Ye Cang had a clear view of the gigantic Ironwood Tree Spirit. It has a metallic and shiny body and its leaves and branches were like souls, fading and appearing every now and then. It had a pair of enormous hands and its roots and vines were moving like legs.

The King of the Fallen Tree of Souls - Zachyun: A gigantic tree spirit born in the land of dead spirits and land of metal. Not only having strong physical and magic resistance, but it is also immune to and able to control most spirit magic. Its core soul is a very precious material. Every part of its body is rare ingredients that can be used for seasoning, cooking and also to make soup. Holy magic and acidic magic are effective on it. Good luck.

“High physical and magic resistance. Immune to spirit magic. Holy and acidic magic is effective,” Ye Cang repeated to remind them.

CloudDragon, LordAsked, and the others pondered. This fella’s identifying skills are this strong?! He can even identify the boss’ attributes? However, what they did not know was that Ye Cang could not only identify the attributes but also the edible and precious parts. 

“Then, let’s change the lineup! The main tankers will be Brother A’Xiong and Brother LordAsked. The other three paladins will circle around the boss.” Upon hearing what Little Ye Tian said, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan stared at the gigantic creature. Are you serious? Even though it’s our first time playing this game, anyone would know we would be killed in an instance with just one hit. Yet, they had no choice. With a sigh, they followed Zhang Zhengxiong and LordAsked. 

With a deep energetic shout, Zachyun’s roots shined with Light of Soul and countless vengeful spirits flew out. The five paladins led by Zhang Zhengxiong activated their own auras and holy seals. All the creatures with spirit attributes had no chance to fight back.

“Father, cast the acid rain.” Hearing what Little Ye Tian said, Ye Cang used the four skill points he kept to level up Deadly Acid Rain and Healing Tide to grandmaster level. Once again, he used the Combination of Arcane to connect both the skills, forming a new skill - Deadly Tide (Combined - Sealing spell - Beginner level).

Sealing spell! Ye Cang was shocked. Swiftly, he chanted the spell and a gigantic dark green vortex was formed in the sky. The rain and tidal wave caused by the vortex were so corrosive that it made the Ironwood Tree Spirit cry. All the vengeful spirits also melted in the acidic rain water. As he was casting the magic, he noticed his mana depleting at a fast pace. I could only cast one despite having such a large amount of mana?! I think I would have less than 20% of it when I finish casting.

Everyone was in awe with the power and the area covered by the sealing spell. Unleashing this skill killed most of the creatures within a-thousand-square-meter range. The boss had also suffered much damage. Just take a look at the green smoke rising from that metallic skin of its.

Knowing he had little mana left, Ye Cang reached out his hands and clinched. Frost Explosion! A dark green iced lotus exploded and froze Zachyun in a snap. Though managed to break free easily, it still suffered a great amount of damage. Its vine movements were greatly slowed down.

“Quickly kill it! I’ve run out of mana.” Ye Cang quickly consumed the magic spring water. Recalling that he had obtained an advanced technique to create magic water, he put a water elemental crystal and a magic crystal into the pot. After further thoughts, he put in light elemental and nature elemental ones. Use skill! The crystals started to melt and combine with the water particles in the air. At last, a full pot of greenish magic water was ready to be used.

Minor Magic Crystal Water: Consuming it will recover 1% of the total mana amount every second. Light elemental magic damage will increase by 13% and damage received from light elemental magic will reduce by 13%. Recover 1% of health points every 10 seconds, mana increases by 5%, water elemental magic damage increases by 16%. Obtain the ability to breathe underwater and lasts for 20 minutes. Over-consuming this magic water in a short period of time will cause reduction of the effect. The reduced effect will last for 30 minutes.

Ye Cang quickly took big gulps of it and his mana recovered fast. NalanPureSoul was giving his best dealing damage and his mana was also at its limits. “Hey, quickly put down your totem since you still have some mana left.”

Ye Cang immediately tossed his a bottle of magic crystal water and NalanPureSoul grabbed it. It’s rare to find an item that could recover mana. It’s so unfair that this fella gets to create magic water. With this new upgraded version, we basically have two mana bars. But it has medical side effects, preventing us from continuously drinking it. Well, it’s more than enough anyway.

Ye Cang pulled his beads and all the totems were placed at different positions. He constantly drank the water until it reached the limit.

“Drink the wine!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted and the close-combaters quickly took out the strong wine brewed by Ye Cang. MistyVeil blinked in confusion. Zhang Zhengxiong then tossed her a few bottles after remembering that she did not have any. Staring at the wine named Organs Bile Juice Blood Wine, MistyVeil was surprised at the incredible effects it brought. It’s considered an explosive booster. It doesn’t last long and has side effects. She quickly opened it and finished the bottle in one shot. Before she knew it, she was lying on the ground but could still vaguely see the others only taking a sip. WTF! This is extremely disgusting. I feel like vomiting and it’s surging through my brain and nose. White foams were leaking out from her mouth. Seeing such a scene, GongsunQian went forward and wiped her sweat. If it wasn’t for Old Zhao reminding me, I would be the one fainting too. With just a lick, she shivered. As the disgusting taste surged through her body, her strength and rage points increased greatly.

“Should have reminded her earlier. We’ve just started the battle and there’s one down already.” SpyingBlade smiled bitterly as he looked at MistyVeil who was just a few steps beside him.

“Kill the boss first! Quick!” LordAsked hopped on Zachyun’s arms. SpyingBlade nodded and stabbed the branches with his daggers to follow up. LordAsked had already taken out the acid bottles, preparing to ambush its neck.

“Lele, throw her corpse over and I’ll save her.” Zhang Zhengxiong was attacking the boss’ crouch madly.

“Alright, Brother Lil’White!” Lin Le went around, grabbed MistyVeil’s hair, and tossed her as if she was a toy. He even swung his handcart at her and the sound of bones cracking was heard before she landed beside Zhang Zhengxiong. Gongsun Qian who was at the waist of the boss saw MistyVeil had turned into a pile of flesh and Lele wiping the vomited stuff off his handcart. If it wasn’t for Old Zhao again, I guess I would be sent flying in the same way too. Zhang Zhengxiong dodged Zachyun’s swing and opened his holy book to heal her. Feeling the pain and the disgusting taste surging through her body, MistyVeil quickly dodged the attack. With her spear, she jumped on the branches.

“Lil’swordfighting, I’ll dash in and make a fire. Remember to find a good time for a second explosion.” Ye Cang then pulled out his cool arcanic sword and hopped onto Little Blue Feather.

“Can you not call me…Lil’swordfighting…” NalanPureSoul facepalmed as Ye Cang went away swiftly. Just how long is he going to remember this ‘swordfighting’ thing? Blushed, he lowered his head. Seeing NalanPureSoul’s expression, Wu Na had a dirty thought. Will bigger than Ye Cang’s...