Wearing a helmet and a pair of goggles, Liu Bei was out sending deliveries with the scooter. The sea breeze blew towards him and it was refreshing. Since the day before, the memories had been replaying in his mind. That embarrassment was painful but it made me happy. He turned to stare at the golden sea and mumbled, “Little Girls Heaven?”

Suddenly, Lin Hai's Dragon Group sent a message to him and he opened it. Moon Soul Street? I'm near. I'll go and have a look. 

Sensing the magic barrier, Liu Bei parked his scooter nearby and went in through the curtains. A gigantic lizard-like man was the first thing he saw. Its arms were like tentacles and it has the body of a worm. People surrounding it seemed to be captured and  turned into some kind of worms. 

Liu Bei then caught sight of a girl who was alive and seemed to be battling. She’s quite good-looking. He jogged over. “Hey, lady, what's your name? I'm here to help. This is the 'thing', right?”

The lady who was wearing a pair of tight jeans was Zhou Litong, nicknamed ChillBird and belonged to Group 3. She had been tracking this ‘Swallowing Worm Monster’. Yet, she never thought that it had mutated to this extent. Staring at the man who was wearing a white bathrobe with a purple peony flower design, a helmet and a pair of goggles, and whose hair was longer than her own, she was dumbfounded. Wow, Dragon Group even hires such people nowadays? Isn't this suicide? Can't they hire someone who looks more reliable? Except for having a strong charisma, this man is trash. “Quickly, get out of here. This situation is out of control. Besides, it's not something you can handle.”

Liu Bei did not bother much about ChillBird’s underestimation as he had gotten used to that. He took off the goggles and smiled. Recalling the incident of ‘Slaying Hua Xiong Over Warm wine’ which referred to his Second Brother - Yunchang killing Hua Xiong, he gave her the delivery box. ChillBird took it with confusion. Wearing only slippers, Liu Bei grabbed his twin blades. In a blink of an eye, he went past everyone and came to the monster. As he slashed with his Phoenix Sword, a cry was heard. A sea of blue fire and a vivid image of a phoenix was seen. Moments later, there was nothing but a pile of ashes left. Liu Bei turned around to retrieve the box from her as everyone was dumbfounded by such a scene. With a smile, he said, “I’m sorry, I need to go now. My customers are waiting for the food.”

Upon saying, he lifted the warning line, hopped on to his scooter, put his goggles on and drove away.

Staring at the inextinguishable blue flames, ChillBird was guilty of what she said earlier. But who is he?! I’ve known almost all the pros in Dragon Group, just not him. She then took out the contacts and called the leader of Group 7 - Ren Long who had had the most communication with the members in Lin Hai.

“Yo, Lil’Bird, what’s the matter? Did you decide to be my secretary?”

“Bald *cough* *cough* Leader Ren Long, please behave. I was tracking an S-ranked Swallowing Worm Monster in Lin Hai. But it was killed by a man who said he was from Dragon Group with just a slash.”

The first thing that came into Ren Long’s mind was Cao Cao. “Ask the recording department to send me the video.”

Ren Long then saw the twin blades in the video. This isn’t Cao Cao. Is he Liu Bei? He was amazed when he saw Liu Bei only used the Phoenix Sword and only the image of a phoenix. He didn’t use much of his strength. There are not many who use twin blades, almost none in the current era. The main reason is that it’s hard to wield two blades. Two blades in one scabbard. It’s either yin and yang or dragon and phoenix. So, the other sword in the scabbard is the Dragon Sword. He didn’t even use it nor combine the two swords. This man’s strength is truly unpredictable. “Yeap, he is a member of Group 7. Don’t ask any further questions and erase your memory about it.”

Ren Long hung up the call and took out the file of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan. Staring at the documents, he was smiling. Even an idiot would know that Sun Quan would not be anywhere weaker. He then categorized those documents into the extremely dangerous rank - SSS files.

ChillBird was recalling the delivery box with a name of Sell More. “Sell More… just what kind of person he is…”

On the other side, Liu Bei successfully delivered the food and his phone rang. “Oh, another order?”

“The respected Liu Bei, judging from your performance during the mission, here’s 20 million federal coins as compensation. Also, from your first mission, you gained a nickname - FireAsh.”

Liu Bei was stunned for a second. Battling and killing is still the fastest way to earn money. Since this isn’t our belief, I must not let Old Cao and the others know. But it doesn't mean I can't use the money.


The next day. Sunday. At 12 p.m.

Everyone logged into the game to continue their journey. After confirming the number of people, Ye Cang and the others came to Sorjass Peak. Little Ye Tian was calculating the number of peaks and recorded it. As she ensured there was no mistake, they climbed over three mountains to the west. Along the way, they did not battle much as they tried to avoid it as much as possible. They did not even explore the unknown places but rushed to the south. After going through four more mountains, they came to the Forest of Ironwood. MistyVeil signaled everyone to stop. “We must be careful here. The Ironwood Spirits are strong. No one has ever dared come to this area. There isn’t only Ironwood Spirit inside but also iron elementals which have high resistance and many other creatures as well. This is a forbidden exploring place for current players. Hence, we must be extremely careful. With the information I have, I don’t even know what’s inside in the deep forest, not to mention the difficulty of going through it.”

“Ironwood Spirits should be afraid of fire, right?” FrozenCloud asked.

“Nope. It’s completely the opposite. Their physical resistance is very high too.” MistyVeil shook her head.

“We can try corrosive acid magic.” Little Ye Tian swiftly analyzed the best magic attributes and type to counter those creatures. “The same goes for the iron elementals. We need strong corrosive magic or equipment.”

“Besides the white-haired’s team, who else have corrosive magic?” LordAsked asked but it came to no avail. Looks like only white-haired has strong acidic magic that can cover a large area. I remember he has some Deadly Acid Rain kinda skill and that disgusting sticky creepy elemental pet of his. Guess that we have to rely on him this time. Metallic element creatures could only be killed in certain conditions and it costs so much effort to kill them. There’s a saying ‘we rather kill a dragon than killing metal creatures’.

“I know two small area ones.” AV, as the plant user, had not only learned healing skills but also two acidic magic to protect himself.

“You can give out the bottles of acid.” CloudDragon knew Ye Cang was acting. 

“Oh yeah, the acid bottles,” LordAsked recalled. 

“Well, of course, we’re definitely giving them out. But you know that the process of making the acid bottles is very complicated and troublesome. It costs Lele great effort and many precious materials to create it, including the poison from Nine-headed Hydra, the menstrual blood of Fallen Angel, Black Mamba’s…”

“Just tell us the price for a bottle,” CloudDragon was pissed.

“Well, not expensive, just 10 gold coins.”

“Why don’t you go and rob the bank instead?! 5 gold coins is the max! Don’t you think I don’t know that the main material for the acid bottle is? Just the gel from green slimes! It’s the same thing for what we ate!”

“But the process is exhausting. You know that it isn’t hard to turn something poisonous into something not poisonous but it’s extremely hard the other way round. Alright, since we’re all teammates, I’m selling it to you for 8 gold coins! Just 8! Nothing less!”

Everyone stared at him with a cold face. It’s hard to turn something non-poisonous into something poisonous?! Pots of ‘food’ flashed through their minds. 

“Alright, 8 gold coins. Half in federal coins and half in gold.” LordAsked did not want to waste too much time on this nonsense.

“Deal! Lele, distribute the acid bottles!” Ye Cang nodded and Lin Le took out almost a thousand bottles from his handcart.

“Hey, you are giving too many. We’re gonna save some up so we can sell again!” Ye Cang talked to Lele with his back facing the others.

“I still have a lot in my handcart. It’s eating up storage space. *sigh* Alright then, I’ll take some back. Lin Le handed over 200-300 bottles. “The materials are expensive so I could only give you guys this much. Share among yourselves.”

“......” LordAsked, CloudDragon, and VastSea were rendered speechless.