Soul crystal - Energy-accumulating Stone - Zachyun (Abyss - Special field boss - Silver dragon - Diamond)
Category: Accessories
Requirement: None
Intelligence +260
Wisdom +300
Constitution +300
Intelligence +25%
Wisdom +30%
Constitution +25%
Health points +30%
Defense +300
All resistances except for holy attributes increases by 35%
Damage received reduces by 15%
Weapon’s maximum damage increases by 15-22.

Zachyun - Energy Accumulation: 35% of any non-physical damage received will be absorbed by the energy-accumulating stone and converted to twofold of one’s health points. 

Zachyun - Explode: Releases the energy accumulated and causes a light elemental explosion. The damage depends on the amount of energy accumulated. The explosion will cause knock aways and can interrupt any successful lock-on. Cooldown: one minute.

Zachyun - Release:  Releases the energy accumulated and heals the surrounding allies. The amount of healing is equivalent to the number of health points. Increases the allies’ damage by 15%. Cooldown: one minute.

“The ideal position to hold this item will be a tanker. It’s useless for warrior types. In our team, only Brother Lil’Xiong and LordAsked are tankers.” Little Ye Tian glanced at the mini crystal figure of a tree spirit.

“He already had one so give it to A’Xiong.” ThornyRose pointed at the shiny shield and LordAsked did not object. Even though it’s a great item, I had already taken one silver dragon diamond item. I couldn’t be greedy to take another one since this is not my team. Besides, it will be more useful for him to have such high Intelligence and Wisdom as he is also a priest. He always heals me before those healers could catch up. Upon thinking about it, he sighed. Can’t believe he is a priest too! “If you have any extra accessories, give me one. I need one more.”

Zhang Zhengxiong then handed him the Paralytic Spore accessory and took the new one. I have even more attack moves now. It’s an AOE one! Its cooldown is so short. Swiftly, he put on the accessory. Yet, he felt that it would be better if it increases Strength too. He was not interested in Intelligence and Wisdom.

“There are only three silver dragon platinums. I’m taking one vest. As for the gloves and greaves, you guys can discuss among yourselves.” Ye Cang immediately took away the greyish white vest. Looking into the mirror, he was glad. It’s a nice match up. Since there were many people who wanted the gloves and greaves, they had no choice but to roll the dice. In the end, MistyVeil took away with the gloves and SpyingBlade took the greaves. CloudDragon had gotten himself a platinum ring while VastSea took two platinum accessories as well and gave the one he was wearing to Lin Le. ThornyRose and the others then picked some other platinum items which were useful to them. What remained were the black gold ones. Even Lil’Wang looked down on the black gold items as they were the weakest item he had on himself. 

“Alright, we’ll distribute the remaining as usual. There are 16 in total.” Right after Ye Cang finished, LordAsked and NalanPureSoul took three each. CloudDragon took five and the remaining five were taken by ThornyRose. MistyVeil seemed interested but she did not make an offer. There will be plenty of them later. ThornyRose then looked at MistyVeil’s equipment. Except for the fact that she was lucky enough to get a silver dragon platinum item just now and the diamond ranked class equipment from the rewards, she is nowhere better than me. More or less on par with Nana, maybe just slightly better? Well, I can’t underestimate Nana too. In this team, she is the only mage that has ice and wind attributes. When it comes to the distribution of items, any iced elemental items belong to her. Also, that fella, Fang Ci. Except for getting all the undead items, I bet he would take those two skill books too… In the current view, Ye Cang is the one with the best equipment in the team, followed up by ShakingBear, Lele, LordAsked, and CloudDragon. I’ve always been given those remaining ones.

However, MistyVeil was curious. They don’t even bother about black gold items now? Why do I feel like they are not really interested in platinum items too? She then looked at Zhang Zhengxiong and LordAsked with curiosity. What rank are those items on their body? Also, that thing on Ye Cang’s waist. It’s obvious that it’s not just platinum.

“Alright, time for skill books. These two belongs to grapplers. Brother CloudDragon and Lil’Dino, you two discuss among yourselves. One item each. Next, there’s one, two and three Paladin’s Judgment Strike. There are five paladins so roll the dice to see who will take those books away. Oh, wait, Little Tian, you don’t have to roll. Here’s a minor team resurrection for you. Brother PureSoul can just take the mage one. As for the necromancer ones, Lil”Fang will take it. So, we have the three main ones left.”

Holy Blade (The Great Leader of the Fallen World - Extremely Rare - Lost): Adding holy power to this weapon can increase the damage dealt to demons, spirits, devils and dark type creatures. The effect will also be increased and it combines with the user’s own attributes and the blade’s holy fire attributes to create a combined damage. Costs 120 mana and 25% of Holy Power. Cooldown: 2 minutes. Lasts for 5 minutes or after 6 attacks. Class required: Holy attributed class.

Master Razer’s Fists Book - No. 4 - Thunderstrike Shockwave Acupoint (The Great Leader of the Fallen World - Only one - Book fragment): A fragment of the legendary grappler - Master Razer’s Fists Book. Once mastered, one could activate acupoint to learn the Thunderstrike Grappling Art - Dashing Lightning, Thunder Fingers and Thunderstrike Shockwave (three skills). Must master the first fragment.

Dojutsu - Illusion (Dropped by the Great Leader of the World - Extremely rare - Mysterious magic): It contains a mysterious dojutsu. One must master at least one dojutsu type of magic to learn it.

Little Ye Tian pondered. This is sure of a finale. All three skills are extremely strong, especially the Fragment of Master Razer’s Fists Book. It is a level-up item yearned by most grapplers. CloudDragon and FrozenCloud will be the candidates for that but we know who will take it. As for the dojutsu, it looks like no one in the team had learned any of it. Besides, the Eyes of Judgement doesn’t count. It must be some mysterious magic. Hold on… She then stared at Lin Le and sighed. The Holy Blade is not bad too. It can last for quite a long time and its cooldown isn’t too long too. It’s the best item to counter the demons and spirits. There’s no way I would take it since I’m not the close-ranged paladins. Old Liu and the rest had no chance too as they are not the main attackers yet. It’s going to be between Brother Lil’Xiong and LordAsked to roll the dice. LordAsked wouldn’t want to auction anyway.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s roll.” LordAsked looked at Zhang Zhengxiong and rolled the dice. He got a 65.

Zhang Zhengxiong rolled his eyes against him and the dice showed 84. He immediately took the blade. “You can just give up when you get anything lower than 70. I’ve never got anything lower than that.”

“Yeap, looks like my lucky aura is useful.” Everyone stared at him with a poker face, especially VastSea, ThornyRose, and NalanPureSoul who could not even get anything more than 30.

“Should have just auctioned it. I might still stand a chance.” Even though LordAsked regretted a little, the reward this time was enough. “Damn it! I’ll win you next time.”

“Alright, the Fist Book.” Ye Cang looked at CloudDragon and Lil’Dino.

CloudDragon wanted the item desperately. I’ve already obtained the No. 1 and No. 3. There are five in total. If I get this book, I’ll be having three of it. It’s a combined skill. Mastering two or more will grant you a new combined skill! Should I say that out? After much hesitation, he voiced out, “Lil’Dino, give it to me. I already have no.1 and no. 3. It’s necessary for you to master no. 1. It’s useless even if you take this.”

FrozenCloud knew she was in no position to take the item. It’s impossible for me to gather all five since no. 1 had been taken by him. Also, the relationship between the Su and Qin families is so good. “Alright, but you have to give me the skill book just now and if there are any grappler items in the future, I’ll be the first to take it. Also, call me FrozenCloud…”

“Sure. Thank you, Lil’Dino…” CloudDragon remembered this favor.

“......” FrozenCloud was speechless and she missed her name ‘FrozenCloud’.