As he was trudging, Ye Cang checked on the reward he got.

“Congratulations! You’ve received a silver dragon ranked class equipment - Master Ranger’s Arm Patch and a hero class talent - The King of Adventure - Sean’s Will of Adventure.”

Master Ranger’s Arm Patch
Category: Special equipment
Class required: Ranger
Attributes required: None
Dexterity +200
Wisdom +200
All attributes +25%
Damage received reduces by 15%
Targets within a 100-meter radius cannot lock onto you or detect you.
Charisma +100

Master Ranger - Commander: All team tactics’ effects increase by 50%, area cast increase by 50%

Master Ranger - Hunt: Deal an extra 45% of the damage received and 30% armor penetration to targets being locked on.

Ye Cang immediately leveled up Sean’s Will of Adventure to grandmaster level. He could not upgrade it to great grandmaster level because his level was not high enough.

The King of Adventure - Sean’s Will of Adventure: Increases the probability of discovering hidden missions and clues. There is a possibility of the rewards received to be leveled up one to three ranks. Charisma +30, Dexterity +40. There is a great chance of discovering hidden treasure chests, traps, and hidden places within a 100-meter radius. The effects of using equipment, magic equipment or a trap will be doubled. Your speed will increase the total Charisma and Dexterity points by 50. You also master the guide of Sean’s Disarming Trap Skills.”

Ye Cang who wanted to distribute the equipment then sensed a hidden treasure chest in the east. He sped up and dashed at it with Shadow Step. Everyone was confused. Moments later, Ye Cang came back with a shaking head. “Impossible. The treasure chest was hidden under the wilted wood. It’s so secretive. How can there be nothing inside? It must be the boss! It destroyed whatever was inside with its ultimate move. *sigh* Damn it!”

“Quick, come over to distribute the items! Where did you go just now?! You ran so fast!” ThornyRose urged him.

“Nothing much. I overlooked. I thought it was a small boss but it was actually just a wilted branch,” Ye Cang said calmly. He then gathered all the equipment and materials. “As usual. The materials will be ours. Not distributing. If you have special needs, do voice it out. Alright, let’s start distributing the equipment and skill books. Who wants this second-grade guild disk? It’s a very rare item.”

NalanPureSoul, LordAsked, and CloudDragon stared at him coldly. How many did we get from Thousand Peak Mountain last time?! Mad Devil Le almost got us two from each of the bosses. Damn it. Shouldn’t have wasted our money to fight for the silver dragon rank item. Most of it ended up in that stupid handcart. And now you still want to… Ye Cang then stared at MistyVeil and Gongsun Qian. Oh, so this man wants to trick them...

“Auction it then. I’ll offer 1000G for it.” LordAsked’s bid made Ye Cang glad.

“Alright, LordAsked bidded for 1000G. Looks like no one wants to bid any…” Ye Cang’s words made LordAsked’s heart skip a beat. WTF?! I’m supporting you and you’re trying to...?! Just then, MistyVeil stepped out, “1500G!”

“2000G!” Gongsun Qian did not want to lose.

LordAsked immediately heaved a sigh of relief and CloudDragon, ThornyRose, and NalanPureSoul stared at him with a despising look.

“Do you think cousin will be angry once she knows you guys tricked her…” Ji Xiao whispered.

“What do you know? This is a strategy to target her resources in-game. It’s meaningful for the game.” CloudDragon was even speechless after hearing what LordAsked said. But even if LordAsked didn’t bid, I would have still bid either way to trick MistyVeil. Since her intel department didn’t know that we’re so used to seeing this item at the north border, there’s no harm scamming her money. He frowned as he saw Ye Cang staring at him. “3000G!”

And you dare to look down on me?! LordAsked thought and sneered at CloudDragon. SpyingBlade signaled Gongsun Qian not to bid anymore and she complained, “It’s a second grade guild disk. It’s very important to me! The size and expansion of the guild are restricted without its help. There isn’t any second-grade guild in the north border of the Elves Empire! I’ll be the first!”

With a sigh, SpyingBlade whispered in her ear, “The team leader is trying to rip someone off. He has a few disks in his stupid handcart.”

“So, that’s the case…” Gongsun Qian thought for a second and shouted, “5000G! Sister Liu, give it to me please!”

SpyingBlade was stunned. Hey, you guys are just picking on MistyVeil. You knew that she wanted it so desperately to be the first second-grade guild in the Elves Empire. Even though the team leader has a lot of it, the probability is still… *cough* *cough* relatively low… He then looked at Lin Le who could even find a second-grade guild disk at the stairs of the Armed Merchant Association.

“6000G! Don’t fight with me, Sister Gongsun.” MistyVeil was sad that she used that much money just to get the disk and Gongsun Qian gave up. “Alright, I’ll just do you a favor since we’re sisters.”

“Thanks.” MistyVeil reached out her hands to take the disk. “Half in gold and half in federal coins?”

Ye Cang agreed and received 3000 gold coins from her. He then signaled CloudDragon and LordAsked to go to a corner and gave each of them 500G. Knowing what was going on, Gongsun Qian quickly went over and asked for his commission too. Ye Cang gave her 500G and also a second-grade guild disk. “Let her be the first to use it. She paid for it.”

“No worries, I got it covered. By the way, I think the League of Tyrants needs it too. I can help you negotiate with them.” Gongsun Qian said and Ye Cang nodded. “Very well. You’ll get 20% once it’s done.”

Even though MistyVeil had gotten the guild disk, she was skeptical seeing them whispering at a corner, especially when LordAsked and CloudDragon looked at her with a sense of gratitude in their eyes.

“Alright, it’s time to distribute the equipment!” Ye Cang came back to the crowd. “First thing first, a silver dragon diamond shield.”

Zachyun’s Crystal Shield
Category: Heavy shield
Requirements: 400 Strength, 450 Constitution
Defense +660
Strength +270
Constitution +300
Strength +30%
Constitution +35%
Health points +30%
Recovers 3% health every 10 seconds.
Resistance +35%
Reflects 25% of close-ranged damage to the direction of the attack.
Cooldown time of all defensive skills below epic level reduces by 35% and experience level +1.

Zachyun - Accumulated Explosion: Accumulates energy for 3 seconds and deals a light energy explosion to a large area to burn the enemies. Possible to knock away, stun and silent the targets. Cooldown: 3 hours.

Zachyun - Death Energy Absorption: When staying at a place full of death energy, health and mana recovery will be greatly increased.

Zachyun - Crystalized Skin: Once activated, any magic and physical damage (excluding holy and acidic type) and its restrain effects will be reduced by half. Lasts for 1 minute. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

The super-strong attributes of the crystalized shield that was surrounded by the dead spirits aroused LordAsked interest. He then turned to VastSea. I got the Blood Rage Shield last time, CloudDragon would definitely take that as an excuse to argue. Just when he was about to say something, words blurted from VastSea’s mouth. “Let LordAsked and I roll the dice to decide who gets the shield.” 

MistyVeil scanned through the entire team and only two of them were tankers with shields. ShakingBear is considered a special gigantic arm shield type. Even though HappyFirmaments has ThornyRose as the shielded knight, they would definitely not stand the chance to take it. It’s the norm and only reasonable that the main tankers get the priority to pick such great items. Meanwhile, RedMoon felt that the island nation’s progress was too stunted. They are already getting silver dragon diamonds here while the president just gave me a call to say tell me they were celebrating that they got a platinum item.

Without saying a word, LordAsked rolled. He got 23.

VastSea’s heart sank at once and rolled a 21. With a sigh, he said, “Give me the Blood Rage Shield then.” 

“Thank you.” LordAsked gave it to VastSea and picked up the crystalized shield. Looking into a mirror, he thought. Not bad. It’s nice. I like it. “Anyone, please come forward and hit me. I would like to test the speed of recovery of this Death Energy Absorption.”

“I’ll do it.” Lin Le raised his handcart and got into a homerun position. LordAsked immediately stopped him. “WTF! Not you! Go away!”

“Then, I’ll do it.” Ye Cang took out his ballista, preparing to fire Meteor Shot at him. LordAsked was speechless. “Stop. Isn’t there anyone normal?”

SpyingBlade then slashed him a few times and LordAsked looked at the recovery speed. “Not bad. I think it’s approximately 5% every second.”

“To be precise, it’s 5.521563232632224366723325665474%,” Little Ye Tian said after a glance. “Father, let’s proceed to the next one.”

“There are two silver dragon diamond items in total. This is the other one.”