“Alright, the last one is the dojutsu. Who needs it? People who have similar skills have priority.” Ye Cang held the skill book which had an eye logo high and Lin Le raised his hand. “I think I can learn it.”

“Then, I'll give it to Lele.” Ye Cang threw the book to Lin Le and he immediately learned it. After that, he upgraded it to grandmaster level with skill points. He obtained three new skills, Eyes of Illusion, Eyes of Anger and Eyes of Confusion (an advanced level of Crossed-Eyes).

Lin Le activated the Eyes of Illusion and instantly, three Lin Le appeared at once, causing CloudDragon and LordAsked to have a shock of their lives. Cloning technique! If I have the chance, I’ve got to learn it! It doesn't only confuse the opponents, it can also be used in any situation! LordAsked then allowed Lin Le's clone to slash him once. The damage is so great! Even though it's far weaker from his original self, the clone's basic attack is more or less the same as an average player. 

“Okay. Test the other two skills yourself.” Ye Cang stopped Lin Le from trying and performed an autopsy on the corpse. After keeping the crystals in his bag, they continued their journey. They finally arrived at their destination after passing through the thick forest. Countless black crows were flying in the sky and their shadows were everywhere. There was a '^' entrance made out of gigantic rocks. At the entrance, there were words written in dwarf language on the rock. Ye Cang mumbled, “Trespassers will never make it out alive!”

Little Ye Tian then stared at the drawings of five dragons in a storm on the wall. “Be careful, we might really be slaying dragons… ”

“What do you mean?” CloudDragon asked. 

“It might not be just the ‘Hammer of Storm’... In literature, these five dragons are the servants of the King of Dwarf, the Star of Broken Sky - WarFist. They are the Spirit Shadow - Sanchez, the Ice Emperor - Ace, the Red Demon - Casain, the Falling Lightning - Frans and the King of Metal - Marla. WarFist tamed them in the Battle of Dragon Valley. The ‘Hammer of Storm’ is his favorite warrior…” Little Ye Tian pointed at the drawings as she explained, “And the hammer behind the storm is WarHammer’s weapon. The Star of Broken Sky - Crusher…”

Ye Cang lowered his body to examine the trail at the entrance and SpyingBlade noticed too. “Someone went in. And this mark was not left long ago”

“Yeap. But… he is alone.” Ye Cang got up and took out his precious Black Dragon Kill. “Here’s a friendly promotion. It’s definitely cheap. This thing is a necessary tool to kill the dragon. 5000G for a small bottle.”

Just when LordAsked was about to complain, he saw the attributes and effects the wine was giving. These effects at this price… it’s sure effective against the dragons. Our club has its own bartender too. In order to create any consumable item with the effect to slay dragons, one must use a part of the dragon’s body as the medium and extract it out. In the current league, this thing is sure worth this price. Besides, one can drink 10 sips with this small bottle. “Half in federal coins and half in gold.”

CloudDragon also immediately paid the money. If we are really going to slay dragons, we definitely need to have this thing! Since we wasted so much effort coming here, it’s worth a try. He then bought three bottles.

“Prepare your gold coins! I’m about to use the small cannon!” Lin Le equipped the cannon on his handcart. LordAsked and CloudDragon both cried a little inside. Though burning our money, this thing is sure strong. Its effect is directly proportional to the amount of money. A very big difference in ratio.

“MistyVeil and the one from Fallen Star Pavilion, for your information, we are all footing the bill for this thing. So no complaints, alright.” LordAsked immediately told MistyVeil and Gongsun Qian.

Seeing LordAsked and CloudDragon loved and hated the cannon at the same time, MistyVeil said, “Let me see its attributes and effects.”

After going through the details, MistyVeil gasped and a few phrases popped up in her mind. A furnace that burns gold coins. A divine artifact to battle the boss. An equipment powered by gold. This is insane! If he reduces the cooldown and increases the power to the max, I would be broke with just five shots! Staring at Lin Le’s playful look on his face, she stuttered, “Hey… plea...please use it with care… I’m serious…”

NalanaPureSoul who had known about the attributes sighed. This fella is the real Top-up-money class. If he has the money, he will be extremely strong.

“Let’s eat some food to replenish our energy before going in. Heh. You guys are sure lucky! There’s good food today!” Ye Cang took off his wolf-headed hood and put on a chef’s headband. He then started preparing the ingredients. Whenever MistyVeil and Gongsun Qian heard him mentioning about cooking, they would have goosebumps all over their bodies and their hair would stand. What is it gonna be this time?!

CloudDragon and the others felt numbed. Seeing Ye Cang taking out a lump of black substance that looked like excrement and carefully pinching a little of it into the soup, MistyVeil could not take it and screamed, “Hey! What you throwing in is shit right?! That’s shit!”

“Stupid! If it wasn’t for this quest, I would be saving it! This is the excrement of the Black Dragon King! It takes a few hundred years for it to poop such an essence! The Black Dragon Kill also contains this ingredient. You should be glad that I didn’t ask you to pay for the ingredients just because you have a perky ass! So, shut up!” Ye Cang shouted at her loudly and added his precious collection, the boss-rank-rotten-fluid-bile-juice sauce, crystal powder of the lava viper, the eyeball and flesh of the stone-hammer dragon and the bones of the giant skeleton demon boss. He even added the Black Dragon Kill before covering the lid. After that, he started preparing rice with secret homemade sauce and the grilled boss-ranked creatures’ meat. He took out a pot filled with boiling oil and tossed some penises and testicles of boss-ranked creatures which were seasoned with a lot of crystal powder and wild herb powder. He wiped his sweat. “Alright, the last dish will be my finest product - marinated food.”

Ye Cang added a pinch of the black excrement, a scoop of his secret boss-rank-rotten-fluid-bile-juice sauce, hell slime’s gel, the skull of the special field ogre,  the mushrooms and herbs he collected and the crystal wood pieces of the boss they killed previously into a pot of water to make the marinated sauce. Moments later, he added the ogre’s limbs, heart, and stomach. He put his cooking knife into the scabbard and took off the headband. “And I’m done. Now, we just have to wait.”

The black crows flying in the sky fell to the ground one after another, the colorful smoke spreaded greatly with a malodorous odor. MistyVeil quickly covered her nose but she could still feel the absorption of the stench through her skin. The next thing she knew, she vomited. A giant skull made of smoke appeared out of nowhere in the sky, making an evil laughter.

Even Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le and the others fainted and twitched a few times as the food was being cooked, including Ye Cang himself. MistyVeil had been receiving the system message saying that she was constantly fainting. Yet, she could still smell the horrible odor. Immediately, she logged out to catch her breath. Her housekeeper was shocked when he saw her rushing out from her room as if she just encountered a zombie. “Miss! Are you alright?!”

“I’m alright… *argh* *vomit* *cough* *cough* I’m alright.” MistyVeil took the vomit bag.

Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan had logged out way earlier. They were chilling in the living room with a bottle of beer in their hands.

“I think...I’m better off studying in school rather than being a professional gamer…” Sun Quan took the cigarette handed over by Liu Bei.

“Yeap… never knew french fries were this good.” Cao Cao missed the familiar smell of fries every weekend.

“I suddenly felt that my part-time job was a blessing angel.” Liu Bei could feel his stomach rumbling.

“Give me one can! Give it to me. Omg! I cannot! I just cannot!” Wu Na rushed out of her room. “Ah, the smell of cigarettes is so nice…”

“Wow, my brother really succeeded in making marinated food. Old Liu, give me a sip to clear my mind.” Zhang Zhengxiong also burst out from his room and Lin Le was following behind. Lin Le took a can of beer from the fridge and took off his pants to scratch. “Brother Lil’White is too scary.”

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci came out from the room one by one, covering their mouths, not able to fathom what they had just experienced.

Lastly, Ye Cang and Little Ye Tian walked out.

“Let’s wait for a while. The food particles are still changing. It should be tasty…” Ye Cang said in a serious manner as he opened a can of beer.

“......” Everyone stared at him with an unbelievable look. Upon anticipating the taste of the food they had to eat later when they logged in, the atmosphere in the living room became so tensed all of a sudden.