me the money! I’ll accumulate it!” AV took the money he won from Ye Cang. Frustrated, Ye Cang stared at FrozenBlood. “*Sigh* You’ve disappointed me…”

“Next time! Next time! I’ll win for sure! Wait for me!” FrozenBlood ran away, covering her face. Ye Cang then sighed as he looked at the door where she went out from. “I’ll wait…”

“......” ThornyRose was pissed and with a smile on his face, Ye Cang turned around and clapped. “Yay, you’ve successfully secured your position…”

Seeing ThornyRose getting more furious, everyone instantly returned to where they came from. Even Lin Le and the others left. 

“My face! Let go! Let go of me!”



A trading city located at the northwest border of the Forest of Elves where all transportation vehicles were cleared and checked before being allowed admittance. It was guarded by the Prince of Elves - Eric and also one of the places where Misty Rain House actively appeared at.

The size of the mega forest city made Ye Cang and the others mesmerized. It was different from Vegas as it’s size was a few times larger. It was one of the biggest cities in the Elves Empire. They were not used to cities built with skyscraping trees and they felt it was built by ghosts. After ThornyRose showed the official notice from the Planetary Empire, the archer on the tree let down his bow and allowed them to enter. However, to their surprise, Ye Cang was stopped by a red-haired elf who spoke in a language that sounded foreign, “Tiyama. Gana.Youliwen. Masha.”

Ye Cang took off his hood and answered. Very soon later, the two of them started chatting happily and they hugged each other.

“What did you guys talk about just now? It doesn’t sound like elf language?” CloudDragon was curious.

“It is. The dialect of Sunfury Elf. Nothing much. Maybe he noticed that I’m half-Sunfury Elf so he tried to ask me which branch of elf I am. I said Sunfury and he said he is one too. The general named Sangchila who guarded the gate is also a half-elf. But he has slightly more of the elf genes. He invited me for a drink at night at Forever Sin Bar,” Ye Cang did not hide anything.

“Seriously, how many languages do you speak?” LordAsked asked as he had been wondering all these while. 

“I don’t know either. I haven’t encountered anyone whom I couldn’t communicate with.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. ThornyRose, Wu Na, SpyingBlade, and the others were united in thoughts. Except for yourself.

As they settled down, SpyingBlade noticed a few spies. “Someone is keeping an eye on us.”

“Of course. Misty Rain House’s intel department is not that shitty. It all depends on which side she chooses. By the way, she and your leader are…” LordAsked gave a small thumbs up. 

“Oh, I don’t know about this.” SpyingBlade shook his head. They were having a small conversation. I’m still quite close to LordAsked. He hired me a few times and I assassinated him three times. Well, although none of it was a success. I even got killed by him twice. LordAsked is indeed strong! He is not any weaker than CloudDragon and is an inborn nemesis to assassins. No assassin has ever successfully assassinated him once.

“Where’s white-haired?” CloudDragon came into the hotel.

“Boss has gone to Forever Sin Bar.” AV, the three middle-aged men, and the others were discussing their strategies and distributing their roles while sharing their experience in clubbing.

“We have been watched by Misty Rain House. You guys sure know about it, don’t you?” CloudDragon then came to LordAsked’s and SpyingBlade’s side. “How about ThornyRose?”

“If I’m not mistaken, she went out to find MistyVeil with that little girl? Let’s just wait for their message,” LordAsked said and CloudDragon nodded. As he sat down, he looked at SpyingBlade from top to bottom. Pre-emperor rank? Who could have thought that he would be part of the team that successfully challenged the legendaries and sacrificed his life together with ShakingBear to kill Angelite. This season sure has too many strong enemies. But...that’s what makes it more interesting!


Forever Sin Bar, a busy bar located in Scandinar. 

Upon entering, Ye Cang caught sight of Sangchila at the bar counter. The red-haired also noticed him and signaled him to come over. He then led Ye Cang to one of the rooms on the second floor. 

“Is Marquis Azshara doing fine?” Sangchila took out two beautiful wooden glass and poured some green wine into them. 

Ye Cang pondered. He knows Mar Junior’s old man - Marquis Azshara?

Sangchila handed over the wooden glass with a smile at Ye Cang’s confused expression. “He’s my cousin. Before you left the north border, he contacted me and asked me to take care of you. Since we are all half-elves and are from the Sunfury tribe, there’s no need to be so polite. Do know that our fates are tied together. Only with the spirit of taking care of each other could we  refrain from living a hell of a life like in the past. But I’m considered lucky as I look no different from an elf if you don’t pay attention to the details. Besides, I have Elder Andula’s blessing so I was not being discriminated against that badly as compared to Azshara and Janice. It was all because of the Furious Red Lotus. Alukas, roccas, alona, donenar.”

Ye Cang knew that Vivian's failed rebellion caused the half-elves to be eliminated. Furious Red Lotus referred to Vivian and the last sentence is the propaganda of the rebellion. Half-elves, the fire in our hearts will not stop burning. The darkness has passed, and the light is upon us! This forbidden sentence is a jinx. Moments later, Ye Cang said, “Uncle Sangchila, seeing from your worried face, you must have something you need help with.”

Ye Cang immediately said the first sentence of the 100 Quest Accepting Sentences which was also the only sentence he, Lele and A’Xiong remember.

“......” Sangchila almost choked. “F*ck off! It just pisses me off hearing all these idiots repeating the same sentences everywhere they go!” Oh yeah, I heard that you are the Great Sage of the Three Goddesses of Nature. I think Prince Eric might need your help. Well, with your current identity, you could enter and leave the Elves Empire as you wish. The Three Goddesses of Nature are the daughters of the Goddess of Life. Even though they are famous at the north border, they do create some impact to the Forest of Elves one way or another. As a friendly god’s believer, do you need to be this mysterious?”

“I have no choice. A few of the influential people here are my enemies. It’s best for me to stay low. Well, why does Prince Eric need my help?” Yet, Ye Cang was having a different thought in his mind. Damn it! Tell me earlier so that I could directly send those three idiots off to enjoy a trip. Ishh! *sigh*

“Firstly, as the God of Elves, the Goddess of Life has been asleep for a very long time. It has been inactive for a few hundred years. Secondly, the election for the new king is in less than two years’ time. Eric needs support to fight against the eldest prince - Luca and the chief of the four princesses and the hierophant of the royal family - Shinar. You and I are exactly the support he needs the most. He would definitely trust you since I’m the one recommending. As for the Three Goddesses, how optimistic are you that they can gain Prince Eric’s favor? This is very important.”

“Not that confident.” Ye Cang crossed his arms and lifted his lower lips. However, he was shouting on his inside. Come on! You’re doubting my confidence?! He then recalled how the four goddesses hugged his body and limbs with a crying face.

Sangchila was a little reserved in showing his disappointment in his expression.

“Well, approximately 100%. Don’t worry about the goddesses. They trust me a lot…”

“......” Shangchila was stunned and smirked. This fella. Only the most sincere believer could gain the goddess’ liking but I think this fella doesn’t have a bad personality anyway. “Alright, I’ll arrange a meeting.”