Ye Cang signaled the temporary leader of the group, Mallow through eye contact. Mallow understood his hidden meaning and asked the other goddesses to stop and leave the rest for the Great Sage. 

“We will bless this place!” The five goddesses disappeared into thin air. 

“The Goddess of Life has sent her daughters to protect us!”

“In the name of the goddesses from above, I, Eric Erlosain Kersugas, proclaim that from now on, Scandinar will witness a new leaf and glory will come!” Eric did the worship ritual with great sincerity. 

“Prince Eric! Prince Eric!” AV was cheering as ordered by Ye Cang. 

Knowing that the voices of objection were less significant than the support they had, Eric decided to build a new shrine at the site of the shrine of the Goddess of Life. It's impossible to destroy the previous one as it would cause public anger. So, I'll just rename it as the Guardian Shrine and the new shrine will be the main one! 

Sangchila then put in his hood. “I'll personally go to the north border and talk to Azshara. Prince Eric, there's no turning back.”

As he turned around to see Ye Cang praying humbly, he had a feeling. I think the rise of the half-elf lies on him. He then disappeared into the darkness. 

Annajaxier, the imperial city of the elves was located at the north of the Tree of the World. It was also the last defense line of the tree. After it was polluted and the rules of the world were messed up, the whole of the elf community decided to establish a city to protect the greatest tree and named it after the God of Rules - Annajaxier. Since then, no matter how serious the disaster was, Annajaxier had never collapsed. It was used as the greatest base to annihilate the evil for thrice. The elves were always proud of this holy city. 

In the big city of the tree, many palaces were made out of elephant tusks. Garden, holy creatures and streams of water were everywhere to be found. In the jade shrine at the top of the place, a white-hair female elf who was wearing a white coat and a ring of roots on her head opened her eyes and shouted, “Eric! This filthy shit! How dare he establish a new god! That's unforgivable!”

However, she could not pass the order of destroying it due to the fact that it was the three Goddesses of Nature. There were three little statues of her daughters in the shrine of the Goddess of Life even though their existence did not play important roles. As she slowly turned around, she glanced at the direction of Scandinar before walking into the shrine. 

On the other end of the palace, there was a golden-hair and handsome elf swirling the glass of wine in circles. His lips curled. “Oh, Eric, you'll never be the owner of Annajaxier. Never…”



After bidding farewell to Eric, Ye Cang and the others continued to move towards the south, the grave's direction. However, this time around, MistyVeil joined in. Without much trouble along the way, they arrived at Chill Sound Village. Little Ye Tian saw the highest peak and MistyVeil smiled. “That's Sorjass Peak,  the highest peak among the north-west mountains. Not many will go there and the monsters there are relatively stronger.”

Little Ye Tian nodded, noted the coordinates with secret codes, and sketched the surrounding landscape into her own hologram map, trying not to miss the slightest details. She then logged out as it was time to rest. 

Early in the morning, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan followed Zhang Zhengxiong, SpyingBlade, and Fang Ci to board the train to the north. However, all of them came back depressed, including Lin Liang. They were all in weird costumes and worst still, three of them were dressed in female clothes. 

“You. Such a burden!” Liu Bei who was in a tattered blouse pointed at Lin Liang. 

“Don't blame the others. Those girls were out of my expectations. I'm truly amazed. Never have I thought that she would know the silent killing finger…” Cao Cao felt a burning sensation from his ass. 

“That's why I told you guys that we shouldn't be challenging these kinds of clubs for now. Look what we’ve done now. Always get tricked and played to the brink of death.” Zhang Zhengxiong pressed the part on his chest where he was feeling slight pain. 

“It's my first time going in with clothes and coming out with nothing and not to mention being raped,” Sun Quan thought that he would win against her but in the end realized it was a trap. Recalling that cute and innocent face, he shivered in disgust. I'm too innocent. Secretly, he marked down the place. I'll get my revenge next time. Wait for it, little girl Maco Lulu! 

“Old Brother Liang, you can quit the group, we can't carry you…” AV recalled Lin Liang's stupid ideas that caused the team to be defeated. 

Lil'Wang, SpyingBlade, Fang Ci, and the others nodded unanimously, especially Fang Ci. “I'm only one step away. One step and I can touch it…It was all your bad ideas. You’re the one who said that hers would be bigger than mine and made me miscalculate.” 

SpyingBlade then recalled the moment Fang Ci miscalculated and got his birthday date exposed, resulting in his ass to be… *Sigh*

“Actually, you can't blame me for it. Those girls were better than each other at piano, chess, book, and drawings. The seducing phrases and tones used to disrupt one's mind were something unusual. Also, they were so good at guessing what people were thinking to the extent that it made me chill. We're completely out of league. I agree with Brother Xiong's suggestion. We should train more. Just train more and we’ll be fine,” Lin Liang said calmly as he flipped his feathered fans. Everyone was staring at him with a poker face. 

“Did you guys just see their disgusted expressions when sending us out?” Lil'Wang took the cigarette handed by Liu Bei. 

Everyone then recalled those cute yet evil smiles as if a cat was toying with a rat. They shivered. 

“Gonna go back to change for my part-time job or we would be penniless,” Liu Bei broke the silence on the beach. 

“Oh yeah, it's about time to check in to the bar.”

“KenJJ is about to open for business too. I didn't take leaves during the holidays. Oh shit, it's opening soon.”

The three of them rushed to the bungalow. 

“What about you?” SpyingBlade stared at Fang Ci, knowing he did not have much money left. 

“What else can I do?! There’s nothing besides rotting in the house! And work harder at the 10 Commendments!” Fang Ci said frustratedly. 

“Let's stay at the boss' place for a day or two before we head back.” Lil'Wang's words made AV nod. They then looked at Lin Liang and sighed. 

Helplessly, Lin Liang turned to face the sea. I will not give up! I'll give it my all! I'll definitely take them down for you guys! Please believe in me! With his hands raised high, he shouted at the sea. “Yo!”

Fang Ci, SpyingBlade, Lil'Wang, and AV heard the weird scream and facepalmed. WTF! He is insane! 

“It's all my fault. I'm sorry,” AV sighed. 

“Next time, please invite the correct person,” Lil'Wang said tiredly. 

Wu Na who was sitting in the chair at the doorway saw them entering the house from the side. Liu Bei was wearing a light-blue flowery blouse, Cao Cao wrapped his lower body with a towel and his usual intimidating look and Sun Quan was wearing a fruit and flower apron. She then saw Lil'Wang who was naked on the upper-body and only wore a mini skirt looked as if his family members had died. “What kind of pervert costume party did you guys attend?! Is it necessary to be dressed in this manner?!”

“Don't talk to me. I just want to go to work quietly.”

Everyone entered as they nodded.

“.....” Wu Na was speechless.