Ye Cang locked on to Zachyun’s eyes with Assenroche - Ultimate Arcane Pulse Storm. Shots were fired.

“Argh! %#%@!”

“Y’all have made me completely enraged! I’m the King of the Ironwood Forest!” Ye Cang translated. After a quick decision on grabbing onto Little Blue Feather’s claws, Ye Cang looked from above. Its roots have covered half of the Ironwood Forest. Just then, a brighter Light of Soul shone and many vengeful spirits crawled out from the ground. As Ye Cang pointed his blade at the wild spirits, tens of pulses were unleashed, aiming at the enemies. Moments later, tons of bullets were sent flying. Staring at the sky full of bullets, ThornyRose was stunned. It was as if there were fireworks in the sky. Corpses and bones were everywhere to be found. Can this fella be just a mage? This large area of attack is totally insane. I bet this magic is way beyond Level 20.

Regardless of how strong his alliance was, more and more vengeful spirits appeared.

“We can’t stay like this any longer. It’s impossible to kill the boss since we can’t clear these minions at all!” CloudDragon shouted. He was aiming at the boss’ head while dodging the attacks of those spirits. Occasionally, he would lower his head to dodge Lin Le’s executory chop and had to helplessly switch positions with him. It’s best not to have anyone around when this fella is attacking the boss.

Lin Le scattered his gold coins madly to gain overall enhancement. His Arm Crystal Drive was already filled with five holy elemental crystals, activating Blade of Slaying Demon. His war axe was shining with holy light. Surging Dragon! Returning Dragon! Whirlwind Strike Storm! Armed Destruction! Money! Money! Acid bottles! Handcart Homerun! Seeing the vines coming at him, Lin Le activated Handcart Dash to crush the boss’ arms and shoulders! Lin Le’s attacks had caused great damage and it was effective. Yet, it increased the boss’ hatred.

Lin Le then raised his gigantic handcart and roared, “Come at me! I don’t want my money anymore!”

LordAsked could not find his words when seeing a pile of gold coins pouring out from Lin Le’s handcart. The top-up class is really a waste of money. He’s about to enhance again. But with great financial support, there’s no class that can be comparable.

Lin Le activated all his status, skills, and equipment. “Handcart Tornado!”

The vines were all crushed into pieces and Lin Le managed to break one of its arms. With all his skills on cooldown, Lin Le immediately retreated. Zachyun who lost his arm roared angrily and the roots on the ground once again shone brightly amidst the gloomy scene. However, this time around, Ye Cang had a bad feeling about it due to the fact that it was accumulating a great amount of energy and no spirits were crawling out. Little Ye Tian touched the roots. “This is bad! It’s going to explode! Activate your skills to protect yourself!”

Ye Cang immediately let go of Little Blue Feather’s claws and came to Zhang Zhengxiong’s side with Shadow Step. “Everyone, come to me!”

ThornyRose and the others knew he was about to activate group immunity.

The light was getting brighter, completely blinding everyone and turning the entire Ironwood Forest into a white night.

“The Oath of Blossom Garden.” Ye Cang swung his hand and blossoms descended from the sky. Staring at the familiar scene, there was a voice ringing in Liu Bei’s ears. ‘We seek not to be born on the same day, in the same month and in the same year but solemnly hope to die on the same day, in the same month and in the same year!’ Second Brother, Third Brother, I’ve started all over again. What about you two?

“Congratulations! You’ve completely mastered exclusive hero spirit skill - The Oath of Blossom Garden: Liu Bei. Charisma +400, Luck +400, all attributes and the effects increase by twofold, the healing amount received and cast increase by twofold. When at the edge of dying, completely recovers allies’ health, mana, rage points, energy, holy points and randomly refreshes two of their skills which are in cooldown. This skill needs two days for cooldown. Escaping speed +700%. If you face your back at the target and run, there is a 50% chance that you would be hit by any of its skills and 5% of reflecting the attack to any target in your surroundings.”

Liu Bei pondered. Yeap, that’s right. That’s the man I picked. He then stared at Cao Cao and Sun Quan with a despised look. I’ll definitely kill both of you in a one-on-one battle.


The entire Ironwood Forest was covered in white light and the explosions sounded like all the spirits in the world screaming at once.

The light faded and silence filled the entire forest. The ground which was once black-brown had turned into ash white. The weak Zachyun was lying at aside. The roots on its body were only glowing with small tints of light.

Staring at Zachyun, CloudDragon thought. If it wasn’t for this immunity skill, I bet no one would have stayed alive. That explosion just now was a guaranteed kill.

Little Ye Tian was observing the situation underground. The dead aura is recovering. If it wasn’t for father’s undefeatable skill, our team would be doomed and would need to battle a fully energetic boss if we were to join forces again. She turned around to see Wu Na, Lil’Wang, and the others who had turned into bones. These fellas are slow as usual. It’s hard for them to survive to the very last. I’ll resurrect AV. He is a support and more useful than Nana and Lil’Wang on this boss. 

Seeing its enemies who did not have the slightest scratch on their bodies standing in front of it, Zachyun was terrified. Its Flames of Soul shone again.

Ye Cang immediately dashed at it and activated Light Strike Array. NalanPureSoul grabbed some air and it exploded for the second time. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le, and CloudDragon broke into its skull, killing it at an instance.

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully killed Zachyun. Level +1 and you can randomly get a class item ranging from SilverDragon Diamond to Diamond rank. Also, you can randomly get a class talent and three class skill points and common skill points.”

The gigantic branches lost their light and turned into crystals as they tumbled. After receiving the message, LordAsked dashed at Ye Cang and Ye Cang dodged casually. However, LordAsked unleashed Massive Shockwave Splash in mid-air.

Ye Cang had no choice but to defend it with a slash of his arcanic sword.

“Player HappyAndCheerful touched the corpse.”

LordAsked stopped his attack. “Mission accomplished. Very good.”

Ye Cang turned around to look at the corpse. He kept quiet for awhile as sadness was overwhelming him. “Do you guys know what you guys have just missed?! A divine artifact! A bunch of divine artifacts!”

LordAsked shrugged his shoulders and walked past Ye Cang without batting an eyelid. The incident happened in Anya’s training arena must not happen again! As long as I’m here, don’t ever think of touching the boss! Never!

ThornyRose nodded at LordAsked with much gratitude, “Thank you.”

CloudDragon smiled, “That’s fast. I was about to block him too.”

“Sorry that you have to block my brother.” Zhang Zhengxiong gave a like to LordAsked.

Wu Na who was resurrected pushed Ye Cang away. “Go away! Don’t block my path! What did we get?! What did we get?! Is there anything for an iced mage?”

Staring at Wu Na’s back, Ye Cang dropped his jaw. He then pulled FrozenCloud who was about to head over there. “Oh, Lil’Dino, I felt disrespected. Cheer me up.”

“......” FrozenCloud was curious about the rewards they got from the boss. There must be some good stuff from this special field boss since it’s so gigantic. Even the rewards are ranged from Silver Dragon Diamond to Diamond rank! “Oh, team leader, they are just uneducated. It will lower your status if you touch such a low-ranked boss. It’s better to save it for angels, demons, dragon king or whatever! I’m going there to have a look!”

“Go ahead. Those items are all trash anyway.” Ye Cang let go of FrozenCloud and went over with a sigh.