Deep inside the Ironwood Forest, sunlight could not penetrate at all, especially when the rock pillars covered the sky. The metallic tree trunk slowly opened its eyes filled with Flames of Soul as they entered the forest. Staring at the many pairs of eyes, Ye Cang mumbled, “Looks like there are many of them. A’Xiong, gather them all and kill them!”

“Hey! Wait up!” ThornyRose had no choice but to follow up to reduce the pressure. CloudDragon also signaled VastSea to go and LordAsked was asked to stay back for back up.

“All acid bottles on position!” Little Ye Tian took out the acid bottles as she saw ThornyRose running haggardly and Zhang Zhengxiong running calmly towards them with a bunch of Iron elementals, Ironwood Spirits, and dead spirits behind. Ye Cang then started casting the spell. As the sky was filled with green clouds, Deadly Acid Rain poured. Instantly, the forest was engulfed in a cloud of green smoke. Everyone was tossing the acid bottles rapidly even when their sight was limited. LordAsked cried a little inside every time he saw a bottle being thrown. It was as if they were tossing gold coins from his pocket. He took a deep breath. At least we aren’t using Mad Devil Le’s stupid item. This is considered mild for us. That big ass cannon is the one that burns our cash. Everything needs money. Cooldown. Power. Reload. All of them are from gold coins!

Seeing the creatures being turned into half liquid, CloudDragon held back the acid bottles. We need money for these. “Charge!”

NalanPureSoul immediately summoned Flame Demon and started attacking with fire elemental magic. Ye Cang once again unleashed the acid rain but this time around, he used Assenroche - Combination of Arcane. He mixed Deadly Acid Rain with Tidal Wave, creating new magic - Acidic Wave Waterfall. Waves of acid splashed on everyone, causing a corrosive effect on the creatures and healing effect on the teammates. Never had Ye Cang thought that this new combination of magic would bring such great damage. With two acidic skills, most of the creatures were killed. Seeing such a scene, LordAsked, CloudDragon, and MistyVeil stared at him. WTF?! He could kill the creatures with only two acidic moves and yet, he forced us to buy so many acid bottles?! MistyVeil who was the spearhead smiled bitterly. Is he still a ranger?! No one can beat him in close combat and he could kill anyone from far away. In terms of magic, I think no one in the club could outbeat him too. He sure has become the ranger with a balanced octagon. “The tank is the only thing left…”

FrozenCloud hesitated for a second and smirked, “Well, our team leader is also good at being a tanker. It isn’t the first time he used a shield or a pair of tonfas to restrain the boss alone.”

“Most importantly, he had a strong ability to assassinate,” LordAsked commented as he saw Ye Cang dodge the many ironwood spikes with Shadow Step. “I personally think that he joined this career late. To be honest, he is stronger than FlameEmperor. Well, maybe except for his IQ and overall instincts. The three of them would not lose to FlameEmperor in terms of skills and battle instinct. You would know if you’ve watched the battle between Mad Devil Le and FlameEmperor. FlameEmperor was scared of Mad Devil Le’s instinct attacks…”

“Aren’t you afraid? In the eyes of professional players and virtual players, Mad Devil Le is strong and unpredictable. He wins in a weird manner but also loses in a weird way too.” MistyVeil recalled a few battles that resulted in different outcomes.

“One tanker, please go and assist Sister Rose, she’s almost out of breath.” Little Ye Tian shouted and FrozenCloud prepared to go. Just then, Little Ye Tian asked Little Tadpole to swallow FrozenCloud and shoot her out like a bullet and it did. FrozenCloud successfully blocked almost all the skills. Seeing FrozenCloud getting herself sticky, Thornyrose knew how she came to her side. That tadpole is indeed useful but it’s really creepy. It’s not the first time being rescued or sent to assist by it. The strongest and most balanced pet companion in this team is definitely it. I’ve battled with it and I got my ass whacked so bad. Could you imagine that a toad’s palm is actually fused with both strong and gentle power?! It’s even better than me in using the momentum technique. I’ve only managed to deplete two digits of its health points and it finished me off with only a few attacks! Well, it’s the pet companion that can battle an assistant of a special field boss after all. Upon thinking about it., she felt a familiar sense at her waist. Seeing that gigantic mouth getting closer, she sighed. I guess it mutated a little since it had been eating all those inhuman stuff and undergoing some kind of torturous training. All the food that we can’t finish was thrown into its mouth.

Little Tadpole spat ThornyRose out and healed her with its holy saliva. Moments later, it looked at tigerkin Little Ren and he understood without the need of words. Little Ren hopped onto Little Tadpole and off they went. They jumped into the battlefield and joined the fight. Ye Cang also summoned Ten Colored Soup to join in to support. Meanwhile, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan were taking all the last hits in order to gain as many experiences as possible. Wu Na who was controlling the surroundings with ice elemental magic was impressed when she saw the three of them taking their last hits at a perfect standard. These three are something. They are always standing aside when there’s a battle but the first to appear for last hits. She turned around to look at Liu Bei. This fella has been acting like this all these while, dashing to be the first for last hits but also the first to hide behind others when enemies come at him. 

“Lucky me, I almost got hit,” Liu Bei’s words made Wu Na roll her eyes. 

All of them gained a lot of experiences but MistyVeil felt something not quite right. Just now, the enemies were rushing at us but now, they’re starting to appear less frequently as compared. With the Eagle Eye and Nightvision, Ye Cang saw a gigantic Ironwood Tree Spirit at a far end. That pair of eyes with Flames of Soul was getting closer. He shouted in fear and enthusiasm, “The boss is coming!”

Little Ye Tian pondered. This is bad! The number of monsters is increasing and the boss is coming. The worst thing that could happen is that one focuses too much on the minions. Not being able to clear them off would cause great damage to both frontlines and others. We must reduce their numbers! “Everyone, your priority is to kill as many monsters as you can! Reduce their number! This can prevent us from being disrupted by the boss! Kill them in all ways! Brother Lil’Xiong, Uncle VastSea and Sister Rose, prepare to restrain the boss! Lil’Dino, Sister MistyVeil, prepare for assistance and take care of the danger at the back!”

“Roger!” They never doubted Little Ye Tian’s order.

Ye Cang immediately took out his ballista. Meteor Shot! Aimed at the Flames of Soul of the gigantic Ironwood Spirit, the shot projected off. *Shoosh* A spiraling starlight flashed through the darkness. Even though the power was weakened by a few tree spirits who jumped off from high grounds to block it, the attack still managed to make the gigantic Ironwood Tree Spirit shiver. Its Flames of Soul were moving.


“All of you! You! Shall! Die! And turn into nutrients for the Ironwood Forest!” Ye Cang translated it.

He then saw a dark shadow coming viciously from above with his Eagle Eye. “Dodge!”

An uncountable number of long metal rods that looked like needles stabbed the ground. Ten Colored Soup instantly turned into a barrier to protect people from their surroundings. As the metal rods pierced into its body, they began to rot. Wu Na and Lil’Wang who were too slow were stabbed to death. Little Ye Tian then quickly resurrected Wu Nawhile Ye Cang was also saving Lil’Wang. Regardless, many of the monsters were killed due to the attack. The surrounding had now turned into a valley of metal rods covering almost the whole area, with one every two steps away. CloudDragon could clearly see the body of the gigantic boss. Looks like the trip to the grave will not be an easy one. With acid bottles in his hand, he went around the boss, preparing for an ambush.