"Oh yeah, do you need to get Aymuss? " 

"The Goddess of Half-moon?!" 

"Yeap, I'm also her hus… *cough* *cough* Great Sage." 

"You can be persuasive enough?" 

"Sure, she has allied with the Three Goddesses of Nature. They are now using the shrine I built in Goddess City." 

Ye Cang’s words made Sangchila’s heart miss a beat. The blessings of the Four goddesses! Even though they are all gods who are abandoned, they are still the ancient gods of nature. Not someone that could be ignored. "Wait here. I'll ask Prince Eric to come at once!" 

Just when Sangchila left, Ye Cang immediately contacted Little Jade. "Little Jade! Quickly ask those four idiots to put on their beautiful makeup and prepare to descend to Scandinar! I need them to support me!" 

"Team leader! I have notified them according to your orders! They said as long as you shout this phrase to the sky. ‘Descend XXX, the one I loved the most!’ Oh no, they started fighting because of this! Goddess Assenroche stared at them with a despised look and they insulted her! Now, five of them are fighting!" 

"...... Well, just tell them when I shout 'Descend, my love!', they better get their ass here! Oh, ask Assenroche if she is interested too. If she is, ask her to come!" Ye Cang then hung up the call. His uncomfortable feeling prompted him to down the wine and pouted. "This is nowhere near the standard of my taste of wine. It’s close to tasteless. Looks like I should give them a treat. Hmm… the Black Dragon Kill's taste is a little too strong, I bet the elves wouldn't like it. Let me see whether I have something more refreshing. Alright, this will be it, wine made out of a mixture of bile juice, fruits, viper's blood, swamp slime gel and a lot of wild fungus and plants."

As Ye Cang opened the container, a cloud of green smoke which seemed like a vengeful spirit of slime diffused out. Ye Cang immediately drew his cooking knife. Single Darkness Slash! The creature was killed immediately and its ashes were put back into the wine. A strong malodorous smell spread out. Noises were heard from the floor below as someone complained about the smell and some were scrambling to leave. Yet, what came after the smell was the fresh smell of the wine and a cold chill. Just then, Ye Cang realized something. So, that's how wine turned into spirits! I understand now! Never knew it's just like that! When it came to alcohol, Ye Cang was interested. He even jotted it down in his notebook. He was really into cooking. As he finished listing the ingredients used to brew this wine, he closed the book. On the cover of the book, there was a quote written by himself 'The essence of cooking is to feel it with your heart, break through the rules and discover unlimited creativity - Legendary Chef, Ye Cang.'

After keeping away his virtual notebook, Ye Cang recalled that bad feeling. With a smile, he mumbled, "I hope that if I really pass away, someone will inherit this book so he or she could bring happiness to others through food…" 

His thoughts were disrupted by Sangchila who came up from downstairs. Behind him was a figure in a hood. As the elf took off the hood, a long silvery hair came into sight. He was exceptionally handsome and his smile was filled with the elegance and self-confidence of a royal family. Arranging the glasses, Ye Cang poured in the wine he brew. I'll use him to experiment. "I bet you're Prince Eric?" 

Eric was examining Ye Cang from top to bottom. The city mayor of Goddess City, Earl Of the North Border, Azshara's new officer. Earl PaleSnow. He is indeed a half-elf. With a smile, he nodded, "There's no need to be this polite, Earl PaleSnow, I bet uncle has told you about my situation. As for the goddesses, are you really sure that…" 

Ye Cang then handed over two glasses to them and nodded in return, "You don't have to worry about the goddesses. They have just sent me the holy orders to ask me to help Prince Eric and they could descend at a certain time…" 

Eric was so happy but something came across his mind. I might be doubted by people and the church about my loyalty to the Goddess of Life but… the Goddesses of Nature are the daughters of the Goddess of Life. Even though they went to the north border of the Planetary Empire, they aren't considered as a threat. There shouldn't be a problem convincing them. The only concern is Shinar. She might think of something to counterattack me. But it's out of my control. If I don't find another way out now, it’s gonna be too late. "So, what about the time?" 

"That depends on you, Prince Eric," Ye Cang signaled them to have a drink and  Eric understood. So, he means anytime huh? Eric received the glass and finished it in one gulp. A sense of chillness surged through his body and a fire inside him was ignited. This wine is so strong! Sangchila also felt that his qi was ignited. "What a strong wine! Is this given by the Goddess of Hunter - Anya?" 

"......" Ye Cang stunned for a second and then nodded. "Yeap, that's right! It's a reward from Goddess Anya!"

Eric felt that he almost gave in to the alcohol as he was not used to drinking strong alcohol. Hence, he did not ask for another but only stared at it. A wine rewarded by Anya. "Earl PaleSnow, what do you wish for in return?" 

Ye Cang shook his head and stared at Eric in a serious manner. "As the believer of the goddesses, this is my duty. No reward is required. I hope Prince Eric will understand." 

Eric smirked. "How silly of me! Being able to be favored by the goddess, you must be the most sincere person ever. I apologize for my stupidity, PaleSnow." 

"But… if everything is a success, I hope Prince Eric would contribute in the construction of the goddess' shrine and other stuff." 

"Of course." 

Then, since the two of them started discussing the descent of the goddesses, Ye Cang asked Little Ye Tian to come over too. Along the way, she was able to come to a conclusion after being briefed with what had happened. She even designed a contingency blueprint for the development of Scandinar, including how they would cooperate with the Goddess Association. She also helped Prince Eric to analyze the possible outcome and the techniques his enemies would use to win the throne. Prince Eric was interested and kept on nodding throughout the whole discussion as he learned a lot. Once they came to an agreement, he quickly changed the speaker stand in The Origin of Treetop which was the square of Scandinar to be a temporary altar table. Meanwhile, CloudDragon and LordAsked were told about the Goddess Association’s plan to expand there and quickly lent a helping hand in view of their own future benefits.

On the other hand, MistyVeil sighed at  Ye Cang contact and gave him a call. 

"Long time no see, Aunt Perky!"

"Don't call me Aunt! And my last name is not Perky! So, don't call me Aunt Perky!" 

"Alright, Perkyperky." 


"Hey, are you really planning to join Eric's alliance?" 

"Oops, mind your words. What do you mean by me joining Eric's alliance? The truth is that he, with a sincere heart, joined us, the Goddess Association, alright? Well, why do you call me? Are you interested too?" 

"Do I look like I have a choice? Should I be enemies with you?! I don't even know how you will taunt me when we meet next time. *sigh* The effort I put in supporting Luca is going down the drain…"